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  1. My, my, what the board has been up to while I've been away. I caught the early aspect of the MAXX thread, but not the other one (which didn't take me very long to find). I see a lot of myself in 'bluemalice', esp. that I come from a studio/music background and dove headfirst into the shark-infested waters of production sound. My experience with this forum has been largely positive, mostly because I'm the first to admit that I *know* that I don't know everything I probably should, and learning it on the job is hard but rewarding in that you never, ever forget the stupid mistakes. I'm sorry that Jeff has to keep shutting down threads. As if the fire season out here in the west isn't bad enough already.
  2. My experience is that you don't do any of your audio finishing in FCP, for exactly the reasons that the OP is experiencing (i.e. no way to get the settings for "audio filters" out of FCP). I think pencil and paper, and brute-force-style going through each audio clips settings in the FCP sequence is your only sure-fire answer to "extracting" that audio processing metadata. Good luck.
  3. I just did this last week on a short film: boomed from back seat, held between the front seats, mic pointed rearward, and then roll the boom left or right depending on who was speaking. Worked surprisingly well.
  4. Yeah, I've burned client bridges with unceremoniously tacking on a late charge to an invoice that was labeled "due on receipt" and ended up being "net 100+". The client got all indignant that I was being unreasonable, and how could I, after all the work he's "sent my way" (which is only five figures worth of revenue over two years -- whatever). There's a really, really good video about freelancing and the value of your work:
  5. I had a not terribly funny thing happen involving the REAN mini 3-pin XLR female plugged into my 744T. The release button snapped off, making it a challenge to get the plug out of the jack. I was wondering if there have been any similar quality experiences about the REAN connectors (I had -- perhaps erroneously -- assumed that REAN, being a division of Neutrik, would have similar build quality).
  6. RandyHall

    Tuna T's

    I just wore it for my cameo appearance while filming my current project. Everyone on set scratched their head at the choice of wardrobe.
  7. Does it roll around on casters screwed into the bottom case?
  8. This is the obvious downside, yes. The only other way to do it is a more actively moderated group, and we're back to Jeff's head exploding.
  9. Might rethink what type of tape you're using to tape your lavs... I've been using medical tape with reasonable success.
  10. Jeff, the way we managed some of this sort of problem on other web forums in the past is through the member ranks. Because ranks are dependent on number of posts, it can help to control access to posting in the WTS/WTB forum until they reach a rank just beyond the "minimum" participation threshold. Depending on how anal you want to get, it could be set up such that a new member can read anything but can only post on the "Who I am Today" thread in "The Daily Journal" (not clear that you can restrict it that much, but it's an idea). Then once they've posted something there, they have access to more areas until some arbitrary threshold, after which they get full access. I know that many are going to hate this idea, and I can't blame them. But I would think that as a community, it makes sense to set some participation thresholds that lets everyone have at least a glimpse at someone before they start posting their gear for sale.
  11. On the latest FS post (") that has piqued community "interest", I was so sorely tempted to post something snarky. I think I am to be congratulated that I exhibited restraint. In here, however... It's getting to be a regular thing: guy joins the board, first posting is of gear to sell. Clearly, there's no demonstrated interest in participating in the discussion. Why is it that we let anybody join and use their first post in the for-sale forum? I'm going to have to read up on IP Board, but there has to be an easy way to set at least some basic ground rules without Jeff losing his mind.
  12. I am not so attached to the idea of using an iPad or iPhone as a TC/insert slate as I am having more things talk to each other wirelessly. I know RF is already a dicey place to stick something as production critical as TC, but Ambient has ACN, Zaxcom has Zaxnet, and Timecode Buddy has whatever they call their technique (adhoc wifi UDP of some sort); I just want more of them to all play nice together, so I don't feel excessively locked in to a given vendor.
  13. Yeah, the only way I've gotten into a Hirose is to have a jack to use as an anchor to hold the plug while unscrewing the retaining nut. Kinda a pain, but once you're in there, it's easier than a LEMO.
  14. If the ubits are being twiddled, but the protocol itself is untouched, I'd say it's still SMPTE TC. But the fact that it's being sent over radio as a digital signal (rather than an analog one) might make both statements true.
  15. This is my new policy, actually. If I don't have something to say that directly relates to either being a prospective buyer or the seller of something on the board, I just keep a warm mug of STFU in hand, mark threads as read and go back to the other forums. Gotta say, I worry a whole lot less about it now.
  16. I thought foie gras was banned in California.
  17. Not even a wireless hop would work for steadicam?
  18. So it's even realistic from cassette tape standards!
  19. 16V @ 4A, not too shabby. Is charging them a big pain in the butt?
  20. I'm basically in the market for a battery system. I'm torn between some sort of AB Gold Mount, NP-1, or roll-my-own solution. I would say that NP-1 with 84Wh is close enough to the AB specs that I'd give this solution a look, assuming I could actually get it in the U.S.
  21. I was wondering how you insulated the PCB. Thanks, this helps a lot. For the AC charger, did you hack the additional clips that came with the charger to make the inside hook up? (I'm talking about the black barrel jack that goes from the outside of the case and wires to the PCB by the look of it)
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