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    I love sound, keep chickens and have 2 dogs.
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    Location Sound Recordist and Post Production in Manchester, UK
  1. Thanks for the info guys. All helpful! And thanks Brian-i'll be sure to avoid the "Selected Rectum"!
  2. Hi guys, I'm a long time viewer of the site but haven't posted anything until now. Most of the time any questions I have can be answered by a scan through this site but I want to make sure i'm on the right track with this! I may be doing some work in Taiwan come November and i'm looking at frequencies over there. I have only previously worked in Europe. So far I have only found this - http://www.ncc.gov.tw/english/files/07060/92_070605_1.pdf Am I right in thinking I can use some frequencies of Channel 69 radio mics over there? All my equipment is currently CH38. It also seems I am limited to very low power transmitters- does anyone have any experience with this? Apologies if the question seems basic- i'm just doing my research in plenty of time and would like a few other opinions. Any other travel advice related to Taiwan would be greatly appreciated (i'm based in Manchester, UK). Lastly, thanks for the site Jeff- I don't know how long it would have taken me to learn what I have without this site! Kyle
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