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  1. Sennheiser mkh8060 w/skp2000 I guess it doesnt go well with wireless boom ;( Seeing the comments, I guess I’ll have to use my cables to avoid this. But every cine gear is going wireless and wireless... Now each dept are even using iphones to monitor. So... I’m not sure I can catch up the production speed if I go back using cables alone. haha. Thanks for all the reply tho! This might be one way to try. Thank you.
  2. Hi all. I’m working on a set where the camera crew prefers to use Arri UDM Sensor unit. Which uses ultrasonic pulses to measure distance. There are some moments when my mic captures the pulse and records a continuous beeps. Especially when it goes CU. It doesnt happen always but it does happen often, so I’m keep asking the camera crew if they could take the UDM off. And they do, for the day. But put it back on on the next day until I ask them the same thing again. So.... I was wondering if this is going to be my life till the end of
  3. Hi. My name is Eugene. I'm working under a Production Sound team based in Korea. Our team recently switched our Recorder from Fostex PD6 to Zaxcom's Fusion12. As you can see the huge years gap between the two recorder, and also our lack of English to properly navigate through the manual or google searches etc. we are facing many difficulties to make this new fancy gear work properly. So if anyone can kindly help us out, it will be a great help. 1. File naming issue. we are wondering if Fusion12 has an option to save the recorded files name as "Scene_Take" instead of the default "
  4. I already printed out and went through the Lectro manuals some time ago, but didn't know there were also 'wireless-guide' from them and all the other links!! Thanks a lot again. Now it's time to study. PS, Babelfish worked perfectly!! Thank you. (or Thank you) ....
  5. Thank you, Jon and Brian. I think there were some misunderstanding because of my English. I said 'borrow' which I was actually meant 'rent' from my friend. He owns a small local production company and I'm not taking out his gear for free. He gives me a discount, but I still pay for it. And it's not my first time using sound gear and lav sets I still need a lot of experience and study, but my friend doesn't have to teach me. I realized my post itself was a stupid question when Brian mentioned about the microphone. That shows how inexperienced I am. I know it in my head but totally lo
  6. Hello. I'm a newbie soundguy from Korea, started working in Vancouver recently. This is my first time posting a topic here so before I start, I want to thank everyone, how helpfull, just reading all the posts in this site is. Really, really. Thank you for sharing all the discussions and experience. So here is my story, I will be helping on a short interview type pilot show in a few week. They wanted to use wireless lav mics which I don't have any, so I told the person who contact me (...producer? not sure) that we can rent out Lectrosonics lav mic (UM400/UCR411) or I can bo
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