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  1. Thank you. I forgot that. Over here in Europe I've neither ever seen this system in operation nor met anyone who has ever used it.
  2. It still seems impossible to build a digital IEM system with stereo transmission with zero delay, long running time and within the specification (50mW max, 200kHz bandwith max). I guess the MiPro 909 is the only digital stereo IEM system in the UHF band, released nearly a decade ago, but with a latency of 5.8ms which may be too much for musicians and presenters. There are also IEMs in the 2,4 and 5,8 GHz band (mostly not aimed at professionals).
  3. Sorry, no experience with DIY, sent it to repair. When the issue appears on the 833 I switch it off and perform quick fading from zero to full for half a minute or so. I imagine that blows away the dust inside. But that's unfortunately no solution for eternity.
  4. It's no potentiometer but a digital signal switch which seems to be the problem. Many manufacturers have ones making trouble over the time built in their products: Multi dials on cameras (like FS7-2 or FX9) or on big mixing desks for foh or broadcast. Had that issue on an 833 too. It developed its "own life", fading rapidly, sounding like digital wireless dropouts.
  5. Guess so. GND/minus is connected, so there are just 3 pins: in, out, GND. Isolated ones have at least 4 pins: in+ in- out+ out-
  6. Happens with many battery eliminators from any brands, as long as different components are supplied by one power source. You're quite lucky not having this issue with G3 as I had (Sennheiser DC2 converter). You can get rid of this by isolating. Meaning on the one hand with a balanced audio connection (not always possible and not always working) or on the other hand using a DC/DC converter with galvanic isolation. DC/DC converters in a chain, meaning first isolating with one converter and after that converting voltage with another device unfortunately may also not work. For me, I ended up making my "own" battery eliminators by soldering in parts from Traco Power THB series. That always works with any audio device, even with the cheapest consumer Bluetooth dongle.
  7. I would get a system that copes with each and every resolution and framerate, SDI and HDMI - for the future. The Hollyland Mars 4k is not as pricey as Teradek, but definitely works fine too. The only downside is that there isn't a video thru, so hopefully the video villagers provide a seperate video signal output available for you.
  8. Rare but known issue. Occurs on some units after some time, similar problem with some 833. Unfortunately having the knob changed by SD is the only option that helped in the cases I know.
  9. The legend says that Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, the founder, had a last wish: having a perfect uncompressed digital system under his name. His crew achieved that goal and I guess he could experience the success shortly before his death in 2010 at the age of 98. In fact no one who has got a 9000 system ever uses the HD mode, at least I didn't meet anyone. Everybody is more than satisfied with the compressed, but still extremely good, LR mode (long range), but that HD mode truly exists!
  10. I've got one from PSC. It's ok but drains a 9v battery within a day. The best P48 I ever experienced was the Ambient UMP 2. Pricey, but they don't make it any more. Maybe you can get one used.
  11. Might be an issue on the 633. A sound person recently told me about the same problem with his 633. After repair 48V stopped working again after some days. Very bad. I would buy an external P48 supply to avoid oncoming trouble. When I studied sound they told me: Always have an MD 421 in reach in case the phantom power breaks down. In 20 years in the job no mixing desk or camera never ever had issues with phantom. But now I know they were right.
  12. Don't get me wrong. I still recommend the SK 5212. I even haven't heard many systems in real life, just Sony DWX, Sennheiser Digital 6000, Sennheiser HiDyn+ (like 5212), Sennheiser EW and 2000 and a bit of Lectro Hybrid, Sony UWP and Shure digital. Of course most of the cheap digital 2,4 GHz stuff too. All digital systems pass the key test, transmit transients better and have no expanding, which one might notice on low ambiences. When coming into a situation with a crackling fire in the background, a presenter with extreme sibilants, clanging dishes, shooting arms (and so on) the analogue downsides may become audible. Also music: instruments like a violin or of course a drum set will sound weird through an analogue system and won't probably honor the skills of a professional musician. So, what I wanted to say, is that you are more prepared for any situation with a digital system. Of course there are artifacts with digital too - and I heard them and suffered - , depending on the system but not so obvious by far. Even worse is delay. Anyway, no post person ever noticed what I had used and none of them ever said: Well guy you should have used an analogue/digital system instead.
  13. There is. You can see it working when the power LED turns into bright red. In my ears it sounds like a smooth analogue compressor.
  14. No, of course not sounding better than digital. Just talked about the analogue EW variants. But in case of ruggedness the SK 5212 plays in another league.
  15. Since I do mostly ENG/EFP/doc I never experienced any Cinetape issues, but I can say I had some problems with ultrasound marten repellent and induction cookers. Didn't know that there's any full analogue system without this issue.
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