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    Hey I am a professional sound engineer. I registered 6 months ago. But I fell through the cracks. Here I am again trying to look at the pictures of the CARTS!

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  1. This makes a lot of sense and has reduced my anxiety considerably. Stability is my chief concern on location. I think after reading these horror stories I had just made the assumption that they were apart of using Zaxcom recorders. But this idea of installing a new firmware when it’s not released as stable and things going squirrelly can be rightly judged as user error and not necessarily the fault of the manufacturer. As long as the manufacturer has a firmware release that is stable.
  2. So what’s your secret? What types of things do you do to avoid the kind of issues that people bring up (takes missing or data being corrupted?). I appreciate that there are tons of Zaxcom users that haven’t had problems with mirroring. I’d like to be one!
  3. Hi Jw. I’ve been a long time lurker on this site and credit it with teaching me countless things. I don’t often post, because I’m mainly here to listen BUT I would love to hear the communities opinions on delivering files when working with Zaxcom recorders. On productions I work with DITs want WAV files and they want them right when we wrap. I’ve heard more than a few of my colleagues have issues where data was either corrupted or takes were missing or other nightmare scenarios when delivering mirror cards from Zaxcom recorders. Is this real? What are the best practices to avoid this. I normally work on documentaries that roll extremely long takes. Should this effect my purchase decision when is comes to being able to deliver all of the audio I think I recorded? thanks so much for your time.
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