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  1. Mungo

    Antenna combiner

    https://www.rfvenue.com/products/4-zone The only one (?) that really does what people like us need. Quite well built and quite versatile. Unfortunately rack size and only AC powered. There are people who have modified it to DC. In this forum there has been discussed this device a lot.
  2. Yes, it works in mono. Unfortunately the preset lists don't match most of the time. SK500/2000 can do 50mW, SK100/300 only 30mW (in Europe). So cheapest combo is SK100 with EK1039 receivers. Pilot tone can be left on and operates as a better squelch.
  3. I remember weak RF from a woman who was wearing a quilted thermal jacket. It took long before we found out that there was a layer of aluminium inside.
  4. Almost always seen in interrogation room scenes over here: Schoeps, Neumann KM or MHK40 on the table. No police dept would spend so much money on a simple interrogation recording system 😄
  5. At least one wavelength, as said by Shure. I've got a vintage Sennheiser system operating on VHF 37 MHz (bought just for fun on ebay years ago). The manual says the antennas have to be 8 meters apart 😄
  6. In an ENG workflow like I've been doing quite often, it's absolutely useful. When there is no time and no location manager around to turn off the noise, it's as good as gold. Recently a camera person said that she wondered how I managed to boom so clear voices near a street with a lot of traffic ... just a little mystery but I admitted. So, for those SQN style productions where you mix directly it makes a lot of sense. I often had wished for something like this for years and knew it would be available some day. For fictional and properly recorded iso tracks it rather ma
  7. Huh, difficult. Maybe it is possible to hide a supercardoid in plain sight? If there are bags n stuff lying around or even ambience microphones (e.g. for tv broadcast) mounted near him, no one would recognize just another (your) mike on a low stand.
  8. Mungo


    Good idea, Peter. I only have an 833, but even configuring just six channels to the same status can be exhausting. It would also help designing clean standard setups for different tasks.
  9. As the others here say: way better. But - it depends theoretically. I have measured around a lot, some time ago with the AVX system and found out that it's able to transmit 20Hz-20kHz without any audible artifacts and high dynamics. It tested a lot, also with "difficult" sounds. The only thing it can't transmit properly is Tone haha. It works rock solid over a short distance. So a very good basic principle, soundwise theoretically vastly superior to any analogue system. But Sennheiser made the mistake to never having developed a generation 2 AVX - there are neither professiona
  10. Iron, that document says that there's no auto mixer control on the 633. Seems that SD has to update it: I remember having used Dugan - and the corresponding LED on the CL12 was on in each selected channel. Wingman gave more detailed visual feedback. This worked well.
  11. Did it lately. Works. Though I was running the latest firware, I faced some minor bugs. - once the meter views in Wingman were freezing - sometimes Wingman app would reboot itself all of a sudden - often 633 wouldn't boot properly, resulting me pushing menu button for 10 seconds ... I must say that I was running all devices (633, CL12, receivers, Lockit, Ipad) all on one v-mount battery which probably is not the best idea because it may draw too much power during the process of switching on. But no problems with recording or files. I'm used to using the CL1
  12. Get some ground loop isolator for about 10 dollars. It is available for RCA or 1/8" plug und you will be fine. Second possibility is a dc/dc isolator which is a little more expensive and requires soldering.
  13. You definetely need this bulky and heavy (and expensive) thing. Without it, there is only unbalanced output, and you mustn't run the S02D on 12 volts. In the DWA, there's a current converter to 7,2V. That's why there's no such cable on the market. It get's better with the DWR-S03 because it's available for Unislot also. Which you can easily adapt.
  14. Inevitable: The gray "sock" on the boom.
  15. True. That's where most semi pro filmmakers and fixed installations (used by no professionals like e.g. in houses of worship, by hobby music bands) operate today in GER. That band is free and fine. If they don't use old stuff 🙂
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