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  1. Level works, I tried myself. Only thing needed is a DC blocking capacitor between transmitter and camera headphone out.
  2. The return feed gives a lot of confidence. I like it too, especially for fast news jobs. If range is not really important, I would consider a GHz system in order to avoid negative effects to your other wireless frequencies: Deity Connect (can handle stereo) Sennheiser XSW-D Sennheiser AVX Rodelink They all are quite affordable, have a good transparent sound, don't have impressive range and a latency (which is not so bad for that purpose I think).
  3. +1 All unbalanced mic level connection to such an input is at risk of getting unwanted sounds (like RF, GSM, Hum ...) into the signal. If I have to feed such a camera input with the mixer, i always go wirelessly to keep the "cable part" as short as possible (and have a proper level). That seems absurd, but the result with a good wireless system (Sennheiser 2000) is way better - and even safer - than via cable from to the mixer. I know that DWM from the GH4 (is it the same?) and was quite surprised about the audio quality boost it adds to the camera. You get a good inputs (with P48), serious level potis, a good AGC (if you need it) and an LED meter. Perfect separation between CH1 and CH2. At the high and low end even better frequency response.
  4. Me too. Just like digital wireless, multitrack on set, Dugan, 3 band EQ in bag mixer. It's been going on and on and we will live with it, love and hate it.
  5. Yes, at least with another receiver: I tested it with a DWR-S02, and the camera just didn't recognize its presence. Sony confirmed this issue. Anyway, this will be solved this year.
  6. Different approach may be an ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Anyway, massive UV radiation seems not the best for cable and mic surfaces but kind of better than alcohol and chemicals?
  7. The XDCA hasn't been routing the receiver outputs to the camera, which is unbelievable but true. This will be solved with the new FX9 firmware in october or later. But all in all the XDCA solution is far more reliable and safe but bulky and expensive. The MI shoe solution is light and affordable but sensitive to humidity and it can break more easily. The audio connection through the shoe will be digital w/ next fw so audio quality won't be an issue.
  8. Thank you Iron! The video you linked shows Abdelkarim discussing with conspiracy theorists who are protesting against corona restrictions. Abdelkarim is well known in Germany. He's famous for his jokes about stereotypes of Germans and immigrants, by being of foreign origin himself. The suspects were provisionally released. The case was handed over to state protection office which is an indication that there is a political background. But anyway, good news: ZDF says that the camera crew has already left hospital!
  9. They were on their way to their vehicles after shooting for "heute show" which is a highly popular satirical programme in Germany. It's presented weekly on public German broadcaster ZDF. Five members of the crew are in hospital. Let's hope they will get well soon. Background of the attack is unclear, perhaps from far right or from far left or violent opponents of corona restrictions. Six suspects were arrested by the police. This could be us. Let's hope the best for them. What a shame. Picture is from this article in German language. https://www.sueddeutsche.de/medien/berlin-journalismus-heute-show-angriff-zdf-1.4894982
  10. Had a few ENG shoots recently. It was for TV and non-fictional: Most of the time booming from above, desinfecting boom and fur often in a special ultraviolet ray oven that was provided by production. When booming from beneath (behind a car, to avoid boom mirrors on the car roof, y'know) I put a plastic bag over the boom. The result was surprinsingly ok, but wind noise is a huge problem with this "solution". In a show with a presenter lavs were required. I cleaned the transmitters and the lav mikes with alcohol and put them, together with the windscreen bubbles in the UV desinfector. That procedure took place before AND after the shoot. I didn't touch these things after desinfecting and put them in a small plastic bag each. Before the shoot it was clear that there was no need to change the transmitter to another person, so it could stay on all day. The presenter and his guest put on their lavs themselves, I just explained them how to do it. Because it was a tv presenter show, the visible appearance of the lav wasn't that important - everyone had a good feeling with this compromise. I had the guys even change batteries during lunch. Of course I always left the required distance between me and other persons. We drove in separate cars, had gloves and washed hands often. Not easy, and not satisfying all of the time. I would have loved to correct the position of the lavs many times the day as i usually do ...
  11. Mungo


    Once I came to trying the 664's COM input and was quite surprised about the amount of options. You can give it a try.
  12. Mungo

    cl12 micro usb

    After many many issues with this non professional solution I decided to have the CL12 modified. Now there's a USB-B Neutrik connector and I can use any solid printer cable - perfect. But it's done by an electronics guy, not by SD. CL12 was out of warranty anyway. There is enough space on the back of the unit to drill a hole for another plug.
  13. Mungo

    Camera hop setups?

    Sony UWP-D is small, lightweight and very versatile. Not only in case of powering (AA, USB). You can use the SMA adaptor for the MI Shoe on Sony cameras like FS7, FX9, Alpha. The mono version has true diversity and a very very reliable reception in my experience. But: The 2ch receiver mode has no diversity, also the transmission is analogue (companding artifacts when you look for them). Deity Connect: digital transmission in stereo HQ from just one transmitter. The 2,4 Ghz band doesn't harm your other (serious) wireless receivers at all. The receiver is lightweight, but bulky. Delay of 19ms. Both can achieve a quite hot O/P level.
  14. 19ms is not good but won't really be visible at first glance. It's the same as the sound travelling 6.5 meters through the air. But there shouldn't be more delay added in post which may happen through mixing consoles, AD/DA, samplerate conversion and "real"time processors for dynamics, loudness correction etc. There are two semi pro wireless systems with 19ms on the market: Deity Connect and Sennheiser AVX.
  15. Perhaps you're lucky and he will be wearing protective headgear ...
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