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  1. Has anyone successfully jammed an Amira with a Zaxcom QRX235 w/QIFB?
  2. This clearly sounds like operator error. Did you even check where they were going to send it after you hadn't gotten the first one? Ive been a customer of Gotham for years and am very happy with the service I've received. Any time there was a problem, it was resolved quickly.
  3. I asked this question at the presentation last week, and Glenn said there would be antennae for the top, middle and bottom of the band. You have a choice of 3 antenna length to use, so you'd use the corresponding length which is closest to the transmission frequency.
  4. I've used a right angle on both sides of that cable. If the camera ops are going to shoot with a "naked" dslr with no rig, then that connector gets bumped often. It depends greatly on the rig that the camera operator will be using as to where the erx will wind up. I've seen many configurations ranging from the 5d by itself with the ERX mounted with velcro on top of the hot shoe where the flash is located, to a full on shoulder rig with rails and the ERX is mounted farther back near where the ballast weight is located. For both instances I used a cable that was 1' and had good success with it. However in both instances the ERX was horizontal which as you know isn't as good for reception. The problem with putting it on their belt is what happens when they stop shooting. Odds are they will put the camera down, disconnect the cable, go 10-100 etc., resume shooting while forgetting to reconnect the ERX.
  5. I use this site mainly to research specific items of equipment. I'd love to have a way to click on the link for a piece of equipment, and have all the threads that reference it come up. I could "follow" the actual piece of equipment, and when a new thread pops up about it I would be notified either by email or just through logging in with the new posts button. There have been a few times, when I didn't notice a thread until weeks later, since it had gotten pushed down by the more active threads. I guess this would fall somewhere under search function and key words. Thanks for everything though; this site is a great resource for all walks of sound.
  6. I've seen my QRX's lock up, but I never attributed it to walkie proximity. The QRX in question was very hot to the touch, so I thought it was an overheating issue. I rebooted, and it functioned normally. It's something I'll watch for in the future.
  7. I've been using a Nomad with Block 21 for about a year and a half, and added Block 24 to my kit about 6 months ago. I haven't been scared off and am happy with the results It's hard for me to comment on range, because every location is different. I've had better range in different locations as well as interior versus exterior. I've found that a Micplexer increased range. I haven't tried the PSC RF Multi SMA in any kind of comparison tests. I would be remiss to not mention that my thoughts on the RF paradigm have shifted greatly since I started using recording transmitters. I simply do not worry about taking hits much any more. I want to deliver a quality multi-track recording. However recording transmitters allow the multi-track hits to be replaced with the transmitter recordings. Therefore your show/feature/whatever airs without rf hits. (Explaining this to a producer and having them not try to take advantage of it by attempting to make you record in multiple locations without the ability to monitor is a different matter entirely.) Here are some pictures of my bag with the Nomad on and off. The receiver on the left is Block 24 and the receiver on the right is Block 21.
  8. SirMixesAlot

    DIY Zaxpaq

    When my QRX's have locked up, the display freezes and the unit does not send any audio from it. I've had it happen about 4 times this summer, and only on hot days. In all cases I just power cycled the unit through the BDS switch and everything returned to normal
  9. SirMixesAlot

    DIY Zaxpaq

    As Cloud said above, I'd be weary of these receivers overheating. I have my QRX100Q's in an open pocket of my bag and still have them overheat and lock up from time to time on extremely warm days.
  10. Is anything happening with this? It's been a week now and my Antivirus still flips out when I try to go there.
  11. I'll be in the tri-cities area for a week starting Saturday. I'll pm you
  12. I am having an issue with my trx900la, where it seems to have reverted to lower power transmission options. I was in recording mode and the units' battery died. In the past when the batteries have died, I've had transmitters that would not display anything on the QRX but still had something on the transmitter display as if it was in low power standby. This time nothing displayed and the unit was completely off. When I put new batteries into it, there was an error screen that came up. Unfortunately I do not remember what the actual message was. I cycled the power twice and then the unit booted into what appeared to be the normal boot sequence, but upon further inspection it had reset all settings, including frame rate, and all of the zaxnet control options. As I was scrolling through the extended menu, I noticed that the TX Power menu was different and now it only has the options of 10MW, 25MW, and 50MW instead of 25MW, 50MW, and 125MW. I was running version 7.81 of the firmware and I tried re-updating to that firmware but nothing changed within the TX Power Extended Menu screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I know for a fact that while in auto load in zaxnet on nomad as well as auto load on the transmitter that the transmitter will continue to record while out of range. I use autoload exclusively for both pieces of equipment. It's also recommended per the trx manual -
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