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  1. Mungo


    Once I came to trying the 664's COM input and was quite surprised about the amount of options. You can give it a try.
  2. Mungo

    cl12 micro usb

    After many many issues with this non professional solution I decided to have the CL12 modified. Now there's a USB-B Neutrik connector and I can use any solid printer cable - perfect. But it's done by an electronics guy, not by SD. CL12 was out of warranty anyway. There is enough space on the back of the unit to drill a hole for another plug.
  3. Mungo

    Camera hop setups?

    Sony UWP-D is small, lightweight and very versatile. Not only in case of powering (AA, USB). You can use the SMA adaptor for the MI Shoe on Sony cameras like FS7, FX9, Alpha. The mono version has true diversity and a very very reliable reception in my experience. But: The 2ch receiver mode has no diversity, also the transmission is analogue (companding artifacts when you look for them). Deity Connect: digital transmission in stereo HQ from just one transmitter. The 2,4 Ghz band doesn't harm your other (serious) wireless receivers at all. The receiver is lightweight, but bulky. Delay of 19ms. Both can achieve a quite hot O/P level.
  4. 19ms is not good but won't really be visible at first glance. It's the same as the sound travelling 6.5 meters through the air. But there shouldn't be more delay added in post which may happen through mixing consoles, AD/DA, samplerate conversion and "real"time processors for dynamics, loudness correction etc. There are two semi pro wireless systems with 19ms on the market: Deity Connect and Sennheiser AVX.
  5. Perhaps you're lucky and he will be wearing protective headgear ...
  6. Absolutely great, guys! I guess we all have loved a lot reading this thread. Two more: Space Diversity Scream Track
  7. The Lost Frequencies (already exists) Noize Floor feat. Room Tone
  8. The Midside Supercardioid Surgeon Bad Resonance
  9. If I had a rock band, I'd suggest following names: Third Order Proximity Defect Shark Fin Antenna Mike & The Electronics and now you ... ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Mungo

    633 Returns issue?

    Similar issue happened to me, but with a 664. It was weird, because it often happened in the beginning of day, and during shooting the second channel and correct levels slowly went back to normal every time. Service solved it after second attempt, guess it was hardware related.
  11. Of course, just a joke. I was just remembering many years ago when I came with files from the 744T and an editor said: "What is that? I can handle WAV, but I don't know this BWF" haha
  12. They supplied German broadcast companys with 1/4 inch studio tape recorders from the 40's until the 90's. Absolute standard, it was hard to find anything else. Maybe some Studers. Not about Nagra, but general info: https://www.telefunken-elektroakustik.com/history
  13. A colleague of mine had a 633 fader that had a "life on its own". You could investigate this by looking into the channel's pfl view. The fader dB value was changing all the time. The mixer had to be sent in.
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