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  1. Depend wt job u are doing, If size does not matter , Dpa heavy duty is a way to go
  2. 788 for sure, This is two different level machine....
  3. i got a new DL4 Lemo , seems it is balanced wiring , so i cant get audio with Zaxcom Trx .Would anyone advise what i can do to get the audio Typical Wiring Table Series Cable Construction Electrical Design Polarity Replacement Connector For Use With Wiring Line Art (From Solder Side) DL4-LEMO 1.6mm cable with single conductor and shield 3 wire with additional bias on pin 3 Positive with respect to ground WA416 Shure Lemo Bodypacks (AD1/ADX1-Lemo, Shure UR1M-Lemo, ULXD1-Lemo) Red wire: Audio/Bias(2) Blue wire: Audio(3 Shield: Ground(1) DL4-MTQG 1.6mm cable with 2 conductors, 2 shield wires and shield 3-Wire Positive with respect to ground WA430 All Shure TA4F Bodypacks Red wire: Bias(2) Blue wire: Audio(3) Shield wire: Ground(1) Shield: Ground (Shell)
  4. https://www.etymotic.com/consumer/earphones/er4-new.html Good enough for brief monitoring
  5. No question..It definitely worth
  6. But do anyone think it is in fact helpful in Broadcast or Live situation ? slightly cut of hiss or rumble will help bit
  7. https://www.jtwgroup.sg/uvsterilizer.html
  8. i suggest u Record a beep to all and see is it there offset on recorded file. Timecode display on diff device has delay
  9. as far as i can tell , anything above 700 mhz may be problem , i am using 500-650 mhz for 5 m 6 yrs here without any significant interference problem .But Hong Kong is a crowd RF area ( as i mentioned no one care the regulation on RF FREQ (many illegal operation of RF ), which u really need to have good gear esp RF filter for this
  10. u can probably using any freq if u want , there is law to reg this ,but no one enforce or care. We all do that in HK
  11. I would like to turn to digital workflow , but i cant find any shop or brand selling the aes cable for Zaxcom nomad , Any hints i can find that ?Thanks,
  12. just plug the mic hard wire to the recorder ,and then turn on other suspect one by one ,You then find which one causing interference or it is self noise of the boom transmitter
  13. Are u power them in separate power source ? Grounding sometimes problem off whining
  14. yes u are right , guessing a Vocal condenser would help this, Telefuken has good bassy vocal mic or neumann
  15. u need dynamic mic , such as RE320
  16. The Zhd mode help in some shooting
  17. Looking for Sound man in Manila Philippines in Early May (still figure out what day it is )Half day shoot , Single head interview , feeding 3 camera Boom and lav same time. We based in Hong Kong and will shoot in Manila soon.Please contact : Alicenggan@gmail.com for further details .Thanks
  18. there is seldom rental here. But different brand got different store. What u looking for ? or We can meet and make friend . I based in HK , local born and raise
  19. So did anyone successful replace it or repaint by sennnheiser ? It seems will getting peel off bigger and bigger
  20. Are u sending in to local repair maintenance or Germany ?
  21. I am having same issue on my mic recently;y , anyone know where can repaint the coating? or use any method to stop the problem?
  22. yes, all good ,no RF problem with ZMT phantom or 742
  23. my using exp on the CS M1 is bit hizzy on high pitch , and not really great headroom compare to dpa 4017 or Cmit. But overall worth more then the price, But would not be my primary mic if only indoor dial , rejection is not ur 1 st thing to look in , I really like my neumann km 185 sound .
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