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  1. We have used rolls of Sellotape. Just the right width (25mm)
  2. Senja, Norway! Edit: featuring the awesome Mini Cart by Matt Bacon.
  3. Hi Robert, I'll definitely mail you and would be thrilled to meet you, if possible. Would be interesting to chat, as I see you work in Britain as well. Tuomas
  4. Hi all, I'm a sound guy from Finland and will be visiting LA in early March. If someone has no better things to do, I'd like to meet for a coffee / beer and have a chat about things. I work mostly for Finnish productions and have done both production and post sound for about 15 years now. It would be great to talk a bit about different production cultures, budgets and workflows for example, or just hang out. I'll be there March 3-12. More spare time in the first few days (weekend 4th and 5th especially) And if anybody has connections to post facilities, would love to visit some as well (if it's even possible.) PM me if you feel like it. Thanks! Tuomas http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1240269
  5. Hi all, I'm visiting IBC in Amsterdam today and tomorrow (sat-sun). Today I already visited most of the interesting location sound companies booths. I'll be around town tonight and at the exhibition again tomorrow. I'd be happy to hook up with other sound people, both production and post-oriented (I do both). Feel free to text me if you have spare time for a coffee, beer, chat etc! Mobile: +358 40 5654937 With regards, Tuomas Klaavo from Helsinki, Finland
  6. Here in Finland Alexa and 24fps is a very common format for feature films. I've been through more than one of those films, both location sound and post production, and there has never been any issues working with 24fps code. Sound was 48kHz from the beginning to end. It's been 24fps / 48kHz all the way to the DCP, totally without problems. Tuomas
  7. Hello My first post here. I work in both production and post sound in Finland, currently visiting Sweden's Trollhättan, working on a Finnish film's studio shoots for this week. I love DPA 4060 lavs after having used them for more than six years. The plastic concealer is great, and can be easily fixed in clothing with any 2-sided tape. It is important to tape the mic in the concealer so, that it isn't too deep down in the hole, as this affects the sound. The choice of two caps are nice, I like the hi-boost cap when hidden under clothing and the other when used as a plant mic or in plain sight. When using Lectrosonics transmitters with the new servo bias inputs, the 4060 needs a special wiring with a 3-4kOhm resistor inside the connector (see link on a previous post), otherwise the signal is too hot. But: I just bought three 4061 mics, which is the same with lower sensibility, and they sound fine on SM transmitters without the resistor (otherwise the same wiring). I don't know if this is technically correct way to do it, but it sounds fine. I have never used the DPA adapters, just cut their own connector off and wired a TA-5F in its place. The mic sounds "big", is small enough for most uses and has low self noise. It makes a great plant mic for car interiors, etc. I'm so used to using it, that I keep the concealers on most of them readily installed, so they're really fast to use. But you use what you like best! My 2 Euro cents And thanks to all the contributors to this group, which I've been reading for some time now. Regards, Tuomas Klaavo Helsinki, Finland
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