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  1. NEW UPDATE (v1.5) The "dweedle tones" section is now FREE for everybody You can now reorder and edit transmitters Small improvements
  2. The App is now compatible with the M2T You can now import .sdf files to the freq coordination section
  3. You can already connect it to your DSQD or Venue2, perform a scan and use the frequency coordination to avoid intermodulation. That's already integrated with the app. Connecting to the 822 would be possible (not planned atm) only with the android version as iOS does not allow Serial Usb connection.
  4. Dear Lectrosonics users, We are introducing "Lectro Controller", a new mobile app for managing your Lectrosonics devices. With this app you will be able to: Set up your transmitters using dweedle tones. Connect to your DSQD,Venue2 or M2T over a network. RF Scanning (while connected to your receiver) Frequency coordination. And many more to come! It is available for both Android and iOS: Android Download iOS Download Adapted for mobiles and tablets. Contact email: lectro-controller@coelaudio.com
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