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  1. I have been reading alot of posts that disparage motorized faders in the defence of not using them in a control surface where their use would be clearly beneficial if not required. We have made consoles with and without them. If I may speak for the motorized fader that can not speak for itself. They make no "noise" when used as any other type of fader. In Zaxcoms case the motor is only active when changing banks. They are more than smooth enough for this to not be a consideration. There is no "walking" or motor action when there should not be, and there use allows for the use of a smaller number of faders to control a larger number of channels. The use of literally millions of these over the years shows this to be true. Because we only have so many fingers motorized faders make sense when a lot of channels need to be controlled in a small space. Let's not make up or exaggerate problems that simply do not exist in order justify a design decision or disparage other products. Glenn
  2. I agree with you Derek 100%. The slot dimensions, limited power availability and heat dissipation make it a non starter for us. Even though we did a slot design we could not move forward with it once we saw how impossible it would be to make a world class digital wireless receiver in that form factor.
  3. The cue menu has TX record and stop commands.
  4. Of course we can change frequencies automatically during a production. At this point I do not see a need as the transmission reliability of the system does not require it. I would rather the sound mixer select frequencies through our auto pick selection when they are ready to do so and all transmitters can be disabled to provide an accurate scan.
  5. I do not think that it can go on every home screen but I am sure we can put it somewhere else.
  6. All facilities of input and output are available on Nomad without limitation. Glenn
  7. Here is a sweep of the filter in the Nova. It is 200MHz wide (20MHz per division) set at 541 MHz. It shows that signals at 460MHz are attenuated by 36dB. This is enough to totally eliminate interference by walkies. It would be nice to see what filters from other products look like. I do not believe that there are any filters out there that are as effective as the ones we use in our products. The sweep was obtained by connecting to the antenna of the Nova with the output coming from the RF output of the Nova. In terms of distance a walkie that would cause interference at 40 feet from the receiver would now need to be 1 foot from the receive antenna to cause the same interference. The big advantage to the Nova filter is that it can dynamically change to allow for frequency scans and receiver tuning and channel selection. Filtered antennas can not do this necessary function.
  8. Put out the test tone and see if that is ok. If it is make sure the Encryption code is 000 000.
  9. This would be impossible. The ERX can only output audio and is not DC coupled so it can do no harm. Glenn
  10. That is really great. I love innovation. What is the patent number?
  11. Timecode out is only available in mono mode. The RX200 does stereo and time code
  12. I am really happy you like the Zmt3 X. I worked really hard on the gasket design to keep water out. For anyone that wants 12 hour run time at full 75mW output power this little guy does it with average battery cost under 10 cents per use. It is our first Neverclip bodypack with 2 channel transmission and 2 separate mic inputs. And who does not like Motorola Batteries and chargers.😊
  13. "Has anybody tested the battery life of the ZMT3 in "record only" / "NOTX" mode? Thanks in advance!" ZMT3 in record only mode is about 12 hours.
  14. glenn


    There is no need or option for an FP8 or any fader add on. The 5 faders provide instant access to all Nova inputs. All of the assigned channels can then have their inputs trimmed or the wireless transmitters preamps trimmed on the same knob while in use on the talent. This system establishes a new way to mix that we think will obsolete the current system of rotary pot control for bag style mixers. Please feel free to call me if you have further questions.
  15. Glad you like it. The URX is designed to be a body worn receiver but of course can be a camera link receiver. As pointed out the RX200 is our flagship for camera link work while the URX is kind of a new animal with features nothing else has. Tough to do it all.
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