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  1. Thanks everyone. I did indeed have a typo in the email address but nevertheless the position is filled.
  2. Hello All, One of my favorite clients is in need of a sound mixer in Germany and Italy next week. Below are the dates and gear requirements. Please respond with recommendations of highly qualified professionals only! In addition I'm interested in knowing what wireless ranges work well there. The rate is euro 450/10 hours. Thank you very much, Charlie Slemaker July 14 - Monchengladbach, Germany July 15 - Monchengladbach, Germany July 19 - Largo di Ledro, Italy July 20 - Mount Brento, Italy July 21 - Malcesine, Italy July 22 - Malcesine, Italy July 23 - Malcesine, Italy Mixer/recorder with timecode, boom mic, two wireless lav systems, timecode slate, lock it box, and 4 comteks/ifb. Contact Micheal Mitchel as soon as possible Michael Mitchell 3233168507 mikejmit@icloud.com
  3. Thanks guys. I forwarded adrtrailer.com to production... CrewC I did see an ADR trailer once before several years ago for a VO session with an A-lister where time was of the essence. Thanks again for the help gents!
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for good recommendations to give my producer for someone with a portable ADR/VO booth (trailer maybe?) for a union commercial shoot in Santa Monica on Monday. Good leads appreciated! Thanks, Charlie
  5. Thanks for the info gentleman. Mike: I assume the IR results of the stage will help them in some way when creating the sounds of their finished environments...
  6. Anyone do motion capture audio? My other thought was to put the reflective markers on a slate and on the mics. Place markers on the mics as well and then place the mics in the center of the room. Record stereo with one mic facing one direction and vice versa. We could roll the mocap cameras and then render the whole thing knowing the markers on the mics and slate would be logged in the space exactly to the millimeter. Clap the slate from maybe 20 different locations in the space...
  7. Keeping in mind this is a motion capture stage where talent and mic positions will be in a virtually infinite number of positions. Post mixes will be incorporating virtual scenarios such as walls, cars, oceans, and anything else under the sun that could effect reverb in an environment. I can't very well test pings from every inch of the stage itself. Using altiverb's playuback file may be the right path, but where to place the source and mics I'm still not sure about...
  8. Or do you simply bang some blocks together or clap a slate??
  9. Hey all, I've just been asked to make an impulse response recording of a motion capture stage I work in a lot. After reading a little about it, makes perfect sense. Not sure how to do it though. Do you place an omni mic in the middle of the room? Do you play the audible frequency range through a speaker? If so where would the speaker be placed? Thanks for any info. Charlie
  10. Hello All, After many many many hours of flawless operation I had an issue with my 788 recently. I was recording 5 tracks of audio at 48, 24bit on SSD, CF and external DVD. It was a longer recording of a live comedy show. About half an hour into the recording the external drive indicator showed SLOW and never caught up so to speak. I could live with this issue as the DVD is really just for back up purposes. After the the recording (about 1hr 9m in total) I realized that some of the audio was missing from the .wav file on the CF card. I realized because I got that dreaded call from production, hahaha. Turns out that at about the 6.5 minute mark into the recording the audio disappears from the CF card. There was no indication of a problem from the 788 itself. When you listen back the audio is perfect (of course) then suddenly there is no audio at all for the remainder of the .wav file... I simply copied the files from the INNHD to another CF card and luckily all the audio was there. It was strange to say the least. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks, Charlie
  11. Not sure if it is actually sending out MTC into PT9 or if it is somehow utilizing the smpte, but it is working with no additional software/hardware. Thanks for the input
  12. Hi All, I'm running a Pro-Tools 9 system for a shoot in addition to my normal 788 recording system to satisfy a request from post... I'm receiving smpte LTC from an external source into my 788. Going from there into the LTC input on a MOTU 828 mk3 interface and then firewire into PT9. My problem is that PT9 can not use smpte LTC (although the program clearly can see the timecode - one of those ways Pro Tools tells you you should have bought Pro Tools HD). The post people are content with me recording the smpte onto an additional audio track, but I would like to be able to convert it to MTC anyway. Anyone know of any inexpensive hardware that can do this? I've been searching without much luck thus far. Thanks for your input, Charlie
  13. I'm hearing a strange noise while watching DET vs. TEX on Fox right now. Sounds like a really crappy old school ring tone. It cycles about every 3 or 4 seconds. A little research tells me others have heard it during NFL broadcasts. Not there during commercial breaks of course. Just curious if anyone knows what it is... Charlie
  14. Thanks for all the input everyone. I'll post my results once up and running
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