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  1. Hi Guys! Thanks for the info, unfortunately nothing comes up. So let me add I have this IV-S w/ assorted accessories that was Yul Brenner's.....the actor, was famous for the King & I. I got it from his sound guy...a dear friend that was his live mixer on the Broadway show. It was his personal machine, never a rental or used as on film shoots. I haven't really publicly listed it for sale. Can anyone give me a value on this? or is anyone interested? here's a link to the photos https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Kahec2G-FnK--8FCDrSJN0GJSN9vanUE?usp=sharing -Andrew
  2. Hi All, First post here! I see some familiar names in the group! Maybe someone can could shed light on this or not, I have a very low hour IV-S and curious the production date or year via the serial #? I see there is some info on Nagra III's, wasn't sure if it was the same for the IV-S Any advise would be helpful Best regards, Andrew
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