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  1. As many have said here. An IFB needs to be good and inexpensive. Removing the SMA antenna helped us keep the price down.
  2. While power consumption is important the size and weight are in many ways more important. With no need for external receivers and their bulky holders and antenna connection cables the Nova stands alone. Test everything out and go for whatever seems right.
  3. Ok I will run some tests Monday. I could be off. I just reran the numbers and got between 9 to 10 hours on paper. Glenn
  4. The Nova will draw about 5 watts without the MRX414 enabled. Each MRX414 4 channel receiver draws 3.6 watts. With 4 working receivers you should get over 11 continuous hours of operation on a 98Wh battery. This is with Zaxnet remote running for transmitter control and time code distribution. Our distributors in France, Belgium or Germany can set you up. Best Wishes Glenn
  5. There will be one. We should get to it soon.
  6. This thread reminds me of a few things. I miss Senator Mike for his ability to point out the obvious in ways no one else could. I hope he is ok. It also reminds me of how good the trx900cl is. After 7 years there is no other stereo link that compares . Two channels of audio and time code transmission , backup recording, 16 kHz audio bandwidth (high fidelity In today’s world). Thanks to all of our customers who embraced this technology and have made it your link of choice
  7. It is a shame Cojo did not test the Zaxcom Boom wireless products. The two units we offer ZMT phantom and the TRX743 offer features that others do not. The best system for Boom will of course sound great and with neverclip there is no Compressor or limiter distortion on our TRX743. We have been selling 100 percent digital wireless with like a hard wire performance for the last 18 years. It is also the only unit to support AES42 (super cmit) mics transmitting both audio channels at the same time. It also directly supports 2 channel transmission with 5 pin xlr stereo mics. We also support intern
  8. glenn

    URX100 reception

    URX will not give the same distances as RX200. It is a different animal. If you use a properly sized antenna in the headphone jack you might get close.
  9. The minimum and maximum frequencies have become corrupted in the update. Roger at everything audio can sort you out.
  10. As pointed out here Zaxcom wireless has everything nailed down with nearly 20 years of digital transmission experience. Zaxnet links recorders wireless mics and IFB into a system with unique and powerful capabilities. Wireless time code sync with no need to jam, Transmission reliability, remote control from great distances, recording transmitters, excellent audio quality, crazy small transmitters, multiple transmitter and receiver options, remote replay and re-record and most important, a great dealer in Ambient. I hope you will attend the CAS discussion this Saturday to find out how our syste
  11. If you are considering new gear you should consider Nova by Zaxcom. To keep costs down you can go with used QRX212 receivers inside the Nova. Also you can go with any number of used Zaxcom recording transmitters that will be very cost effective. By starting with Nova you will put together the smallest, lightest sound bag that is set for the future. With Zaxnet remote control you can offer your services without the need to get near talent to make changes to the packs and you will offer a guarantee of a transmitter recording to back up transmission. The Nova cost at $5500 is competitive on its o
  12. I know that our customers sometimes are hired due to the Zaxcom transmitter recording and remote control features of our system. While I always believe it is the craftsman and not the tools. In our case the tool allows the craftsman to show the work in ways not possible otherwise. I would not think we are IBM but I hope we are Apple. Or at least that is the goal. Glenn
  13. Any input can be assigned to any bank up to a single time in each bank. The 2 line level returns are where the count is 18.
  14. Yes it has analog outs if you are not using the Dante outputs. If you use the Dante you must use AES outs or you can use the connections for 8 AES ins and 8 AES outs to connect together 2 RX8s for a total of 16 receivers remoted through Dante with POE.
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