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  1. Trat

    Naked Audio

    Ohhhh this is a fun game. I’m going to go with....... Nat Sound Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Trat

    RF Interference and Teradek Bolts

    My show is using 2 Taradek Bolt Pro 300's. I have SrA5p's (blk 21) slotted into the Sony CBK-55k cradle for the F55. I'm experiencing the same type of interference as mentioned above.
  3. Trat

    Tesla Home Battery. What do you think?

    Correct. And if I'm not mistaken, that diagram is a centrally inverted system, whereas most net metered systems today are being installed with micro inverters. There is no system in place like the one I described, but that's the hope.
  4. Trat

    Tesla Home Battery. What do you think?

    So, I'm the sound guy that decided he didn't want to travel his whole career and started branching off between shows. Ive been "freelancing" for a solar company here in FL. Of course I'm looking for reviews on the new L series and get sucked into a solar/battery discussion. First, Congrats on a 4kWh (part of me thinks you meant to type 40kWh?) a day. National average is about 30KWh. Assuming 40 kWh, you'd need an 8kWh array(about 28 panels). This is based on an industry standard "5 hour solar day". 8kW/hour x 5 hours = 40kW. Ready for the sticker Shock... about $40k.... but wait theres more. Government tax credit knocks 30% off that. So now your looking at $28k. Financed at 2.99% over 144 months is $229.60 per month. So, I'd argue, IF your bill is more than $229.60, not $400, you're already at a net neutral. Net Metering is your most cost effective solution to not paying an electrical bill. What I would like to see is 3 or 4 of these tesla batteries "topped off" by my array so that when the power DOES go out I have a reliable backup. Thus conserving the amount of times your wall battery cycles and prolonging the life of your battery.
  5. Trat

    Lectrosonics SM transmitter power LED red on startup

    Too soon to nag? Having the same issue with one of my SMQV's. I have some Magic Silver being sent in the meantime.
  6. I've been using this a few months now. One thing I noticed when creating a sound report. I Check the boxes for 'Track Names' and 'Notes (Row Format)'. When I look at the report the names do not correspond with the track numbers I've assigned. It seems to simply list the number of armed tracks. So, If I arm and record channels 1,3 and 8(or A,B, and H) the report shows them as T1, T2, T3 in the columns. Is there something I'm not doing correctly?
  7. Trat

    Mounting Camera Hops

    I love this topic because I find it mildly entertaining when discussing mounting options with camera opps. Now, I'm speaking more to the reality/ENG types. I use the SR w/bat sled, The SRSLEEVE, and this http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/860422-REG/Vello_cb_460_Triple_Shoe_V_Bracket.html. It's funny because right off the bat they complain. Once I explain that I CAN mount a couple 411's to their waist with 6' XLR's and I'd need to unmount for battery changes and frequency adjustments, their tone shifts dramatically. Since, I've started using it I haven't had I complaint.
  8. Trat

    Show me your bag

    Are you using the R.A. v4u or is that custom as well?
  9. Trat

    The Dark Knight Rises Lectro [Spoiler?]

    Hmmmm, looks awfully like a um style Tx they reach for. In either case, I wasn't buying it. Refs don't wear cans. That aside, loved the movie. Especially seeing it at the Pacific Science Center with the 70mm projector.
  10. Trat

    The Dark Knight Rises Lectro [Spoiler?]

    Really?!?! Tried to convince myself that it made sense but couldn't buy it. First: Yes, Refs use transmitters on the field... Transmitters that they can turn off and on easily during a game. Not an SMV. Second: did suddenly the SMV become a 2-way? Because that mic Bane was speaking into definitely had a set of cans attached! Too bad Bane didn't take out the kid singing the national anthem, could've thrown an HM on that baby.
  11. Trat

    TA3f to TA5f (Lectrosonics)

    Thanks guys..... even you Senator.
  12. Trat

    TA3f to TA5f (Lectrosonics)

    Ya, I saw a small diagram in one of my smqv manuals. But not having done this before u was a bit confused. When you say website... Lectro or SD's?
  13. Trat

    TA3f to TA5f (Lectrosonics)

    Yes, balanced. Thx
  14. I'm using some XLR's to make some custom cables for my 788t. I can't seem to find anything on soldering these 2 connections. Any help would be great.
  15. Trat

    MovieSlate report from a user

    Using a 788t, can't I just send timecode via an old M-72 and velcro a pr-72 to the back of the iclapperboard.com? Just need to get a custom cable from comtek to apple headphone jack?