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  1. Here's a inexpensive tip for anyone with an Avalon right angle boom pole. Keeps the end from getting banged up and also prevents sliding when you prop it up against the wall briefly. Package of two at Ace Hardware. Three bucks and change. 11/2"-38mm size.
  2. Recently purchased Ambient for my new Avalon pole. So far, so good. Also added this inexpensive rubber tip to the base of the Avalon. Package of two at ACE hardware. Three bucks and change.
  3. I have a UCR 201 with the infernal unresponsive switches. You really have to mash them. This is particularly annoying when you are scanning or setting tone. Any user solutions out there that have worked for this problem? Must I send them back to Lectro?
  4. Thanks to all. Michael Joly confirmed and embellished all of your input. Absolutely love the Oktava. Sounds even better with the SD pre amps. And I LOVE that 633!
  5. Any 633 owners out there have any experience with Oktava MC-012 mics. I originally purchased the 85hz hpf capsule for use with my PSC M4 A+, but since the 633 has the adjustable hpf starting at 80hz it would seem to make the add on capsule unnecessary. Users have also commented that the capsule is noisy.
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