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  1. glenn


    There is no need or option for an FP8 or any fader add on. The 5 faders provide instant access to all Nova inputs. All of the assigned channels can then have their inputs trimmed or the wireless transmitters preamps trimmed on the same knob while in use on the talent. This system establishes a new way to mix that we think will obsolete the current system of rotary pot control for bag style mixers. Please feel free to call me if you have further questions.
  2. Glad you like it. The URX is designed to be a body worn receiver but of course can be a camera link receiver. As pointed out the RX200 is our flagship for camera link work while the URX is kind of a new animal with features nothing else has. Tough to do it all.
  3. When The Deva II was new 1997 there were no Li batteries. So this condition was not anticipated. All current Zaxcom recorders are very exactly regulated no matter the voltage of the battery or external power source. Glenn
  4. glenn


    Not yet. I expect around end of July.
  5. glenn


    You assign the inputs to the 5 faders on up to 4 banks. Once assigned the trim button and the zaxnet button instantly make all 5 faders control trim or Zaxnet if selected. The function is then deactivated and the 5 knobs become faders again. LED rings and flashing buttons indicate that the trim or zaxnet control is active.
  6. glenn


    Just the ones you want. There is no limit to how the faders can be configured. The Nova is also smart enough to ignore banks that have no assignments.
  7. glenn


    The 5 pots of the Nomad are set up with instant access of 4 banks of assignable routing allowing 20 channels to be controlled with unparalleled flexibility . I think it is time to look at faders differently. Nova is a new common sense approach that allows the same fader knob to control fader levels and trims with the same large no compromise knob. All adjustments have a great smooth feel on a spacious non cluttered control area that we are sure will be a future trend. The single size control knob combined with the channel assignable banks and LED input meters with fader position indication are a defining feature of Nova and one that I am very happy that we went with.
  8. Glad to see a modern solution for the old file systems. The Deva II was really our first recorder and in many ways was too cool as we made it from scratch with no idea what it was going to be until we were finished. The Deva II was the first dual media recorder, First with pre-record and first 4 track portable recorder. Glenn
  9. glenn


    That would not be possible due to the electronics that run the display that are in that area. The Nova could be bigger but then it would lose its appeal of being ultra small and light weight. We make a bigger machine the Deva24. With its large touch screen it may be a better choice depending on what the mixing goals are.
  10. Yes a quick press of the Power button will do that.
  11. glenn


    I would say there are 10000 decisions to be made when designing a new product that touches so many lives. Not only did we work with many industry leaders in designing the Nova we listened to the feedback after NAB and incorporated many new features that will be announced right before we deliver it. The size of the display and number of faders are key to the overall dimensions. I and many others are very happy with it. The fader encoders will change how bag mixer/recorders are perceived and used. I think its sets a new standard for size,weight, power consumption and features that dare I say will be a "game changer" for both wireless users and mixer/recorder customers. We will have it out asap. Thank you for your comments Sonyslave. Glenn
  12. It must be assigned to another fader. Check external fader assign and all other fader assigns. If all else fails do a factory restore defaults.
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