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  1. Any input can be assigned to any bank up to a single time in each bank. The 2 line level returns are where the count is 18.
  2. Yes it has analog outs if you are not using the Dante outputs. If you use the Dante you must use AES outs or you can use the connections for 8 AES ins and 8 AES outs to connect together 2 RX8s for a total of 16 receivers remoted through Dante with POE.
  3. The RX8 will work with any Dante or AES audio interface. All 8 receivers can be locally controlled in a sound bag or on a sound cart. Remote control directly from Nova and Deva 24 will be supported. There will also be apps to remote control from a sound cart with non Zaxcom recorders. It is our goal to make RX8 work for everyone.
  4. I think the dollar is sitting on top of the RX8. Yes it is really small and lite. Glenn
  5. Our meeting Thursday will be our chance to hold what I would best call a town meeting with anyone who would like to ask any questions about anything Zaxcom or Zaxcom related. I hope we can learn from you so we can make better products and we can answer everyone's questions about how to get the best sonic performance and functionality from our gear.
  6. I will start a thread to reply to you as it is very off topic.
  7. There is alot of behind the scenes tech we do that only seems relevant in the light of compatition. We tend to focus on the big picture. Sometimes when you dig deeper you find the real deal.
  8. There is a link in JWsound under Current. Glenn
  9. Yes the MRX414 is fully compatible with the RX12. We are holding a Zoom meeting on this Thursday. I hope all can attend. The info is on our Nova/Wireless Facebook page. You never know what might be announced.
  10. The Nova and Zaxcom wireless is not all or nothing. In fact, nothing backs you up as well. The 4 MRX414 receivers are internally separate so it is unlikely if not impossible for all 4 channels to go out. If a receiver did need to be swapped it takes about 1 minute. With all of the recordings backed up in the transmitters even RF interference or failure to roll will not cause a loss of audio. The reliability of the system has been amazing so I would not think this would be a consideration for the Zaxcom Nova and its 8 internal MRX414 receivers.
  11. We have just published on our web site a history of Zaxcom's inventions and innovations. We hope that any historians or corporate versions of history will always include Zaxcom's innovations specifically the invention and first production use of digital modulation in a wireless microphone that eliminates an analog compander and its distortion. The invention and first use of acoustic local control and RF remote control of a transmitter providing remote control of audio gain and other functions even during a performance. The invention and first use of the recording transmitter highlighted by the Award of Emmy by the television Academy and of a Scientific Achievement award by the Motion Picture Academy. Recording transmitters eliminate the dropouts and lost audio common to wireless microphone usage. Zaxcom's invention of the recording transmitter has also been confirmed by the United States patent office with the award of 4 patents. The patent office has also recently reconfirmed the original non obvious nature of the Zaxcom inventions in 3 separate legal challenges with decisions for and in favor of Zaxcom and its patents. Link to history page www.zaxcom.com/company/history/
  12. PSC SMA multi does not overload a qrx. It does provide a wideband amp in front of our tunable 35mhz wide front end. Because it has more gain at 460MHz then it does at 550MHz it is a really bad choice to use with our wireless. The intermodulation we work so hard to eliminate is easily mixed within the PSC and can land within our 35MHz wide filter.
  13. It is almost impossible to overload a Zaxcom receiver. Either way it should be fine. Whips or blue fin. Generaly directional antennas are always the way to go.
  14. The Micplexer II has a 35 MHz wide window that will do exactly what you want to do. It will only let in RF in the range you want to receive. The micplexer can be used with any brand of receiver. If you can do a test with both and see how close you can come to the receiver before it is effected with both products. The difference will be The PSC from our tests adds gain to unwanted signals (460 walkies) making a bad situation worse as it has no filtering to my knowledge. Glenn
  15. I have been reading alot of posts that disparage motorized faders in the defence of not using them in a control surface where their use would be clearly beneficial if not required. We have made consoles with and without them. If I may speak for the motorized fader that can not speak for itself. They make no "noise" when used as any other type of fader. In Zaxcoms case the motor is only active when changing banks. They are more than smooth enough for this to not be a consideration. There is no "walking" or motor action when there should not be, and there use allows for the use of a smaller number of faders to control a larger number of channels. The use of literally millions of these over the years shows this to be true. Because we only have so many fingers motorized faders make sense when a lot of channels need to be controlled in a small space. Let's not make up or exaggerate problems that simply do not exist in order justify a design decision or disparage other products. Glenn
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