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  1. Mungo

    664 timecode question

    But will it still be accurate when you start the machine again after a power off, within that period of time the blue TC has been flashing?
  2. Mungo

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Used the Nano's recently on a Sony PMW-200 handheld ENG camera. It had a good place next to the BNC plugs on the right side of the camera (fittet with velcro) and the camera operator was quite happy with it! It was not possible to power the Nano with the USB output of the cam. Well, it was possible, but the camera refused to record, recognizing the Nano as some unkown USB drive.
  3. Mungo

    Cardiod Microphones

    Recommendation: Audio Technica AT875R and of course a matching Rycote fur. Very much mike for the money.
  4. Mungo

    Updating firmware on Sound Devices 633?

    Very rare issues reported from colleages even with fw 4.51: - machine freezes and can't be shut down, sometimes long push of menu button helps - machine resets to factory default These issues were reported as already present on other fw versions, so nothing to lose.
  5. I have heard of system crashes on the 664 and the 633 where only a firmware "update" (installation of the current firmware once again) brought the machine back to normal behaviour. So it may be useful to have the file in the kit.
  6. Mungo

    Deity Microphones going Wireless

    - power supply by AA, USB and Hirose, nothing exotic - phase stable stereo over two links - transmitter's battery life in minutes on receiver's display - true diversity - wideband
  7. Mungo

    Mixer/recorder - changing the stereo width

    Hi! You can use the trim knob of the 2nd MS linked channel for that on Sound Devices 633/664/688.
  8. Mungo

    633 track names into Premiere Pro

    Thank you, I didn't know that. Very hard to find though. Picture of Metadata: Sorry that Premiere is set to German.
  9. Mungo

    AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

    Had the possibility to test a 4Minx about 5 years ago. It has great preamps and nice options, but 20-40 seconds powering up was too long for my bag work. SD did already better at that time.
  10. Mungo

    Sennheiser 6042

    Congratulations! Does the AES connection work on your 664? I couldn't figure out yet why it works perfectly on the 633 but not on the 664. Well, not a major problem since I go all analogue into the 664, to avoid latency related trouble.
  11. Mungo

    Things I found Helpful

    Thank you for sharing!
  12. Mungo

    Frequencies in Italy / Lago di Garda

    fmscan.org worked well for me. Italy seems one of the countries for which it's reliable.
  13. Mungo

    microphones near gunshot

    Perhaps there's the opportunity to record a simple dynamic microphone onto a separate track? And there's the need to properly adjust (or even disable) the limiters to avoid heavy pumping after the gunshots.
  14. Mungo

    Sennheiser 6042

    Used the 6042 with 20 year old SK50 too and those transmitters sounded better than ever before. There is no preset for them, but the "5200-II" setting did well. So that's probably a good idea.
  15. Mungo

    664 Power Issue

    Maybe voltage broke down a little bit once in a while due to a battery issue? The 664 might have recognized this as a weak battery and have cycled down. Perhaps changing the battery type setting will help?