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  1. Just for correct info, as I made the mistake of ordering what Mike specifies, the FGG.0B.306.CLAD52 will not fit, the socket requires 2 keys (notches) as the FGG only has 1 key... the FGA version looks like it will fit, but check specs first
  2. anyone have any update with what tc workflow is working with the Amira? On the Arri website current firmware seems to still be 2.0.14 13807 which hasn't been updated since 30th March 2015. I have a shoot tomorrow with a couple of Amiras, I'll set system clock as rich suggests, erx's and cross my fingers I guess
  3. When I was in the market for a new short shotgun last year I did the same and hired the dpa 4017b and the 8060 to compare side by side too.... To my ears the dpa was smoother sounding in the mids and highs, probably due to its flatter response. Also seemed to have less comb filtery effects than other shotguns I've used. So I went with the dpa and ive been super happy with it it's my first port of call when a shotgun is required... It's super light too....
  4. Sorry, soon after posting and with further thought I realised that as your tests are relative to Nomads clock so indeed my question is irrelevant to your tests.
  5. John are those results, in relation to the Nomad, using your own personally tweaked/tuned TC Nomad, or an "off the shelf" factory calibrated Nomad?
  6. I remember seeing him play, in disbelief that the sound I was hearing was coming from his guitar, a truly amazing player...
  7. I asked them about this last year and was told they were about to bring something out for MKH50 length of mic Spring of this year, so was waiting...... However talking at BVE seems that there aren't any plans.... so +1 if we can help move along manufacture of supersoftie for this size....
  8. I find the Orca has some play which can cause additional handling noise on the recordings
  9. I've tried lots of searches but can't find a source in the UK for sma whip antenna's that fold down so that they don't need to keep being removed, any ideas?
  10. Its also worth having a look at AATranslator, I generally use this workflow from FCP. I ask the picture editor to export a FCP xml and then use AATranslator to covert this into a PT session. Its then possible to use the Field Recorder workflow in PT to link back to the original files from the location sound recorder. Tends to work really well. Also AATranslator can do much more than this, it converts lots of formats both ways, well worth the money and the support by the company has been excellent.
  11. Anyone tried the 4017c? It's got a shorter interference tube than the "b", and similar looking freq diagrams, could possibly be a contender too
  12. +1 I've had this problem with the Alexa and ERX2. I contacted Zaxcom about it but they never got back to me
  13. Will the character length limit for notes in the metadata be increased so that it would be possible to create longer notes?
  14. I also have a Kortwich bag.... When I first received it I noticed that the design of the bag; the thickness of where the Velcro is attached near the SMA antenna, puts quite a bit of pressure on the top of the antenna, especially combined with the way that the bag attaches the nomad inside; by holding it up in the bag, rather than pulling it down into the bag (like most other bags), if you get my drift... I returned it to Kortwich and had them make up another one to my spec which was to make this Velcro part near the antenna thinner and also changed the way the nomad was attached to the bag, being pulled down into the bag instead...
  15. I got it here.... http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp?SKU=4129738 After much searching, measuring and incorrect ordering I realised that the bigger shell, I think it is DE for 9 way connections is the same size as the 15 way D Sub size, which means there is a wide choice of back shells that will work for us on the Farnell website, try a search on there....
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