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  1. I've worked on that show a lot over the years. Its been running for a long time, shooting episode 8382 when I last went in there in march. Traditionally its a very sound friendly show. Running 2 to 3 units at the studios. They have Interior studios where they run 2x fisher booms. No radios and no waiting!!. And also a 'location' unit that works on the backlot shooting all the exteriors. The directors/camera/lighting are all good at working with sound to get the booms in. I haven't heard what they are doing regarding the new way of shooting or the use of radios, but it wouldn't be a stretch for them to go boom only.
  2. I was surprised this week by being booked on a job, just one day commercial. (more like a public service announcement). But the shoot was streamed so no agency/client on set. This new way of working seemed to work very well. The producer loved it, he could take feedback via messages. The clients loved it as they were still in their offices/comfort zone and could keep up with other work. And the flow of the shoot was much better. I think this way of working may keep going once we move on from these strange times. I have 10 headsets available for commercials and previously had to hire in extras quite often. Therefore I had been considering buying some more, but I get the feeling that remote clients will become the norm, and until I see otherwise I won't be investing in extra comms for a while.
  3. FYI. I believe the first 2 numbers of the serial indicate the year of manufacture.
  4. Try taking the psc multi sma distro out of the mix and go whips and see if that helps???
  5. I once worked with a mixer who's straps were labelled L, XL, XXL, XXXL etc. I had to hide the labelling from body aware actors/actresses, especially if I was using the XXXL. So I don't mind colour codes. I label as 1, 2, 3 etc to represent size.
  6. Regarding Reaper... I downloaded the trial and played with it. Then when I first used it on a paying job, bought the license. Clear conscience, and it's so cheap it paid for itself straight away.
  7. I've always done callsheet order, so the characters are always the same order. Some of the local mixers keep the same tracks per character. But as polyfiles drop unused tracks, can post still use the metadata to bring them in on a consistent track? BTW. I'm not on a show at the moment to ask the editors. Just want to get the knowledge.
  8. Hi all, For episodic TV, is it helpful for post if we keep each character on the same channel across different scenes? For instance. Each character would always have the same radio mic and therefore go on the same track. So "George" would always be recorded onto track 5. Obviously as each scene has a different number of characters, track 5 would come in at different positions in the polyfile. But can the metadata be used to always bring the same character in on the same track in post and be useful for our post brothers and sisters?
  9. Squeaky saddles are difficult to deal with. I think pieces of lambs wool that can go between the flaps of leather could be useful. It's really hard to track down where the squeak is coming from, especially when the saddle is on the horse with rider, which is the time they squeak. Probably best done in pre if possible. Often it seems like the noise is coming from somewhere you just can't get to.
  10. "often travelling in the same pack" Fully digital and hybrid in one pack, choose the modulation to suit???? Bringing in their digital tech that we have seen in their new ifb system. I wonder if this is transmitters receivers or both.
  11. Just read through this thread. Has anyone tried the MMP system with lectro transmitter? This could be very good for car rigs and plants if it works. Thanks
  12. With the zts units, if you look under the military section, there is one version of their tester that also tests 9v lithium. It’s more expensive, but worth knowing this version is available if you use those batteries.
  13. Do you only sell through amazon? Cant get delivery to my country.
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