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  1. glenn


    The RF out will work with any brand receiver. Glenn
  2. Run time is 12 Hours at 75mw output power. Glenn
  3. glenn

    Lectro PDR

    "Should have specified I was talking ZMTph2 and including batteries, cables, lavs etc. all the things necessary to actually use the wireless system." All wireless need those things so when comparing only the cost of the wireless channel sold be quoted. "...there's no guarantee of an accepted premium for rentals due to functionality." No, but it is the case more often than not that there is a premium based on the feedback from Zaxcom wireless users. The only guarantee is that without transmitter recording the rental rate will be the lower than with recording. My example of $1700 was an average. Your mileage will vary. Glenn
  4. glenn

    Lectro PDR

    The cost of 2 ZMT3.5 and one QRX200 is $3000 per channel. This is in line with wireless from other high end companies. When you consider the possible increase in rental income of $10 TO $20 per unit per day ($15 average) for the recording transmitter and the savings of about $2 per day on lithium batteries , a Zaxcom ZMT wireless channel can generate $1700 per year in added income using it 100 days per year. Lets not forget the wow factor when you do a re-record to recover lost audio or remote control the gain from 100 feet way. Priceless Glenn
  5. Well yes that is a big reason. The other one is that in many big cities 470-512 is used by Police fire and Ambulance. I do not believe it is wise for us to be in there. Zaxcom wireless has to work all the time. I do not want to make a product that can be destroyed by a walkie. We can place channels together as close as 200 KHz without intermod. I do not think we need to be below 512MHz.
  6. Any distro that does not block walkie frequencies can get intermodulation and can screw up any receivers connected to it as the intermods can land within the 35 mhz filter in the Zaxcom receivers. Wide band distribution is a very bad idea. It will work great until it fails big time. When you need it most. Thank you Murphy.
  7. Any wide band RF distro in front of a Zaxcom receiver is a very bad Idea. You will make the 35 MHz tracking filter in the receiver into a non effective device. Anything that does not filter out walkie frequencies should not be used. Glenn
  8. With Neverclip limiter distortion elimination, no artifacts when recording at 192khz and super quiet preamps the Maxx by Zaxcom should be a great choice to consider.
  9. 45 -50 degrees is the flex limit. Glenn
  10. The battery is not designed to be changed during the production day. It does come out without harming the rubber case. It requires soldering 2 wires to the battery to change it. The idea is that the end user can do it (if handy with a soldering iron) or at any service shop. It would take about 10 minutes. Charge time with the drop in charger is about 2 hours. Changing the battery does not harm the rubber case. The battery is a 1300mA Li Ion cell that will run the unit for 6 hours with 24 hours maximum standby time. The unit is very water tight but not IP rated and is not submersible. We are working on the exact specification for this. The unit is intended to be used on sweaty sports players. A dunk in the loo might be OK as it is a floater. 😉
  11. The unit is 4.8 " x 1.7" x .4 inches. It would be great for car visors. Where thin and stereo would be a great combination. Making the decision to go microdot was not easy but it was a good one. While we have had stereo body packs this is the first with 2 separate mic connectors. Glenn
  12. glenn

    Zaxcom and DPA6060

    Agreed. The 6060 is the closest I have heard to a large diagram microphone. Glenn
  13. I just ran tests here at the factory with the DPA6060 connected to a ZMT3.5. This powers the microphone at 3.3 volts. As a performance reference I had the pickup taped to a 4063. What I found is the 6060 blew the doors off the 4063. The 6060 has 8 dB better sensitivity and a super low noise floor. So reducing the gain of the transmitter yielded a lower noise floor by 8 dB over the DPA4063. Because I do not have a quiet room here at Zaxcom the actual noise floor I could measure was lower by about 5 dB as i was bumping into the ambient sound in our factory.. In short, this is a great mic to use with Zaxcom transmitters. It operates perfectly at 3.3V and I highly recommend it. Glenn
  14. glenn

    Deva 24

    Yes it does have neverclip on mic/line inputs 1 to 12. Line inputs 13 to 16 are without neverclip.
  15. glenn

    Deva 24

    I think the trim may come up as active when you enter the input page. Glenn
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