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  1. First NAB press: https://nabhub.com/interview/214/meet-k-teks-brenda-klemme
  2. We came in 3rd! Won digital signage at the show! Thanks for all your support! Brenda
  3. Hi! NAB has a new contest. They gave us 2 weeks to create a video and the most "likes" on UTUBE wins a lot of cool NAB attention. We are within a few votes of the lead and have until March 29th. We are the only Audio Company that participated. Here is the link! It would be super fun to win. The actual UTUBE video has to have the "likes." Thanks so much!
  4. Hey! It's Brenda from K-Tek and we are really excited to launch our new Stingray Audio bags, harness, waist belt and other accessories. You can watch our teaser video on the K-Tek Facebook page Follow our weblog at: http://ktekpro.com/press-release/
  5. Thanks for this...it's definitely worth the watch (and listen.)
  6. K-Tek does not have a booth at AES but I will be at the show to have a look around. Brenda Klemme Parker
  7. We will be showing a prototype of a boom pole carrying vest; "Easy Boom" at Creatasphere in Burbank. We really want boom operators to try it on and give us feed back. Please stop by booth 507. We will have it at the show on Nov. 3rd from 1-8 and Nov. 4th from 11-4. If you have any questions please send me an email or call the shop (760)727-0593. Thanks! Brenda Klemme Parker
  8. K-Tek poles that fit in a 1560 Pelican case: K-81CCR (excellent "News" pole or travel pole). If you unscrew the CCR on the bottom you can unplug the cable, allowing the pole to fit in diagonally. The K-81CC (with the bottom exit) or the 81 without cable will also fit. KEG-88 or KEG-88CC - The graphite "Traveler"..it is 22" minimum length and expands to 7'8". It will fit diagonally with or without the cable. (without cable weighs under a pound) KE-79 or KE-79CC - The aluminum "Traveler"..it fits in the case length wise. It is 20" minimum length and expands to 6'7". K-56, K-56CC and K-56CCR (shortest of the Klassic line)..it is 1'4" minimum length and expands to 4'11". Brenda Parker K-Tek (760)727-0593
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