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  1. Mungo

    Sound Devices 633 latch up

    Doesn't work everytime. It's important to switch to power off (over the INT/EXT switch) and then hold the button down.
  2. Mungo

    The MCI JH 416, the other 416

    OT: "We shot with the 416". I misunderstood a couple of times because I thought they used the MKH 416 but they meant the camera! http://www.arrirental.com/camera/416.html
  3. Mungo

    MIX and ISO Tracks levels

    Low levels were a problem in the 16 Bit days. There was a reduction of higher frequencies when recorded too low and amplified afterwads. Remember the "Preemphasis" switch on DAT recorders to achieve a work-around? In 24 Bit not a problem any more.
  4. This is OT of course, but I too switched from 416 to 60 after 12 years of ENG work! The reason was that I had to send the 416 to repair and tried a 60 as a temporary replacement. Much better off-axis sound, notably lower noisefloor. As indoor compromise less reflection sounds. The high gain switch is useful when you have to work with thick muffy furs.
  5. Mungo

    MIX and ISO Tracks levels

    Here it's common (for TV) to mix at 6 dBu line level, not depending if you're on cable or wireless to recorder/camera. It's always been that way since Nagra or so. My ISO tracks are always lower, because Sound Devices mixers only provide 14 dB of headroom from the 6 dBu to 20 dBu, which is the right red end of the display (corresponding to 0dBfs). I guess it's better to have at least around 20 dB of headroom in ISOs, since you don't have much influence on their levels in case if someone's getting louder or loud things just happen. So mix is more than 6 dB louder than the ISO tracks. Post got used to it, they prefer more headroom over working limiters.
  6. Mungo

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    I don't fly very much, but do the same, essential for ENG style shoots starting soon after landing.I leave one battery on the mixer so I can demonstrate that this dangerous looking piece of technology is just an audio recorder. I just put off the antennas to prevent damage.
  7. Mungo

    Walkie interference with PSC RF Six Packs

    4 Watts is very much. In proximity will kill every RF as well as every unbalanced audio signal.
  8. I just phoned the director and he said that the band will show up with just guitar, bass and single vocals 😄 So no problem, I can use the 633. Thank you anyway!
  9. Mungo

    sound blankets berlin

    Kortwich not? You can try calling Zeigermann in Hamburg or Ambient recording in Munich. That's both of course too far away, but maybe they know someone. German sound scene isn't that big.
  10. Thank you a lot, guys! I think I'll go with the right knee mic, OH and kick! It's just a small part of a doc I've been working for, about a celeb, mainly consisting of talking heads. The celeb also performs with his band from time to time, he's no professional musician. No audience, no foh mixer, just a rehearsel situation. As already said, the doc will be for TV only, so just stereo and no 5.1 or so.
  11. Hi experienced soundies, what would you do? I have to record a live performance of a small rockband for a tv documentary. Three men: lead guitar singer, bass guitar and drumset. Luckily I have got all mikes for the different purposes. But for several reasons the only recorder I can use is the Sound Devices 664. I will record iso tracks and leave all EQs, dynamics, reverb, stereo etc. to post. My only issue is the limited amount of just six mic preamps. This is my plan: - Overhead L - Overhead R - Bassdrum - Toms? - Bass guitar - Lead guitar - Lead Vocals (wireless handmike, line level to CH7) - Backing vocals (wireless line lvl to CH8) How would you solve this? Normally, a recording of a drumset requires a minimum of five channels, but I haven't got the opportunity as you can see. Thanks in advance, guys! Greets! Mungo
  12. Mungo

    664 timecode question

    Thank you. 24Hr Run always selected has been working great for me. Very convenient solution.
  13. Mungo

    664 timecode question

    But will it still be accurate when you start the machine again after a power off, within that period of time the blue TC has been flashing?
  14. Mungo

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Used the Nano's recently on a Sony PMW-200 handheld ENG camera. It had a good place next to the BNC plugs on the right side of the camera (fittet with velcro) and the camera operator was quite happy with it! It was not possible to power the Nano with the USB output of the cam. Well, it was possible, but the camera refused to record, recognizing the Nano as some unkown USB drive.
  15. Mungo

    Cardiod Microphones

    Recommendation: Audio Technica AT875R and of course a matching Rycote fur. Very much mike for the money.