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    Im an aspiring filmmaker, trying to finish my short film projects.
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  1. I would like to bump this thread, i am currently collecting a sound gear and researching about headphones, im thinking to go with Sennheiser or Beyerdynamic brands. I just need good headphones to clearly hear what i've recorded with balanced EQ. I usually record sounds to play with them on the post for sound effects and to establish atmosphere. Any budget friendly mics you guys can recommend? (Im gonna use it with my Zoomh-8 or 6) Thanks.
  2. Yeah exactly, i used a LOT of sounds on my latest experimental short film. For example i recorded my cloth dryer machine and distorted the sound of it, lowered the frequencies etc. I use a lot of low bass, synth sounds, ominous woosh, wind, water, train and fire sounds... You get the idea. And those sounds usually are non- diegetic and internal diegetic. (A characther hearing sounds inside his head.) I don't use dialogue often, honestly never did it yet. But i have to use on my new project, so im thinking to buy a shotgun microphone and a cable for it. Is that a good idea? So, ZOOM for field recordings with its own microphones, (Do i need external mic's for Zoom? I saw the quality of it is already good.) and a shotgun mic. for the dialogue. I like clear and ASMR like audio and im currently trying to learn Fairlight audio program in DaVinci. I have some experience with Adobe Audition and Sound Forge Pro and Sony Vegas Pro's internal audio editing features and third party VST plug-ins. Is there any other audio program that you can recommend or like to use? Thanks!
  3. Wow! Well i didn't even know that this kind of top tier forums exist in the first place. Good to hear that. Now i understand and will adapt myself accordingly. πŸ‘ Good to know, but yeah i checked out the prices and those two are very expensive for me to obtain currently. I think i can go with H8 for the start. I used badly recorded sounds from FreeSounds' library on one of my films once and they sounded very clear and as if they were from a big budget movie after i edited them a little. I know, yeah i will of course do my own homework, this week i was so busy with my other art projects i guess i needed a shortcut start, on the wrong forum. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ By the way i am pretty familiar with the ''theory'' of sound design and editing, i have spend lots of hours on editing sounds on programs and using Synth's etc. I am just uninformed about the technical side of the things, equipments, technology, all those confusing terms and how cables, microphones, recorders work in general. Mostly because i haven't seen them and didn't have the opportunity to play with them in real life. But im a quick learner, i think i can handle it once i buy\obtain them for myself. Again, thanks a lot for the other inputs you made sir. Could you please elaborate more on this? If it is not too long to answer. Wish i could do that. I am planning to do. I am not in Berlin currently but will move there next year and probably enter a public filmmaking school's one year filmmaking program. Maybe that way i can gain some friends and circles for that. It would be so amazing to earn my money from doing sound related works! I wish! I am obsessed with sounds in film, they are so important to establish the mood. I am currently learning painting and trying to finish my first short story book collection and editing my short film while trying to keep up with watching new films and reading valuable literary books. Im also planning my upcoming short film which will be the first one that i would share with the public. I also write poems and whatnot. Well, i guess i have to focus on a particular interest slowly otherwise it would be hard for me to establish a career. I am 23 years old currently. Allright. I will do that! Thanks. Well there are tons of cables, devices and microphones... It was so confusing for me. I thought, if anything goes, some mics may not be attachable to some devices etc. I gotta research more.
  4. Hello, i am sorry that my post seemed like a mess or poorly formed. Today i didn't have enough time to research the context of this site or the members here. I just created my account in a hurry and posted this, assumed everything was fine with it. But honestly, i didn't get this negativity, maybe there were many guys who came here and asked similar questions before and you guys may got frustrated with it? I get it. I am now looking up and explore this site and learning and getting familiar with it. If it is ok to ask again: 1- I am thinking to buy Zoom H8 for field recordings of my short films. I wondered if that is a good idea considering the price. 2- Do i really need a ''shotgun'' microphone with ZH8 in order to record dialogue in film? It seems they work much better as they focus onto one place, record mono and filmmakers use those for dialogue most of the time. 3- Anyone knows if i can attach, for example, Rodeo NTG4 to ZH8 without any problems? 4- - What kind of extra equipments or tools you can recommend to me to build a small audio gear which consists the fundamental elements to record high quality sound for my films? Thanks. Thanks a lot Dalton. I will look at it. πŸ™ Okay, maybe i may come here again after learning more and having some experience in the field. I can learn things pretty fast, i'll make you guys proud ☺️
  5. Hello guys. So im a sound freak (Thanks to David Lynch) im trying to build a complete audio gear for my new, serious short films, im thinking to buy Zoom H8 for my field recordings. And for the dialogue, i guess i have to buy a mono shotgun audio recorder? Something like Rodeo NTG4 maybe? Can i easily attach that to my ZoomH8 without buying other extra cables or props? Do people use Zoom H8 for the dialogue aswell? But i guess a shotgun recorder would be much better? So i need to buy a shotgun microphone with ZoomH8? What kind of microphones and recording devices do pro and semi- pro filmmakers use in general? As for the props, im thinking to buy a boom stick, dead cat and maybe Zoom H's bags for carrying my recorder safely. Do i need any other cables or extra input gear? (Im really new to this.) Any additions would be fine. I like to play with the sounds in post- production. Thanks to all.πŸ“½οΈ
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