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  1. Scott Smith

    T-Powered Hypercardioid Condenser Mic

    And of you’re looking for a hypercardiod version, the MKH 435 is a very nice mic. Was unfortunately only made in a T power version, but Pete might be able to convert it. -Scott
  2. Scott Smith

    New IFB system

    Mark: Thanks for the info on your experience with the Shure PSM. When I spoke to Shure, they said that the 900 would probably work on 12 volts, but it would be borderline, as it was at the bottom end of the regulator range. They’re usually pretty conservative on their design tolerances though.
  3. Scott Smith

    New IFB system

    Was tempted to try the PSM 900 as well. Only thing that turned me off a bit was the 15 volt DC input. Not an issue on the carts that have a PowerMax, but kind of limits options if you’re just using a regular 12 volt system. Build quality looks very solid though. Have used both the Sennheiser IEM 300 systems and the Lectro Duet (just for boom ops) with good results. Would be tempted by the Lectro VHF system for situations where I need more range.
  4. Scott Smith


    “Talent” is making a huge assumption when it comes to actors. I’ve seen plenty more talent behind the camera than in front of it😊. -Scott
  5. Scott Smith

    HVAC astonishment

    Yeah, seems like this has gotten a lot worse over the years. And I thought it was just the stages I worked on... Have shot in some unbelievably noisy buildings. It’s like the guys that designed the systems had never heard of the concept of high volume/low velocity HVAC. Really don’t know how people can stand to work in such an environment. -S
  6. +1 on the hog’s hair. Comes in both 1” and 2”. Has worked extremely well over the years. We keep a big roll of it at our warehouse.
  7. Scott Smith

    Second degree encounters

    And I still have the manual for the Magna-Tech 4000 “portable” mag film recorder, which has one of the best written user guides for the novice transfer operator that I’ve seen (printed on a dot matrix printer). I will scan and post it one of these days. I think we still have the recorder with that giant foam-lined case as well (Jeff will remember that I’m sure!😊) ! It served us well on many a film when transfers and dailies were synced on location. It sure beat hauling around the RCA mag recorder we used prior to that (a great machine, but a beast to pack and ship!) Along with a Ampex AG-440-C recorder and Magna-Tech 92C synchronizer. (How is it that I can remember this shit but can’t recall what I did two days ago?) -Scott
  8. Scott Smith

    Fantasy Studios RIP

    The prospect of someone with deep pockets that could step in is intriguing. You would think that there would be enough tech people in the Bay Area that understand how vital a facility like this is to the area. Hell, George Lucas could pay for it out of petty cash! And while he of course has his own facility, a town like San Francisco needs more than one film dubbing operation, and also needs a creative center that brings related businesses and individuals together. -Scott
  9. Scott Smith

    Fantasy Studios RIP

    Aw man, this is truly sad to hear. A huge chunk of music history bites the dust... I’m assuming the tape library has already been moved. It was home to an amazing collection of recordings. -S
  10. Scott Smith

    Keeping current and abreast of new techniques

    I have a couple of copies of that book-will have to take a closer look at the “Crime and Punishment” photo. An apt description of working in the realm of optical sound back in the day! Silver bromide crystals in the developer were only just a small sampling of all the issues that could come up. Even assuming that your track was properly exposed, in focus, and not over-modulated, there were still lab issues to deal with like processing gamma, printer slip, and cross-mod distortion. The original Western Electric manuals have at least 50 pages devoted to stringing and calibrating the light valve. Given the rudimentary equipment those guys dealt with, it’s amazing that it worked at all. (Not to mention that, prior to 1951 or so, you also risked torching yourself due to the nitrate base film!) And yeah, you had to know what the hell you were doing as a recordist. A very unforgiving medium for sure. -Scott
  11. Scott Smith

    Sound Devices MM-1 preamp

    Have used the MM-1 a few times when we’ve had long cable runs to a Fisher boom. Also for ribbon mics when used as practicables. Nicely designed preamp. Keep a couple handy on the truck. -Scott
  12. Scott Smith

    A tour of the Ampex ATR-124 Multitrack Analog Tape Recorder

    Loved those machines. Built like a tank. The real plus was the 5000 foot reel capacity. Never ran one at 7.5 IPS though! -S
  13. Scott Smith

    The "Less Suck" Fader

    I used to route a couple of channels from the board into the LA-3 limiters, with the outputs patched to nothing. When the producer wanted “more” of something, I would just crank the threshold on the limiter so that there was around 10 dB of limiting. Just seeing the needle move usually made them happy.
  14. Scott Smith

    Problems with Wingman

    I have experienced similar issues, which I believe are inherent to the reliability of the connection to the recorder. Has happened with 664 and 668. Has occurred with both IPad mini’s and IPhones 5 & 6. -Scott
  15. Scott Smith

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Great photos! Some of the very few I’ve ever seen. With the Nagra II in use! -Scott