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  1. This is cool! I like the part where he decides to build his own drill from scrap. WHO DOES THAT!???
  2. Amazing show with amazing sound. Zero distortion heard by me, and I listen at a healthy level! Please update with more info! Dan Izen
  3. Love this thread!!! Great idea. Hey Jeff - #1 sticky this! It’s been so long since I’ve worked with that level of dumb I don’t remember any stories! If I do, I will be sure to post. Most of my staggeringly myopic quotes have come from actors lately. And they’re much sadder than funny...
  4. Good thoughts. I never used to “call out” anyone, never a single person. Now I must, per production. And yes Safe Harbor (or whatever it is!) that is exactly my platform: we have never once been responsible for a single L & D, it’s others.
  5. You know what David, that is a perfect capper to that thought. It was all working when the job started, and overwhelmingly these pieces of gear don’t stop working with normal wear and tear. (Yes it’s me!) Those Lectro tx jacks have that TA5 “tab hook” ledge that wears out with heavy use after about 4 or 5 years. That’s kind of what got me started, since those breaking means a costly trip home, and is 100% not the fault of whatever production it’s currently working on. Chris Medr also brings up a great point: the specific data I’m interested in doesn’t exist! If folks who have civilized jobs (indoors / idea conditions like a talk show) could share their experiences with how often their transmitters, slates, and Comtek receivers break “on their own.” In my life, few conditions are ideal. The humidity is so high I can barely take it, and the gear doesn’t really like it. Here are my best recollections: Devas- lots at first, like every few months. But that was years ago, and I think it’s been like 6 or 8 years and four are running flawlessly. (The fifth one I got used and it never worked well. After about four trips home, it seems to not be fixable.) Deneck TS3 Slates - these go back and forth all the time. Average would like one every 3 - 5 months. Water & hall sensor are usually the culprits. I do not think this is the slate’s fault at all, because I see how the ACs treat them. Denecke SB3 sync boxes - never once, and they ride on FS7 cameras for driving and action stuff. Comtek PR216 - About one every 5 - 7 months. Usually it’s a crackle at the jack, sometimes it stops seeing the tx but that’s pretty rare. Lectro tx - about one per 5 months Lectro 411 - about one every 2 - 3 years Solice - once a year for one, almost never for the other one.
  6. Hey thanks Mista David that is not something I’d considered. I suppose if insurance companies can declare an expensive item as valueless after seven years, that would make sense that normal wear and tear would not be expected before that time. Could that mean that since production companies are not insurance companies, say, a freshly repaired Lectro gets another seven years? I liked what you said first a lot more haha!
  7. Thanks for the perspective but I am not seeking that. We agree. I am trying to define “normal wear and tear.”
  8. Actually the PC told me they have gotten the camera house to pay for stuff! I was surprised to hear that. it’s season 5 of a 24-hour-long episode show, and lots of this gear has been used for the whole run. But I do have receipts to show how during the 10 week hiatus between seasons, I spend $ to maintain this gear. But my question is more arbitrary - how long until stuff “naturally” fails in ideal conditions.
  9. Well said, and quite similar to what I said to them. I did not think to add the part about “nothing is wear and tear, these are new and properly maintained gear” angle. I’m on season 5 of a 24 hour-long season shows and these items have felt that! But I agree it’s truly never normal wear and tear. I’m curious about that arbitrary 1000 hours number you guessed at. What are the real numbers? Lectros Devas Comteks Slates I do know that of the 7x UCR411s that have been in my run bag, only a couple have only ever needed a power switch fix, and I’ve had some of those for ten years.
  10. Let’s assume a brand new Lectro SMQV + COS11D start working in ideal conditions (indoors, temp / humidity humane levels, walking around rather than running and jumping) - what is the expected lifespan? When is a “reasonable” time before it should have to get serviced? I realize the warrantee is only what, a year? But to me that is not at all an indicator of how long these units should function in ideal conditions. So, what’s the average life of a transmitter, a COS11, or a Comtek PR216? Sound dept. L & Ds are pretty much *never* caused by sound dept.; it’s who actually uses the gear. Actors, village idiots, PAs, ACs, it’s everyone but us. So it really chafes when a production wants to deny an L&D on the basis of “normal wear and tear.” In my opinion, the moment these pieces are handed off, normal wear and tear goes out the window. The sound dept rarely drops things, and never yanks a mic cable. Sigh. You see the position I’m in.
  11. Hey everybody, what’s the best way to use an SM57 to record dialog?
  12. Wowee!!! I’d LOVE to see a harpsichord version of that video...
  13. I heard if you get the best, most expensive feature-laden arrows, they will hit their mark 100% of the time...
  14. Can you please repost the text? I’m not a subscriber and can’t read the article. Dan Izen
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