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  1. "Wide and Telephoto", as one veteran DP once put it to me.
  2. I spoke to Kevin a few times on the phone this summer - always a wonderful attitude. See ya later, Kevin. Bob Marts
  3. I once spent a long night with my cart on a merry-go-round. I couldn't get decent radio mic reception from the closest stationary hiding spot, so I found a wheel chair lockdown spot on the opposite side of the merry-go-round from where we shooting a long dialog scene. The wheel chair holder fit the spread of my PSC upright sound cart wheels perfectly, so there I sat all night going around and around (trying not to get dizzy).
  4. Another song from space with Chris Hadfield http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57569205-1/astronaut-records-song-from-space-with-barenaked-ladies/
  5. Most of us know of the Stellavox and Uher 1/4" tape film sound recorders, but I bet not many know that Sony tried it's hand at a portable time code recorder. I saw a prototype at an AES show once but never saw it on the market.
  6. Thank you. I have impressed a few grips with this :-)
  7. Here's a technique I invented years ago for hanging a sound blanket. You need one C-stand with an arm plus 1 more arm and head. This set-up lets you stretch the blanket out tight and you don't have to deal with the No2 grip clips loosening up or popping off.
  8. Another link w/ some nice footage
  9. I still own it but a lot of the caps dried out and it got a bit noisy. I keep thinking I'd like to have someone overhaul it but that could be expensive. It has really nice EQ and headroom. I still use an analog panel though - Cooper 208D.
  10. Thought I'd join the conversation here. Here is a pic of a my brand new Nagra 4STC in 1985. It sits along side my mono Nagra on a record/playback job. Under the Nagras was my just released Sonosax mixer - I loved that mixer! The cart is one I made from parts of the Ultimate Support keyboard stands and was very light weight. I still have the cart in my basement. Maybe Jeff could add this to the gallery under an "Older Technology" section.
  11. Here's a good boom crutch. I've used one even on scripted dialog as well as interviews.
  12. Sent Matthew a pm. Thanks Crew, for the nod. Bob Marts Production Sound Mixer / Seattle
  13. I use them in a lot of my gear as well, but I usually buy them only when needed and never really kept them around for a while. I suppose they'll keep their capacity for at least a year - that's what I'm hoping.
  14. I have an opportunity to stock up on Energizer AA Lithiums for a good price, but I may not get around to using them all for a while. Anybody care to comment on their experience regarding the shelf life of these batteries? Thanks Bob
  15. "Friday Night Lights-ing" -- I've never heard that term. What's it mean?
  16. My favorite classic voices would include Gregory Peck, Henry Fonda, Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. From personal experience, I did a movie with Dennis Haysbert. Recorded him with an MKH 50 and he sounded real nice in the Sony phones. Robin Williams sounded quite good on my Neumann KMR 81i on another movie I recorded. A long time ago, I recorded Mel Blanc for a charity film. I put the mic over him, put my phones on and I heard the real Bugs Bunny say to me: "Ehhhhhhh, how's the sound, Doc?" There's an unforgettable voice. Interesting to think of actors in terms of their voice only. Many more keep coming to mind.
  17. I have worked with a few actors over the years who would fit this predicament.
  18. When I first saw the topic heading for this I thought it said "Having trouble removing red nose in close ups" :-)
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