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  1. I've used Transpore for a long, long time, and only this last year have I seen people get a reaction to it. I wonder if something has changed in regard to it's make-up. Bob
  2. Hey Doug, You might find the info here: http://www.jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=1500.0 Bob
  3. Seven or eight years ago, I was working on a TV series where a scene we were doing took place in an extremely dusty vacant building. I decided to keep the cart on the truck and mix from there instead of going inside. The truck was parked fairly close to a set of railroad tracks and train engines would slowly creep by all day long. They weren't very loud inside on the set and LF cut kept them out of the recordings, but the rumble I could hear leaking through the Sony phones was very distracting. Our lead actor came out to the truck to listen to a playback and being bombarded by the low freq train noise, pulled his Bose headphones out of his bag and used those instead of my phones. They had only been on the market for a short time and I hadn't seen them before. He left them on the cart and I mixed the rest of the day with them. Although they are far from being good sounding monitors, I was able to hear what the mics were hearing inside without all the train noise leaking in through the phones. I bought my own pair right away for these kinds of situations but I only used them one time - when I was set up on a busy street corner and the actors were inside of a parked car with the windows rolled up. Never used them for production since. They're nice for traveling though. Bob
  4. Jeff, Noah et al, How far down do you use your battery alone before you recharge it on a conventional charger? I've used the battery / Tripp Lite combo for about 8 years and it's very nice to not worry about a kick-out or lack of AC. But after using the battery alone, I'm not sure when to leave the battery on this system or put it on a charger to bring it back up. Bob Marts
  5. I was happy to rent my mono Nagra a few times last year to the Microsoft XBox people. They had a big pyro sound effects session to record explosions for various games. They recorded to a lot of different digital recorders and programs but they really liked using the full 1/4" Nagra at 15 ips with an EV RE15 or RE20 straight into it. I got a good rental fee and I was able to unload a lot of tape, too.
  6. I also had an R09 line jack break and Roland replaced the unit with no questions asked. I agree with everything John and Jeff says about this recorder and would like to add that the built-in stereo mic is a great bonus to have in such a small device.
  7. Has anyone demo'ed or used this headworn mic from Phonak? http://www.raycom.co.uk/provoco.html -Bob
  8. I just want to mention that I, too, am on my 2nd R-09 due to the line jack breaking off the board inside. It's a very nice little recorder and I'm happy that Roland replaced it with no questions asked - but be careful with it because it is so lightweight and a bit fragile. -Bob
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9U8rhx4LZY&search=george%20harrison%20john%20lennon%20paul%20mccartney%20the%20beatles%20
  10. For some reason, to a lot of people, "Waiting On Sound" often means waiting for the sound of the siren, crying baby, jet, garbage truck, toilet flush, car alarm, clock chimes, lawn mower ... to end. I love the glares and stares and the "Waiting On Sound" comments while we wait for the noise to cease, as if I have some sort of control over it. It's a good time to remind them that we're waiting on (the) sound - not the sound department.
  11. Thanks Philip, I'll contact Redding Audio. -Bob
  12. Anybody have recommendations for Schoeps microphone repair. Any good shops in the US? Thanks, Bob
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