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  1. lyrnxG

    MIX and ISO Tracks levels

    Sounds like an inexperienced post person... It will be hard explaining that post production needs another take, when the director decides to only do one.
  2. https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Recorder-Accessories/product/rps4.html Cool product lectro gang. Id like to know more about the fans. What kind of noise would these emit? Any shut off or speed settings? Thanks!
  3. Jacob, that was easily the most entertaining soldering video on the internet. Thank you
  4. Hello all. Here is a thread to share your SOUND RELATED Black Friday and Cyber Monday discoveries. Annnnnnd go! I will start with this gem to be announced: www.timecodesystems.com/get-updated
  5. lyrnxG

    new low cost radiomic

    surprising amount of tech for how much they cost.
  6. lyrnxG

    New Digital IFB/IEM System

    "over 4 hours run time"... Hopefully more than 6. Any less, I wont go near it.
  7. lyrnxG

    Music Playback App for newer IOS?

    Thank you guys. Matthias, there are quite a few programs with this name. Who makes the "Voice Recorder Pro" you are referring to? Go Button is awesome too! Much appreciated!
  8. Has anyone found a newer app that has markers and cue points for playback? I just paid $7 for "live playback" app and it can only import from the music app. This is an issue (and limitation of the iPhone) because you cannot import songs into the music app without a computer and iTunes. Does anyone use a more flexible app? Thank you.
  9. lyrnxG

    Right angled Lemo

    Follow up from Lemo: Following up on your inquiry on our Anglissimo plugs. We have not yet introduced the 5 pin version, currently available are the 4 and 7 pin versions. Here are the part numbers: FSG.0B.304.CLAD52 - $69.58 each CDN. FSG.0B.307.CLAD52 - $71.87 each CDN. Delivery 4 - 6 weeks.
  10. lyrnxG

    DPA 4060 insulation fail

    This happened to one of my wires because a paranoid cast member was shutting on and off his transmitter, and every time he put it back in his pocket they would have spun the transmitter another 180 degrees (or more). This continuous torque eventually weathered the rubber to the point of opening.
  11. lyrnxG

    Right angled Lemo

    Awesome. Just emailed for pricing.