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    Hi guys im a location sound recordist from singapore .
  1. soundsgood

    any psc euro cart users?

    Hi I have a psc euro cart it works great but I have a problem pushing it around , trying to find a possible solution to add castor wheels to the front .
  2. soundsgood

    New problems in Europe to the frequency limitation.

    Thanks for the advice guys , fingers crossed and hope i get out of customs hassle free !! Much appreciated ...thanks again guys !!! Cheers from Singapore !!
  3. soundsgood

    New problems in Europe to the frequency limitation.

    Hi guys anyone from spain can give me some advice please . Im goin to madrid and serbia-belgrade for a shoot and im running lectros 411a's on blks 24/25/26/28 which blks do you think will work best and what restrictios are there . All running on Um400 100mW . One more worry i have is would ppl at customs know of frequency restrictions ? Or should i just act blur ? Any help will be much appreciated . Best Regards Nellie
  4. soundsgood

    My new Kortwich 664 custom bag...

    Hi Pascal !! Awesome bag and cart rig man . Just curious did u also get kortwich to custom make the frame work where u slot ur sr and np1 into !? If yes what material did they use coz im only running 411's now not upgraded to the sr's yet wanna try and make space for 6 to go in ! Im also trying to get my bag as neat and accessible . Their cabling system is really neat too !! Thanks for posting and lookin forward to your valuable input ! Best Regards Nellie
  5. soundsgood


    Thanks for the tips guys !!!! much appreciated !
  6. soundsgood


    Hi ! ive not contacted sd yet just found out today when i really sat down and went through everything . I will drop them an email and i will contact the dealer here in singapore .
  7. soundsgood


    oh coolbananas ! ... yeah im on v1 . will get it done soon ... thanks !!!
  8. soundsgood


    Hi guys just a quick question ... did any of u encounter any missing funtions on the menus . I just got my 664 and ive got a couple of functions missing .... So on the Recorder menu ive got no.16 misssing which is the Preroll time and on the System menu ive got no.16 Ext Dc Ref and no.15 Track Names In Meters missing ..... im hoping a firmware upgrade would solve the problem . Anyone encountered similar probs . Thanks guys !