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  1. I wasn't expecting this many responses. Thank you you all. Well, that trek would solve the issue if i need to carry a case. as far as trailers i talked to one of my fellow riders that has this trailer and it decently weather proof. http://www.burley.com/home/bur/page_454/nomad.html I was hoping that it would be possible to carry gear. I am an avid cyclist. I really would prefer not having to drive. I do have panniers and i have looked into trailers. I ask because i wanted to know how people carry their equipment before i go off and figuring out things that have been possibly done al
  2. Hi, I am new to the site and the craft. I wanted to know if anyone here uses a bike as a method of transportation. I am not sure if it applies to mixers considering they have a cart, but i could be wrong. I figured boom operators and or sound utility men might have the ability.
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