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  1. remixr

    Sony FS7

    Graham, yes you need the Sony extension unit in order to get TC out or in Sony does not license outside Parties to use the 150 pin connector on the back top of the FS7 cameras , I know this because I asked the Sony product team engineers for that camera the same question What may be possible is for Sony to have a less expensive extension unit with just the basics of TC, 4 pin power, genlock and raw out. What makes the current extension unit so expensive is the built in mini computer that encodes Pro Res in HD and sends that encoded HD pro res file to the internal XQD cards. You can get the Sony XLR k2M adapter to expand the inputs capability of the FS7’s so you can use the two built in XLR’s for a camera hop and on board mike and can feed the remaining Chanel’s a tentacle set for audio output, you would just need the tentacle output cable to XLR. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. remixr

    Sony FS7

    Mungo is correct, the electronic level is an overall level for the two inputs and is designed to be used when the wheel on the FS7 is assigned to control audio level, supposed to enable a one-man shooter to be able to adjust levels on the fly. Always select side as there is a chance that if an operator set the Electronic level to a wheel on the handle or side of the camera they can fight-Work against each other, ie you do a line up tone and all is well via the Sony status screen and the op unwittingly changes the level up or down with an assighed wheel.
  3. remixr

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    The current model UWP-D plug on modules, UTX-PO3 do support Phantom powering of microphones and the USB mini port can be plugged into any I phone 5 volt charger to provide constant power operation if needed.
  4. remixr


    Hi Judy, Andrew from AbleCine, there are currently two audio boards for the Amira, older requires 9-10db of attenuation for Line level input, a Whirlwind 9DB pad in line works fine. If you send your output from your 633 as AES you can get the camera and Mixer line up perfectly at -20, with this option you can send two channels of audio on one XLR cable and you control the level of the send from your mixer, camera op can't change that send level by mistake or on purpose! Newer Amiras with an improved audio board do not have this issue with analogue audio input. Feel free to swing by our showroom to test our Amira and Alexa Mini for audio feeds and TC inputting.
  5. remixr

    Alexa Mini TC sync

    Okay, Thanks to Jenna Cuningham in our service department here at Abelcine NYC, audio and TC Pinouts are below and attached as well. Best, Andrew FinkelTechnical Specialist AbelCine 609 Greenwich St NYC 10014888.223.1599 | 212.462.0107 | f 212.462.0199afinkel@abelcine.com | www.abelcine.com Canon Expo 2015 is coming up on September 10-11 in NYC! Register now with AbelCine's special code: IGAC4FTT https://expo.usa.canon.com ALEXA_Mini_Pinout.pdf
  6. remixr

    Alexa Mini TC sync

    Hi Bloomdidogoe, I am 99% certain the connector Karl has linked to above is not the correct mini Lemo 5 pin for the Alexa Mini audio input, just have not had any time wit them Mini's in our retail department check outs or new units delivered to clients to say for sure. I am working with Steven R at Remote Audio to have cables made up for the Alexa Mini and his research indicated that this is a smaller than normal 5PIN Lemo that is not even listed in Lemo USA's catalogue and is currently only available in Europe. Stephen has ordered the connectors but there is a crazy over demand VS supply situation on them right now. There are only two options right now for getting Line Level audio into the Alexa Mini: Arri does a have a part, That has the connector and a bare Pigtail end that we at AbelCine or Arri can provide, I am working with one of our service technicians on getting a pin out diagragram from Arri service in Blauvelt and will post it ASAP. Alexa Mini Audio connector with Cable,$70, K2.0006171 The second option is Wooden Cameras A-Box solution, 207700, you have to mount the A-Box but Ryan S was very smart and got a bunch of the smaller Lemos from a european supplier, $250. http://woodencamera.com/ARRI/ARRI-Alexa-Mini-Accessory-Kits/A-Box-Alexa-Mini.html Lists them as being in stock, not sure if they have any in stock in their new LA store. Hopefully Remote Audio's cables will be more cost effective when they are available. Best, Andrew FinkelTechnical Specialist AbelCine 609 Greenwich St NYC 10014888.223.1599 | 212.462.0107 | f 212.462.0199afinkel@abelcine.com | www.abelcine.com Canon Expo 2015 is coming up on September 10-11 in NYC! Register now with AbelCine's special code: IGAC4FTT https://expo.usa.canon.com
  7. remixr

    Sound Devices 688 + SL-6

    Yes, but Actually the Sony DWX is not currently able to work with the SL-6. I have put Sony's pro audio product manager Andy Munitz in touch with Paul Issacs at Sound Devices and Sony is working on a solution, it's a Sony unislot pin incompatibility issue
  8. remixr

    Sony FS7

    Hi mungo, the issue you are having is caused by the GPS transmitter being located in the top of the FS7 and the first batches of UWP-D sets when used with the SMAD-P3 adapter . Two remedies : Temp fix is If you don't need GPS info you can turn off the transmitter via the camera menus Long term solution is to send your UWP set to the nearest Sony service center, Teaneck NJ or Burbank in LA and they will make a mod to increase the RF shielding to eliminate the noise you are hearing. Note that all currently shipping UWP-D units have this mod installed and therefore don't have the GPS issue Andrew
  9. remixr

    NAB 2013 New exciting gears from Sounddevices

    Why is it so hard for Sound Devices to come out with a version of the 302 with an SD recorder with USB? Fostex has one, Tascam has one , Audio unlimited has one and it seems large number of people on this Forum , myself included want it?
  10. remixr

    Black Magic Cam ( ANY user?)

    There is no vu display on the camera, you have to hook up an SDI monitor that supports display of audio levels to see vu levels. Black magic reps say the next release will add vu display to the internal BMCC monitor. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  11. remixr

    Thinking of buying some lighting

    I took a great class from Doug Jensen with Vortex media at Abelcine in NYC this past summer on LED lighting and specifically small lighting packs . He has a great DVD or download training video at his sight: http://www.warmcards.com/DVD_LEDDVD.html Basically to address the issue of shadowing with LED lights the key, pun intended, is to use a soft fresnel LED for the key light and panels for side and fill lights. Check it out before you buy.
  12. I attended the Sony launch of the F55 and F5 cameras last night at Abelcine in NY and the cameras have some nice audio features. Aside from allowing up to 4 AES digital inputs or two analog inputs via real XLR connectors the level meters are visible at all times on the large OLED display on the left side of the camera, still a bit small but not hard to spot from a reasonable distance. Access to the audio input type, gain and levels is accessed thru a dedicated Audio/TC button and a jog wheel so there is less menu "Hunting"/ Levels/steps and this also prevents exposed level pot "Accidental" changes by camera operators. Both Cameras are remarkably light and actually very usable for over the shoulder high end ENG and Doc work. Other items of note are the add on external recorder unit is internally passed TC and audio and the built in SxS card recorder can actually record two different proxy resolution versions in addition to the recorder, three copies total, very impresive. Hope to meet all that will be at Jan's event tommorow. Andrew Synergistic Media Services
  13. remixr

    How Can I Run Audio from Board into a 5D?

    I would try to get a separate aux out feed from the board with just the channels you need as often main outs on boards have EQ and even reverb added to them. An aux out , especially a pre fader one will allow you to have separate audio level and mix and a nice dry feed that also won't be as hot as a main feed out. If its a pre-fader aux out then none of the sound operators EQ/effects adjustments and changes in channel and master house levels will affect your feed. In terms of 5D interface, which is not an issue for you now , but for future reference Sescom has a very good selection of interface cables for DSLR's with built in attenuation as well as some great isolation plugs in familiar XLR to 3.5 as well that you should always have on hand in case your feed tie creates a weird ground loop to the board or your mixer-cam feed. http://www.sescom.com/productlist.asp?cat=DSLR-Audio-Cables http://www.sescom.com/productlist.asp?cat=Audio-Hum-Noise-Eliminators
  14. remixr

    Sony F55 and F5

    Third is a charm: fdtimes.com/pdfs/articles/sony/FDTimes-Sony-F5-F55-v4.6-150dpi.pdf Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  15. remixr

    Sony F55 and F5

    Try this link: http://http://fdtimes.com/pdfs/articles/sony/FDTimes-Sony-F5-F55-v4.6-150dpi.pdf Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD