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  1. Thanks Jeff - for keeping this forum good! I check in many times a day and have been since the start.
  2. I shared a mixing job with mixer Tom Taylor on a Korean movie called "Late Autumn". It was a very nice experience. The movie was filmed (2 Red's) in the Seattle area last year. It was released in the USA this weekend. Here's my cart on a set of Late Autumn in Union Station in downtown Seattle.
  3. Upload test 2 BTW, these pictures are from Greta Garbo's 1st speaking film "Anna Christie" 1930
  4. I guess you fixed me up, Jeff! Thanks - Bob
  5. Still get Error message: "failed to upload - Used 7.08MB of your 1000K global upload quota (Max. single file size: 20MB)" Does this mean I'm not allowed to upload pictures unless I delete the pictures on my old posts?
  6. My attempts to upload pictures on the new site continue to fail. Is there something different that I should do - that is, different than on the old site? Bob
  7. Here's a link to my original post for an SM thumbscrew and here's Larry's reply. (I must've seen Stacy's idea first on the Lectro forum) Bob Marts
  8. A somewhat related anecdote: Back when I was mixing to one track only, I came up with an approach to mix some boom mic into an otherwise all lav mix without ending up with a lot of phasey comb sound. I would EQ the boom mic channel by removing all the lows and lower mids which would give some nice air to the voices but not create delay problems on the lower freqs. Had to really play it by ear but it worked well.
  9. I mixed a road movie with four actors in a convertible on a trailer. Lavs worked best but the actors weren't wearing seat belts. Does anyone have any knowledge on how the dialog for Thelma & Louise was mic'ed? Sounded nice.
  10. I'm having trouble getting personal messages to "send". I click "send" and nothing happens - am I missing something? Bob Marts
  11. Hanging on to these colorful old mixers and Nagras remind me of the classic car collector who occasionally pulls the cover off of a foreign sports car in his garage, admires it for a few minutes then covers it back up until the next urge to see it comes along. I haven't even seen my Sela for years until a few days ago. Glad I kept it though.
  12. I recently took some pictures of my old Sela mixer and thought some of you might be interested in seeing the complexity of my set-up from the early 1980's. Straight to 1 track - simple and sweet.
  13. If there's any chance of going over while wearing a sound bag & harness, I would recommend using quick release seat belt type connectors between the bag and the harness.
  14. For anyone who is interested, Aquarian Audio has a page of hydrophone recordings made with their mics. Some pretty cool sounds there.
  15. I use Lectrosonics IFB's (w/ attenuator cables) for my 5D and 7D reference audio hops. I found some little plastic furniture leg tips to cover the knob collars to keep the knobs at the same setting and prevent them from accidentally being turned off - Same idea as the switch protectors some folks use on TC slates.
  16. This goes way back over 20 years - me booming the TWIN PEAKS pilot (David Lynch in foreground)
  17. Here's the LED I used. The switch is DPDT - one side to cut the Comtek, the side to apply the power to the blinking LED. The box also held the LED battery. Aux send is routed in and out of the box on it's way to the transmitter. A very easy project for a first time builder.
  18. I think it's really great when people independently come up with the same idea for a solution to a problem or need. I could swear I was the first person to use Transpore for lav mounting ;-)
  19. John, I love the "on-hold music" approach. I may have to redo my box. Bob
  20. Sometimes when filming in public places, the lockup capabilities can be stretched pretty thin. PA's will hang up posters apologizing for the inconvenience and ask for bystanders to please keep quiet etc., etc. The signs and posters are still easily overlooked and people will ignore them. On a particular shoot when this was a problem, we were near a hardware store that was selling clip-on bicycle tail lights for 1.99 incl. batteries. I bought a few and clipped them to the posters and the flashing red LED's caught people's attention and they would go to read the posters and then actually keep their voices down. The lights can sometimes be pretty effective.
  21. Over the years, there have been occasions where I have turned down my Comtek feed in order to mute it from the listeners between takes, and then forget to turn it back up when we roll. Since there are times when it's appropriate for the sound crew to keep the mics up for our own technical reasons, but at the same time keep the mics muted to the "public", I needed to make myself some kind of reminder to unmute the feed when we roll. I finally built a simple little box that would switch off the Aux send to the transmitter and at the same time, flash a bright red battery-powered LED to signal the muting. Turned out to be very useful.
  22. I Like the idea of the Petrol LED strip. I'm going to look into that one. There's a small clip-on gooseneck LED light (I ended up buying 3) called Mighty Bright. It's (IMO) the best of these type of clip-ons in terms of quality. It casts a very even round bright light. I found them in a music store sold to illuminate sheet music on a music stand.
  23. They're Tiki Pencil Toppers - I enlarged the pencil hole a little bit to fit over the knobs (they're soft rubber). http://www.flickr.com/photos/archiemcphee/2543408900/# When there's a specific knob that you want to go for in a hurry, it's nice to have it stand out from all the rest. For me, that would be the headphone volume knob. Nice video, Jan.
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