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    I am from Muscat, Oman, and am working in London as a freelance Sound Recordist. Bit of a novice and I am looking forward to learning more about this trade from all you pros.!
  1. I realise now with the benefit of hindsight that my question was somewhat open ended.. I take it the other two channels are AES digital inputs, i suppose my real question is, how many of you out there have actually used these inputs and sent 4 channels of sound to the cam? It might be quite useful jobs that require fast editing turnarounds? Thanks all j
  2. Anyone figure out what the other two channels (of the 4) are?
  3. Ive got a shoot over there in a month or so... Im taking over a camera hop on UK channel 69... not sure exactly how that translates into the Block system.. basically 854.900 - 861.750. Any ideas if this will be ok? cheers j
  4. Hi chaps... Im possibly off to the jungle for three months on a reality job.. any good tips for bits and bobs to take down with me (other than a lot of silicone packets, condoms, back gear and the like) I believe its the rainy season over there and really want to protect my kit as much as i can.. cheers..
  5. thanks for your words.. havent had the time on this schedule to sit down are reply. "well, you could start out working as the second person with someone more experienced at the helm..." I wish there was more assistant work going about here in the Uk, it seems that there are less utility jobs going and i have tried to get that kind of work to no avail. Its one of those bills to pay things (and where paid over a very bleak dec/jan period) that made me take the job and i think the main lesson i learn was to 'NOT TAKE THESE KIND OF JOBS IN THE FUTURE' I think that with four or so months of this tv show under my belt i might be more employable in this regard and will work on getting lower level assistant work with PROPER productions. - i think that what also cant be ignored in this case is the contracts that TV companies draw up with production houses, who also seem to be getting screwed in some manner.. wow.. so there are more terrible jobs out there! i thought i was on my own... how is it going?
  6. yes, thats a problem.. I think they really understand how important the sound is now (somehow they didnt know that before going in to the production) and given that they are paying me such a poxy rate (for super long hours) they should really have some money to throw about.. I also am fully aware that I may be bringing the value of the trade down by taking low paid work and maybe not mixing the most solid sound, but i feel that I have to start somewhere and in a way it gives more value to the better/ more experienced mixers services! Is anyone in aggreance with that?
  7. Thank you for all your advice guys. The last two months on this Tv show have been very challenging, havent even had the time to reply to this thread! I am mixing some good sound now and have managed to get production to hire a good post production guy. The producers of this program are running the whole thing on an absolute skeleton budget, and the schedule is really tough due to only having a buffer of ten days between shooting and telecast. I am still using radio mics mostly, due to tights and wides and the fact that they are adamant that they cannot pay for a boom op (I feel that I would be going against the community to ask for a boom op to come on for expenses for a tv show) and im trying to boom as much as i can. I am now running everything through a desk mixer with which i can make slight eq adjustments to each channel before sending mix to both cameras, to try and keep all the voices sounding similar in tone regardless of mic placement. I know this is not typical practise, but im just trying to find a solution the problem at hand. as for cloth rustle I do find myself wishing that everyone, regardless of gender, had cleavage as days when we shoot the ladies are so much easier for me!! lol The show is picking up a lot of viewers so hopefully we will have more budget to play with and be able to get a proper set up/ sound department in the future. j
  8. Interesting... I have a feeling that production wont be too happy about renting a couple of fishers..! Would the mixer in this case be working on a desk that has more comprehensive eq parameters?
  9. thank you all for your replies.. yes these particular producers are very good at unrealistic expectations.. its an indian soap opera commissioned by one of the bigger stations over there.. its not multi cam but the producers want the whole thing on radios, saving money on paying a boom op most probably as budget is relatively low .. i think. Production have invested in 4 audio active DCP02 (similar size as countryman B6) which i am hoping to hide in plain sight for the most part to avoid cloth russle.. I have suggested that i sit down with the editor and show him how to batch process all the raw audio with izotope rx initially, although this is a fair bit of work which is out of my remit i would rather do this than have raw audio ive recorded being sent out to the tv station. in what why did you deal with it? if you dont mind me asking.. lol
  10. Hi all, I have landed a job mixing for a tv show and am a bit worried as they tell me there will be no or very little postproduction going into each episode (churning out 5 episodes a week so the editor will have a few days for turnaround) In my relatively limited experience there is always a fair bit of work that needs to be done on production audio, aside from eqing out hum etc. My question is to the seasoned mixers of jwsoundgroup is, in general on bigger Tv productions, how does sound post workflow go? My main concern is noise reduction, which i know is often treated with outboard/ hardware processors like cedar DNS 8 for live boradcast, but how do they deal with it on TV series =/ soaps etc? Production also want me to use radio mics most of the time and i was wondering if the seasoned pros ever have to deal with cloth russle and acoustic noise at all or can it be 100% mitigated? I will be mixing direct to cam for the most part, is there any tips or advice you guys could spare? Really appriciate any help on this.. j
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