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  1. I'd recommend migrating over to 941. Sure, you can't reblock your old 411s, but it's been a spectrum safe-haven for many years. Previously it only covered 944-952, but was recently expanded from 941-960.
  2. Do you have powered antenna with variable amplitude? If you're operating in close range try turning off the amplification for better results. Lowering the noise floor will allow your wireless to be heard. I've even removed the antennas completely when congestion is really bad and I can keep the receivers 5-10' away.
  3. So sorry for your loss Jeff. You were so instrumental in my early film career, and your boom operator could not have been a more prescient, perfect example. When I met him on Almost Famous he was a bit dismissive at first, focused so intently on the shot and everything he knew he needed to be doing. But I learned that when he came off as seemingly curt or intense, it was simply a result of his dedication and focus. I always enjoyed working with you and Don, and looked up to him for guidance in both technique and example. He will be greatly missed, by me and my family.
  4. Would the older 944 transmitters work with the pilot tone disabled on the Venue?
  5. Larry, Will this venue offer compatibility with UMa and SMa tranitters from the old 944 block?
  6. I've had a low power auxiliary license for 10+ years, thanks to the encouragement of Jay Patterson from 695 (and Bill Ruck). I always operate at 100mw and frequently operate at 250mw. Licensing has never been an impediment. When the FCC expanded 944 block to 941 and removed the "content producer" requirement, I jumped right in. I've had great success with both 944 and now 941-960.
  7. For my cart I use the Sennheiser A2003 wideband sharkfins. If you only have one src in 941 I would consider using the Lectrosonics PCA900.
  8. The duplex gap will be available in perpetuity
  9. Between the guard band and the duplex gap there is still 12Mhz available in 600. Plenty of room for 6 or more wireless mics.
  10. Correct. It's essentially the difference between a VRS module and a VRT module in a venue. The 411 has an 11mhz wide tracking mask. The 401 does not.
  11. I've been using the Shure 844 antenna amp on my cart with great success. Covers 470-960 mHz Shure 844
  12. BudRaymond


    Curious, who has taken delivery now that they're shipping?
  13. Looks great! I love the ACN system and I'll definitely be adding these to the kit.
  14. I actually prefer the sound of the 25-II. The HD26 are by far better built and more durable, however.
  15. The duplex gap and guard band allocation will be adequate for multiple channels above 600mhz.
  16. The only constant in life is change. Congrats Eric. I know your fastidious attention to detail will carry through with your business.
  17. If you're willing to go the Ambient Masterlockit route, the 204 with wireless jam, remote battery monitoring, etc. is a great feature set. I own 2 and they've come in very handy on Marvel shoots where you need word sync.
  18. Any updates on the control surface? I've seen pictures, but can't seem to find any info on release dates. Also, how is the slate mic? Where is it located? Can an external slate mic be used?
  19. I always use my trusty MKH-50 with the 10dB pad engaged. Works like a charm.
  20. Thanks David! What's the difference between 815 and 816?
  21. Incorrect on a few counts. Electromagnetic radiation occurs at many different frequencies throughout the spectrum in nature, from infrared to ultraviolet. Pulsar stars have been known to emit energy in the band we use for wireless audio transmission. Secondly, Block 27, 698 mhz is the top of the legal limit in the United States.
  22. I imagine software assignment of the trim pots to the existing hardware could be implemented in a future firmware update. I for one would miss having individual trim control.
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