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  1. hey, could you post a picture of what it looks like. I looked at the LMR 240db and is not practical for running it on set or coiling it. It looks like it would be in a permanent installation. It has a great spec for loss at the frequencies I use on Lectro. Is it pliable but still rugged?
  2. Well, they need to figure it out. I’m not happy. Many of my colleagues here in Toronto have returned Units. I seem to be the beta tester now which is not what I signed up for. I’m very surprised that Lectro released an incomplete product. I will be seeking financial compensation, as I cannot use the equipment as intended.
  3. Just an update. I have installed the new firmware on Lectro site and it has not remidied the issues I still have with the HM plugon transmitters. I am corresponding with lectrosonics canada to keep looking for a solution.
  4. Update. The DSQD is still not working properly with hm units. Very disappointing.
  5. Just an update. I received another Unit from Lectrosonics Canada and I sill have issues with the HMa and Hm's I am still getting bizzare spike type sounds from them. Also I tried testing the antenna switching system. I would check the antennae the DSQD was using at the time. Then I would unplug the antenna from the back to see if it would switch to the other antenna. I would not.. This is in Switch mode. Strange. It would only switch to the other antenna when I pluged the BNC back in. If Lectrosonics could comment on this it would be great. None of my other wir
  6. The hits are mot happening on the venue at the same time Larry. In fact I haven’t heard a noise like this from my Venue in Quite a long time. The Venue is flawless, but the DSQD id not. Using it as the front end, or looping the antennae threw the Venue, I get poor results. Range has not been an issue, but seems to be the antennae switching which was supposed to be addressed by the latest firmware revision.
  7. Larry, they are not ticks. They are blown out distorted audio, like snaps. The unit is still not working properly, and unfortunately it’s proven at least in my situation to be unreliable. I’m hoping to test the demo Unit that Lectrosonics Canada has to see if I get the same results. so far, very frustrating and disappointing.
  8. so far it has not solved my issue Larry. I’m very disappointed so far. I am working with Lectrosonics Canada to resolve the issue, but so far my particular Unit has been unreliable in the field. B
  9. Hey guys, I have updated the firmware through wireless designer. Last night. It’s supposed to address a bug apparently that causes the Unit to switch antennae for no particular reason. So maybe what I was hearing was an antennae switching fault. I am running the DSQD now with venue Wideband mid as the front End using the loop thru. So far so good as I am in a very RF demanding set with Star Trek Season 3 Tandem Unit. Niggles I have are the discrepancy between the battery readout. Comparing the venue and DSQD, the differences are large. One more decimal of readout
  10. Hey guys, Spent the last 3 days with the DSQD in the half rack configuration, 50 feet of cable to 2 Lectrosonics ALP 620's. Very pleased for the most part, but yesterday was noticing a few things. Could have been the Ronin head, but it seamed I was getting more quick "snap" type of hits on the Booms which are Hm and HMa. The display for the RF showed no considerable loss in rf signal to indicate I should be potentially getting a hit. This happened to also the day before with a Ronin head. Day before that I had nothing to complain about, but the Ronin Head was not used. Range
  11. Thanks for all the feedback, and for such a great review. I’ll probably pick one up. When I receive it, maybe I’ll post a review also.
  12. Hey guys, looking at this 4 channel receiver for use in cart and bag. The price point is the same as buying 2 SRC’s but it has way more functionality than SRC’s. Anyone tested it? I would be using it with existing smv’s and smqv’s I would also loop thru antennas with existing venue on the cart. thoughts?
  13. Interested also in this discussion
  14. Is there a contact cleaner brand that is recommended to use on lectrosonics Transmitters? I had two of mine serviced here in Toronto by Lectrosonics and they are like brand new. What is safe to use? B
  15. My two cents as a Lectro User, and having owned a two channel hop from Zaxcom that was brilliant. It has to work. And also it boils down to this for me. Service, and Life of the equipment matter. Built quality matters to me. And also, getting a repair done fast is a must if needed. For what it's worth, I love the Lectro stuff. Sounds great It just works ALL THE TIME. I've had complaints from many many people about other manufactures who say their stuff is better because it's Digital. In the real world, no one can ever pick out what recorder, or Mic or lav has been used on a major produ
  16. Good point with the contacts and the cleaning. will check
  17. I have been using the older one without issue for years. Just recently I had experience the motor boating issue. This was towards the end of the shoot day. I replaced batteries and switched from my CMIT 5u to a CMC6MK41 and solved the issue. I have to test it this weekend to find out if its an issue with the plug on or if its and issue with the CMIT 5u Other experiences with the motor boating would be welcomed
  18. I don't want to gain the HMa up anymore than I have to. It's the weakest point in the signal chain. In quiet situations you start to hear it.
  19. Cantar will most likely be the more expensive machine, but maybe not that much more.
  20. Awesome information guys. Thanks so much. I just tested the Mics yesterday both hardwired and thru a Lectro HM plug-on, into venue, and into Cantar X3. My thoughts. I love the way the 4017B sounds. Very natural and transparent sound, almost "clinical" whereas the CMIT comparatively sounded slightly coloured. I thought they sounded similar at about 2 feet away, but once the schoeps got closer, proximity effect was much more pronounced. The 4017 acted like a longer MK41 to me, not necessarily "shotgun" like. Noise floor seemed to be the same. My only concern
  21. Hey guys, Recently I mixed a scene with the DPA 4060's on talent with 2 DPA 4098 as plant mics in a car. Wow. I was very impressed by how well they mixed together. No phasing issues. So now I'm interested in using the shotgun (DPA 4017b) with the 4060's. Can anyone with real experience with the DPA compare it's sound quality to the CMIT 5U?. I have been using the Schoeps without issue and own 2 CMC6 bodies with MK4 and MK41 capsules. I'm thinking of switching over mainly because of how well the mix went with all DPA Mics. On Monday I am meeting a colleague to compare on M
  22. Brian

    Ursa Strap

    I agree with Robert, it's a bit of a scam to sell it separately. I have not tried them yet but I'm intrigued.
  23. I ran into the same problem, except the tube actually broke off while mounting it. Very Very fragile.. Bad design. it should be more robust. I have taped it back on and sounds fine, but sucks to have broken it on day one of use. If an actor brushed it with their head it would bend in an instant. FYI.
  24. What bag size is that? I have an Cantar x-3 that I want to use the PSC six pack with. Looks like the Orca 42 is the one, but curious to know which one is in this picture. thanks!
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