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  1. If you have any horrible audio, I'll try to make it less horrible. Send me a link or a short .wav file. https://www.cedar-audio.com/downloads/cedartrinityenhancemanualv1.10_15dec20.pdf Regards, Ty Ford
  2. maybe this will help. https://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2018/07/klover-parabolic-collector-microphone.html
  3. Having my audio on any cloud makes me nervously uncomfortable. Regards, Ty Ford
  4. MixPre D? I like mine and use it also for USB interface to computer.
  5. We used to think that rechargeables had a somewhat floaty supply level and that caused problems with some circuitry, especially as the batteries age. I had a similar problem using rechargeable 9 VDC batteries in a home security system years ago. The transmitter would fail irregularly and trip the system.
  6. Here you go... https://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-cedar-dns-2-portable-dialog-noise.html Regards, Ty Ford
  7. My exact same experience. The 8050 seemed to have a smiley face EQ, so I also didn't like the top end.
  8. On the advice of a friend, I began watching "Money Heist." As he mentioned the ADR is pretty amazing. If you're not looking for it, you can go a ways without noticing. Was there a special approach to achieving this effect?
  9. so, not just a lot of data compression, real transformation! That's sort of scary.
  10. I just read the following, "Modern telephony sends your voice using encoded phonemes, adjustment coefficients and corrections for a virtual voicebox which tries to mimic you at the other end. Actual raw audio is not sent. This is also the reason why hold music can sound pretty weird sometimes." Does anyone know if this is true?
  11. Patrick: ::sigh:: Had you read the piece, you would have learned that Rode Reporter has a problem when plugged into my iphone 11 Pro Max. When the phone screen dims or goes dark, it glitches the audio. I've been in touch with Rode about it. Their quick fix is to keep the screen turned on during recording. They may get ot the fix in the next rev. Regards, Ty Ford
  12. I've been working with the CEntrance MicPort Pro 2 for about three weeks now. Here's what I'm thinkin'. .https://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2020/06/centrance-micport-pro-2-powerful.html Audio samples included. Regards, Ty Ford
  13. John's right, of course. To add to it, a lot depends on how loud you speak. I had a friend send me a file that he tried to submit to a production house. They told him there was some sort of phasing they didn't like. He didn't know hat that meant. He sent the file. Yes, you could hear the space in a very unflattering way. Why this time? Because he raised his voice. The more energy you put into a space, the more resonant it becomes. Think of a pool table and one cue ball. The harder you throw it the longer it will bounce around on the table. Same thing with voices and spaces. Speaking more quietly, you don't excite the room into resonance as much. Regards, Ty Ford
  14. My Dear Friend Constantin, How nice to see you out here. When I saw the cost this time, I had much the same impression! I'll have to find it a nicer storage place for it in my studio!
  15. Hi Jim, I've had one of these for my two CMC641. They work great for me for recording a madrigal group in a church and various other musical assignments in which I only wanted a great stereo pair. I occasionally cheat the angle using headphones to get the "space" I'm looking for, but it's nice to have the numbers there. I can use the B5D covers on the CMC641 and flop the mics in the brackets so the tips are very close together. Although I haven't tried to use it vertically, one end is threaded for that purpose. https://bhpho.to/3aeEHDK Best Regards, Ty
  16. Hello Hive, I was wondering if there had been any discussions about two wire and three wire lavs in wireless or hard wired use and whether three wire lavs were any better at blocking cell phone interference. Thanks, Ty Ford
  17. heh, heh, heh, yeah, but I'd still like one.
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