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  1. X3X4 can be attenuated down to -30dB. Does it distort anyway?
  2. Well, I can understand those concerns too, and I unfortunetely know this way of producing quite well ... (based in Germany too). I record in daily folders, and never reset the take during the entire production. For sound report I use WaveAgent. I check "file name", "tape", which is the folder name. And TC Start and TC End. So, with the information of the file name, the daily folder ("tape") and the TC, every file appears clearly and unique. Even when shot in realtime (ToD). The files can easily be found because the TC matches with the video material and the shooting day - if I hit record and stop my recording in the same moments the camera operator does. I start with Take 100, if there will be no more than 899 takes (meaning 3 digits) or at Take 1000 if there will be up to 8999 (meaning 4 digits), so that there won't be struggle when sorting the files by name on the DAW or editing software. I send the sound report by mail, and if I know the editor, which sometimes is the case, I mail it directly to him / her. No complaints for many years.
  3. No, I had a complete spare Schoeps MS Combo with MK41, but it with a vintage switchable pattern Schoeps (don't remember the name) set to "eight". Everything not very handy. This had no good suspension, no fur either (we shot outside as well), so working with it was harder. The complaint was about the side noise, not about the center, which was the MKH60.
  4. Yes, quiet situation in an empty flat. Person going around and opening doors, switching on lights, flushing toilet, voice bits. The goal was to capture it from a distance and let it sound like from a distance.
  5. Rare issue: There is an input level setting in the FX9 audio input menu. It works like a digital attenuator, so if you want to disable it, set it to +99. Yes, the MixPre series's outputs are far away from real line level.
  6. I have worked several times with a combination of Sennheiser MKH 60 and ATE 208 in a Cinela Piano. The ATE208 is ok for doc work, folk & rock music, general loud ambiences. It's not satisfying for real high quality work (classical music, silent ambiences). I once wanted to use it for a radio play outside recording. The sound supervisor listened in and looked at me shocked. She forced me to use something else, so I switched over to a Schoeps line up. So, the ATE308 will do better I hope.
  7. I (unfortunately) haven't got access to a Scorpio, but I looked up the user guide: Go to Channel Input Menu and you can select AES 1,2,5,6. Means to me: 2 channels each on XLR 1 and 6.
  8. Only one of them supports external dc power supply from bag/camera via a dedicated hirose cable, as far as I remember.
  9. You're right. But each can run 2 channels of audio
  10. I guess in total 12 channels: 4 channels (XLR 1 and 6) + 8 channels (XL-AES 4x TA3) If you need more, use Dante.
  11. If you like experimenting: There are lots of laptop chargers on the market that can manage quite high loads (6 or more amperes). In my experience very reliable, made for 24/7 operation. Unfortunately most of them have got 19 volts, so you need stepdown converters for your needs, but some models have variable voltage or 14v (for Samsung laptops).
  12. +1 I often work in small ENG crews and struggle a lot with GoPro-Apps, DJI drone apps, DJI gimbal Apps, Sony camera apps, Sony DSLR apps, Audio-over-IP-apps ... and more. If they work, they work well on rehearsal and not when shooting, not in crowded situations, not outside, not inside, not in a car. They cry out for updates when there's absolutely no time for it. Most of the time the Apple apps work better than the Android ones but sometimes vice versa ... Another disadvantage is that with one mobile device you can't monitor all these devices at the same time. Switching takes a long time, sometimes requiring a restart of the app or reconnecting. And yes, I also use Wingman (664) and SD Remote (833) and yes, they both sometimes hang up too.
  13. +1 The 411 doesn't support active antennas I guess which is not necessary at all on a cart with short RF cables. Take a look at the technical specs. Expensive doesn't always mean better in this case. Seems like Zaxcom is cheaper than Shure and even Remote Audio (huh?)
  14. Bag, cart or installed setup?
  15. As Patrick and Wyatt say, try to extract the embedded audio from the video signal. A simple camera hop solution should be implemented so there's always audio within the video line. There may be a headphone jack on the computer that acts as a monitor (or use the Apple Lightning-adaptor in case of an Ipad). No matter how much video processing time there is it will be in sync and you're out of responsibility. The problem is the delayed video, not your audio.
  16. This gets a little off-topic, but ... there are two solutions to adapt unislot receivers to slotless cameras. I do use one or another, depending on demands, and they are both worth the money: https://ambient.de/en/product/v-mount-slot/ https://www.hlaudio.de/sony-pro-audio/hl-audio-dwa-03p25-a.html
  17. Rode Wireless Go II as lav or "camera hop"-solution Shure MV88 plug-on?
  18. An engineer once told me that it takes a lot of magic to design even a two channel receiver for a slot. Some cameras provide less than 4 watts through the slot (which is by far very little power per channel) and heat is a severe concern. Some cameras rather add heat than dissipate. Possibly a reason why some manufacturers' leading receivers (Zaxcom, Lectro, even Deity) are not slot-in.
  19. Everytime I get the chance to record some classical music with an ORTF setup, I'm flabbergasted how good it sounds. Of course, it depends on the room. Be aware that any analogue wireless won't represent the transient sounds very well. Digital systems will do. And take care that it's a system that stays phase-locked when using two transmitters as a stereo pair. I know that Sennheiser 9000/6000 and Sony DWX will do, but don't know about the other common brands.
  20. So it is a software bug? Which fw version are you working with? I guess we have the latest version and are working without issues (camera hop to XLR 1/2 and MI Shoe adaptor XLR-K3M to 3/4). Anyway, Sony announced an upgrade for May.
  21. Mungo

    Antenna combiner

    https://www.rfvenue.com/products/4-zone The only one (?) that really does what people like us need. Quite well built and quite versatile. Unfortunately rack size and only AC powered. There are people who have modified it to DC. In this forum there has been discussed this device a lot.
  22. Yes, it works in mono. Unfortunately the preset lists don't match most of the time. SK500/2000 can do 50mW, SK100/300 only 30mW (in Europe). So cheapest combo is SK100 with EK1039 receivers. Pilot tone can be left on and operates as a better squelch.
  23. I remember weak RF from a woman who was wearing a quilted thermal jacket. It took long before we found out that there was a layer of aluminium inside.
  24. Almost always seen in interrogation room scenes over here: Schoeps, Neumann KM or MHK40 on the table. No police dept would spend so much money on a simple interrogation recording system 😄
  25. At least one wavelength, as said by Shure. I've got a vintage Sennheiser system operating on VHF 37 MHz (bought just for fun on ebay years ago). The manual says the antennas have to be 8 meters apart 😄
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