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  1. From my point of view there is a huge difference between (I wont say design) concept borrowing and outright cloning (copycating). There are many people who have copied my upright carts. I don't really have a problem with that. Most have slightly modified the style & put a fair bit of effort into their build. Not so Proaim Global. They outright steal the whole intellectual property and clone it. I could be accused of borrowing concepts. If I have, I believe I have created a new product, with new dimensions, new mobility and new work flow solutions. The change in workflow in the last 15 years has been interesting. PSC's Euro cart was at the pointy end of cart design progress when it was released. I also acknowledge there were members of this community who contributed to it. There have been quite a few cart builders who have followed their lead with their own versions. No one has copycated it. Back to Proaim Global. My advice is, if you go on set and there is one of their copycat products there, voice your distaste. At the end of the day if you don't support original manufactures, we will go away. Rob Stalder www.rastorder.com.au
  2. Thanks for your comments Edward and Codyman. Proaim Global is based in Mumbai, India. However they have companies with warehouses set up in Vancouver (Canada) and Brussels (Belgium). This way they are well placed to road freight into neighbouring countries cheaply and without too much drama. It also gives them access to buy equipment from these countries, stealing the interlectual property, sending them back to Mumbai to be copycated. Very cute, (some might say criminal) business model. Their freight cost to their warehouses by sea freight would be peanuts. Makes me think I need an alternative to air freight... And of course there will always be other grubs who will support them by buying their products.
  3. Hi Group. Yes indeed the old copycat proaim global purchased a Foldup from me under the guise of using it as a rental for their company movri rentals in Vancouver. I had a bit of a spit on instagram @rastorder In fact the one they show in their pictures is actually the one I sent them. Grubs will be grubs I guess.
  4. Just out of interest, what sizes (ru) are people typically buying? Rob
  5. Is it possible that the replacement leads sold on ebay are copies and only a fraction of the quality...
  6. Derek - goose - Up the top of this page there are some - Foldup, DD & Mb... There is a pic on Instagram of the foldup folded in the back of a car - cant find it - I will try again in a few days, it may help answer your question.
  7. Thank you, but its named for Dave Diamond...
  8. Shipping most places internationally - minimum - AU$300 - FedEx economy...
  9. Thank you Mono for posting this. If I was a young person, I would probably work on a shoot like this for nothing... there is nothing that got my adrenalin going like doing sound in real time under harsh conditions.
  10. HI Allistair. Sorry Ive been moving house. Don't think I have weighed it, but it very light, about the same as Mb cart (14kg - 30lbs) added a little pic that was on my instagram - Tully, working with his DD. Rob
  11. Derek - funny you should mention it. I made RMC-6, which is actually a square SU. I was experimenting - I put larger 7" castors on it & they had no brakes so I had to add some - it also made it higher - I put a full shelf in the top section to hold it together, although that maybe wasn't necessary as it was secured just below to the welded bottom module - I also had no frame mounted mixer shelf, just rack strip all the way, including an extra rack strip one third the way in, for recessing some equipment. Its still for sale... I think now it was a big mistake not to put the frame mounted mixer shelf in there as it meant it could not accommodate a large digital mixer. Although I do think if I removed the middle full shelf I could put one in there. Interesting... http://www.rastorder.com.au/product_rmc.htm Rob
  12. Thanks Nick, actually hadn't even occurred to me... Hmmmmmmmm the shelf does serve a very important job of keeping the 2 sides together, particularly if its not a 2 module version. But I could go to 18" sliders (460mm) instead of 16" ones (400mm) and reduce the 600mm shelf to say 500mm or 450mm and increase the headroom to maybe even 350mm. All that combined should give way better access. Its a plan. Best, Rob
  13. Hi codyman, can't answer that with a definitive statement. SU on my specs page says about 24 kg, but I think its more like 20kg. Its actually lighter than the current VK cart. It rolls easily, on the rear wheels. I am mostly using 20 x 2.4 inch tyres, they are quite wide and traverse most obstacles with ease. See the pic below. Kitty is an AC in Melbourne, Australia. Her rig is RMC7, which is actually a redesigned compact SU cart. She loves the ease of moving it around and she has a fair bit of gear on board... Jeff, thank you for your comment. The SU cart is an interesting survivor of something designed originally for large analogue mixers. It is in an overkill for modern digital control surfaces, but is living on supporting these big digital mixers, in a compact, upright layout. I still have fond memories of dealing with Eric Burge, way back when he used his powers of persuasion to get his O1V into an SU. That was the last full size SU in stock. When I return from my extended break I will build more. I'm thinking of deleting the 2 modules in most of them, as anyone wanting this size rig has a van and it also means the joining space can be utilised. Also I am thinking of increasing the height above the mixer shelf to 300mm, these mixers seem to be getting taller. Another mod may be to do what Chris has done and cut back the full top shelf, presumably so he doesn't have to extend the mixer shelf out so far to read the meter screen. The SU is 600mm deep and those mixers use up nearly all of that depth. Best, Rob
  14. SU about to start work with Chris Lakeman - Sydney, Australia. My what a big mixer you have...
  15. Announcement. VK cart reduced in price while stock lasts. AU$1700.00
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