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  1. Hello guys... http://www.timecodesystems.com Wanted to make everyone in the forum know that Timecode Systems LLC, the company that produces the Timecode hardware products many of us use for Film and Multi-Cam setups, is looking for someone to fulfill a full-time customer service technical support position at their new Irvine, CA office. This position wouldn't require a seasoned pro by any means... but someone who does have some capable experience with on set syncing and post knowledge and above all someone with a desire to really learn and be guided into the nitty gritty of thei
  2. http://www.amazon.com/b?node=8037720011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXo_d6tNWuY&feature=youtu.be Who's looking forward to one day having even more grand numbers of noisy Drones screwing up dialog in the cities? Very cool stuff... But man is the world just getting to be one solid piece of noise.
  3. And thanks for the advice JRD456... I changed up the post a little and listed that I would beat current rental house pricing by 20%... hopefully that helps! And thanks Philip. Everyone has to start from somewhere... I'm sure the more experienced fellows in this forum remember too a time when just wish they could get their hands on any decent piece of gear.
  4. Hey guys... I'm more or less trying to help out those on the intermediate level... who want still high quality equipment but aren't planning on working a big budget feature. My gear is suited for Commercial/Documentary/and independent film. And what in your opinions classifies "PRO" audio gear? Simply curious. I don't believe you have to have the most expensive kit in order for it to be professional. Obviously makes a difference depending on the application and where budgets afford you the opportunity to gather such equipment... But "PRO" in my estimation is gear that generally speaking is
  5. Hi everyone... I'm currently taking a break from Production Sound Mixing and am pursuing some other opportunities so right now I have a lot of Audio Gear available for rent... I will beat any rental house pricing by 20% on similar gear. I am located in Burbank, CA so local pickup can be made or will also ship if need be. Below is a list of most of my primary gear... Feel free to ask about any smaller accessories that I may not have listed here yet probably still have. Also check out my personal website www.jonahguelzo.com for the gear list again, the kind of work I do as well as furth
  6. I came toward the scheduled end time but it seemed like the party just got started with no one in a hurry to leave... Being an East Coaster and just moving to the West side, it was a very warm welcome and enjoyed getting to meet some very talented sound professionals... Thanks to everyone who put on this great event! -Jonah
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