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    I am a recordist and sound designer for feature length documentaries and art house films. Using equipment like Sonosax Rx4 and protools.

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  1. alexbooy

    FCP 7 (yes, really) wave metadata question

    it happend twice with films that I had been mixing, that they were broadcasted in mono. They were both documentaries about music...... Sound relay was done using FCP 7.
  2. alexbooy

    FCP 7 (yes, really) wave metadata question

    Hi Bouke, Alex Booy here. How sees a workstation the difference between an interleaved 2 track (boom-lav) and a stereo mix file? By his extension? Another topic, maybe but Avid MC sees the extension _1 thru _ 24 as tracknumbers. So if you try to import an audio file never use _x for anything else than track count. I used it for shooting day. Avid didn't import any day higher than 24.
  3. alexbooy

    DR10 and WL 93 problem

    Problem solved, When using the Shure adapter (CH), the 'model' mode must be in the 'Sennheiser' position instead of 'Shure' position (?). Best, Alex
  4. alexbooy

    DR10 and WL 93 problem

    hi all (and Tom Duffy), I just bought a Tascam DR 10 CH with Shure connectors. I want to use it stand alone, without transmitter. I tried it with a Shure WL93, but after switching the 'bias on/off' switch, to 'off' I only hear sound for a few seconds and then it is gone. I realise that it should be 'on'. Model is switched to 'Shure'. Any idea what could be wrong? the recorder and lav are new. battery too. Thanks, Alex
  5. alexbooy

    Little Micron

    thanks for the replies, I am curious if anybody is using the Mini transmitter TX700S. The one powered by two AAA's. Best, Alex
  6. alexbooy

    Little Micron

    Is anybody using Micron's TX700s. The very small transmitter. And happy with it? Alex (Amsterdam)
  7. alexbooy

    Sony UWP-D Wireless Microphone Series:

    It seems to have a 0,35 ms audio delay..... Alex (Amsterdam)
  8. I have checked my Sonosax SXR4. I have imported some tracks into ProTools (Spot to original TC) As you can see in the enclosed picture. The recorded file doesn't start at frame bounderies. From the Avid forum: Nagra VI doesn't either. Best from Amsterdam, Alex
  9. alexbooy

    New bloop slate app

    Hi Rakesh, great idea. Why is it that new apps don't work with ipods older than ios 4.3? I still have an older generation ipod touch that would be perfect as a docu bloopper (?). Greatings from Amsterdam, Alex