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    Former boom op, turned general techie, occasional live and recorded sound geek, inspired by friends' low budget films to get back into film sound.
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  1. I did a bit of googling but didn’t see much in the way discussion surrounding this.. I’m wondering if anyone has any particular media naming standards they like? Default SD media naming: “[device] SD[slot #]” which breaks down the second you format a second card in the same slot… now there are duplicate card names. My initial naming standard (for the volume name): [card Letter A-Z] [size in gb] SD[slot #] Labelled on cards is the Letter and SD# - since the size is preprinted on the label…. In my case I’m overloading the card Letter slightly, and the A-F range is allocated to 256gb cards, G-L is allocated to 64gb cards - mostly so they fit into the little pelican media case.. I’m open to both critique and better ideas
  2. Great looking bag! Is that the k-tek stingray small x or junior x, or is it some other similar bag?
  3. PTFE thread seal tape is a good idea, as long as the threads don’t have to conduct electricity.…
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