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  1. I just updated to the last version (I was almost a full point behind) and since I can drag and drop files into the list I can manually manage this, but what is really missing from that feature is a way to remove files. The only way to clear that list is to select an unused track and click render or to quit and re open the app. That would also solve my workflow situation
  2. I've been chatting with Bouke about adding a feature to the Make Transcriber Files app, he suggested we crowd source some additional input here: My Original Request: His Response: So anyone want to add any feedback to this? And since he's going to charge me for this – hopefully we can make it useful for more people... Thanks Peter
  3. Remote Audio's brand of power distribution systems
  4. Based on the photo from trew, it looks like remote audio is now using the RRC OEM charger for the "HiQCH1 charger" https://www.trewaudio.com/product/remote-audio-hiq1ch1/ And the batteries they sell are OEMed by Inspired Energy. Now, AudioRoot is manufacturing their batteries from an unknown supplier, and they may have added in some restrictions to only work with their chargers. Since your charger works with your existing batteries, my first guess would mean the battery is at fault. Have you tested it in another charger? can you get your hands on another "neo" battery to check with your charger? This is also the first I've heard of any incompatibility, so I think you just have a dud
  5. Add me to the list too please! I might not yet have transmitters that use these batteries... but I will eventually. Please let us know when you need a deposit. Happy to put up some money before it is ready to cover material costs
  6. The "Gold standard" would be a DPA mma-a and 4097 ' https://www.dpamicrophones.com/news/gene-martin-calls-on-dpa-4097-micro-shotgun-for-sales,-rentals-and-field-production Or for a 1/10th of the price you could look at something like Shure MV88
  7. I Worked with a multi-talented comedian/actor/cartoonist this week, and between setups he showed me one of his pieces published in the April 2019 issue of MAD Magazine, thought it was too good to not share with you all here. https://www.jasonchatfield.com/ for more of his stuff.
  8. FYI – this charger is OEMed by RRC, When the HiQ batteries first came out, the chargers they shipped were OEMed by Inspired Energy, so there are a couple different HiQ chargers out there
  9. I got a pair of CS-M1s last year and I finally had a change to use them on someone other than my wife or cat.
  10. I got my second shot of Pfizer yesterday. Health wise, I feel fine, but I have much more arm pain than from the first shot. Arm is very tender and my shoulder is tight. (36 hours on) First one had some mild discomfort that was gone by the next morning. The second one also stung on the way in. That all said, I'm glad to have met the requirements in New York to get an appointment.
  11. Do you have a parts/source list?
  12. Should be straight forward 8 channels internal + 4 channels AES... could also add 4 more with the analog inputs too (if you don't need a mix track)
  13. Right – but that's a very different production than "a low budget corporate job" that inspired Tom to make this post and what my comment is referring to.
  14. I get there are sometimes where we do need an incognito look (IEMs, no boom, nondescript bag, etc) but this doesn't sound like it was a "gear" problem, but a production problem. The producers should know where they can or can't shoot, get permits where needed, and have that all figured out before the shoot. This isn't a "low budget" problem, but a pre-production problem... but the client not budgeting enough for competent producers means they get what they pay for.
  15. The mixer can turn off the speaker (individually per unit) in the GUI software, so only "authorized" units can have that feature. Lectrosonics charger for the R1b is $600, and that "just charges" the np50s in 4 units Feel free to build one then! If Sennheiser the maker of cheapest decent wireless systems can't put out an IEM/IFB for less than $500 ($470 for the tour guide version) Why do you think Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Wysicom, or another more niche manufacturer could do it?
  16. I'm sure they stuck with Ubuntu, as that's the "default" Raspberry Pi distro, pretty simple to then have it run a web server and whatever software they have to send serial commands to the CL3. Likely some python script to listen to the HTTP requests and translate that to the RS422 commands.
  17. Looks like it. A good number of products use an embedded pi (don't blame them, it's a mass produced, and well supported computer). That said, there's a Zaxcom proprietary daughter board, case, and of course software.
  18. I'm intrigued by the new 2021 Hybrid Ford F150 with built in 7kwh generator – hopefully that tech will make it into their vans in a couple years, would be very useful to power base camp or even as an extra generator rental to smaller productions. Not to mention van camping or backup power for your house. (The 10 mile EV only range wouldn't be too useful though) For a personal vehicle, I'd love an electric with a decent range, but with a work van you can't expect a charger at location or fit a charge stop into a production schedule. Until the car batteries can suck up a decent amount of range (100 miles?) in the 5 minutes it takes to fill a gas tank I don't think it can be relied on in a production workflow – as much as I would love it! I am all about cutting out our reliance on fossil fuels, but the big giant hurdle is energy density. Liquid dinosaur (as of now) wins. I'm sure we're 5 years away from my concerns not being an issue
  19. There are many 2.4ghz antennas on the market targeted to wifi installations, just watch out that most are RP-SMA, so you'll need an adapter. You, however, may need 4 antennas, as I don't know of any antenna splitters that would work with the deity system
  20. I've only had 2 days on set since March. I was fortunate to have one of my clients switch almost all of their video production work over to Podcasts, so I've been doing technical directing and editorial. Not thriving, but it at least keeps the bills paid. Other than that, there aren't many remote options for our field – which is why so many of us are hurting right now.
  21. Shastapete


    @MickTake a look at some youtube videos by Will Prowse. With just a couple videos and a trip to his website you'll have a whole new understanding of current battery systems and inverters. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoj6RxIAQq8kmJme-5dnN0Q Though he is mostly looking at off-grid solar systems, if you just take the battery and inverter half that's exactly what we need/want for our uses, but yes LiFePO4 are what you should be looking at. If you're up for the task, you can build a 100aH battery for around $400-$500 (plus another $80 for a charger)
  22. No, there's a "remove silence" but for most people's workflows searching for silence isn't something that is needed or wanted. I get why it could be useful – but that's certainly not a need of the regular users of this app.
  23. Might want to delete this and move it to the manufactures and dealers forum. Jeff is pretty tolerant of companies repping their products here – but this post is an advertisement and it doesn't belong in this section. Move it there and support this site and buy a banner Ad, I'm sure they're reasonably priced.
  24. Just saw your follow up question – The battery "everyone" is using is the Inspired Energy NH2054HD34 battery, RRC makes an RRC2054-2 battery that is compatible, and Audioroot has a battery that is OEMed by Inspired Energy, but now offers their own version as well by a different manufacturer There's also a half sized 49wh battery, ND2054hd34, RRC2054, and 48Neo that have the same footprint and charge connector, but are half the length (and power) There are batteries out there with this form factor with Remote Audio and Sound Devices labels – but they are made by Inspired Energy with private label attached
  25. Audio is low voltage and low current, so you can use almost any wire to repair the headphones, Just contact your favorite local electronics dealer like Farnell https://se.farnell.com/ and search for your 2 conductor wire. You might not find the exact wire used, but it doesn't really matter.
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