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  1. Got the answer from Sound Devices, Scorpio does digital Sample Rate Conversion on Dante inputs. Doesn't change the audio too analog and back to digital, straight digital conversion to recorder sample rate. Running DSQD's at 48k and Scorpio at different sample rate isn't a problem.
  2. https://www.trewaudio.com/articles/48048-khz/ This article kind of explains the reasoning for the 48048 workflow, but yes it coincides with 24FPS.
  3. I'm getting the impression the 8 Series converts the Dante to the Scorpio set Sample Rate at the input, I had mismatched sample rates at one point and nothing worked at all with a DAW and the Scorpio so I've experienced that happening. Right now running 48048 on the Scorpio, the DSQD is sending it 48k and everything is working fine. I checked that page in the Dante Controller manual, I'm slightly perplexed at the moment. When set to 48048 the Scorpio still shows up in Dante Controller as 48k in Device Config.
  4. I ended up with one of these: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B085DJLDBC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Controlling the Dante through the Ethernet and have my DSQD's on wireless designer through the USB port, also recording a 12 track ISO backup to Reaper on the tablet to an external drive also on the the USB port. This one didn't need power either and seems to be working well.
  5. I've just put together a Dante Carte (3 Lectrosonics DSQD's into a Scorpio via Dante) and of course started on a show that wants to shoot 24FPS and 48048 Sample rate and then pull down to 23.98. I've got my DSQD's running Dante into my Scorpio set at 48048 and I'm not getting any errors with a sample rate mismatch. Set the Scorpio to 47952 Sample Rate and it shows a mismatch immediately. Can you run the DSQD's at 48k going into a recorder set at 48048? This seems like it would cause some major problems, or is there a way to set the pull-up/down in Dante Controller to make this work properly? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Karl! Glad to know it's possible! Having Wireless designer readily available on set has been an amazing improvement to my workflow. Thanks Lectro!
  7. Was just wondering if anyone was running Lectrosonics Wireless Designer on a tablet, and if you are connecting via ethernet adapter or USB hub adapter to your receivers? I was hoping in a perfect world to connect to three DSQD's through a tablet connected to an ethernet adapter to an ethernet switch (to interface with the DSQD's). It's not ideal having a laptop connected to the cart all the time, but I really like having the ability to have Wireless designer going all the time. Has anyone had success getting wireless designer installed on something smaller (Android tablet or Chromebook, something like that?) Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the tip, I hadn't heard of those before and looked them up and was actually able to find 3 rentals to ship out of Montreal for them if production wants them. Just need to figure out the cables, but they look like good little units. (Also got to have a read through the mini BNC input debate on these, which was most entertaining.)
  9. I would agree John, I'm out near Calgary and it's not always easy to secure rentals last minute (everything ships from Vancouver or Toronto if not available from another local mixer). I would assume they have something sorted out to keep camera's synced if they are bringing in a 3 camera 3D IMAX crew, but just trying to stay ahead of the game with very minimal information at the moment. (Especially with no online spec's for the IMAX camera that I can find). I've always been fine with my BETSO and Tentacles so far even working on bigger shows, and Tri-Level hasn't ever been much of an issue for me. Thanks for everyone's input, always nice to have such a wealth of knowledge available from so many experienced mixers.
  10. Thanks, I'll recommend getting Tri-level Lockits for all the cameras. I've been mostly fine using just Betso's and Tentacles in the past for any shoots with just Bi-level, but haven't shot any 3D. Any idea what Tri-level Sync Lockits are compatible with 3k/4k? Example: Can I use the Denecke SB-T which doesn't have a setting for 4k? Or would you just set the Genlock setting to 1080? Just found out I can't rent any Tri-levels up here in Canada so hopefully the cameras have lockits with them that will work. Thanks for the info!
  11. Anyone know anything about timecode input for IMAX 3D digital cameras? I'm doing a shoot with 3 of them, wondering what kind of input they take and if they hold TC? Or do each of them need a lockit? Can't find much info about them online. Any answers would be much appreciated, production is pretty slow to come up with any info. Thanks!
  12. Update on the NP situation. Ended up going with the Varizooms at a cheaper price then the IDX's, just finished shooting a couple days out on snowmobiles in -30 Celcius weather and they held up all day long and then some. Quick to charge and kept my 633 and 2X411's powered through a 12 hour day on 1 battery. (Wasn't very intensive recording day, but feel pretty confident in a long day with two NP's) Thanks for everyone's input and help, I appreciate all the experience and advice from around the continent.
  13. Thanks everyone for the input, just realizing I may have to shell out for the IDX as I forgot about one thing up here in Canada... Shooting in -35 Degree weather. I was trying to save some funds with a cheaper alternative, but realizing now I can't have something going down in the cold. I was checking out the Varizoom's and they are only rated down to 32 Degress Fahrenheit operating temp, not sure how they go in real life circumstances but I've shot in the Arctic Circle with the IDX in -35 and had no problems. I'll probably invest in some cheaper alternatives for backups and see how they fare in the weather up here. I'm not sure if anyone has experience with Switronix or other alternatives in weather like this.
  14. I know this is an old topic, but has anyone shot with the Varizoom in cold temps? I was just about to buy a set with the charger over the IDX and then noticed on the website the operating temperature is only rated to 0 Degrees Celcius. (32 Fahrenheit). I'm up in Canada and shooting in -20 Degree weather quite often, I've used IDX in -35 Celcius (-33 F) without any issues. Has anyone put the Varizoom or Switronix to the test in extreme weather? Don't really want to be running my BDS into my armpit
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