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  1. Excellent booming at around 12 minutes. 😂 What is he doing with the plastic bag? Is that where he carries the sandwiches?
  2. No need to be sorry. The unit arrived yesterday. Made a test with an Alexa and it works perfectly nice.
  3. Could you elaborate what exactly the problem was? Didn't it function at all or did it produce artefacts or was it a faulty device?
  4. Was the teradek receiver placed at video village, too or was it remoted? Both are operating in the 5GHz band so I worry that the 600mW FPV transmitter might interfere with the teradek receiver in close proximity?
  5. I've just ordered a cheap downconverter from ebay. Is this the same you were using? I'm planning to experiment with this cheap 5.8GHz FPV gear, too. Does this stuff get along well with terradek Bolt or other wireless HD systems?
  6. Hi Dave, thanks for the hint! This wire isn't insulated. Did you cover it with shrink tubing?
  7. Any hints on where I can get isolated memory steel wire to build my own sma antennas? Gesendet von meinem D5803 mit Tapatalk
  8. Hi Rob, big balloon type wheels are easily found on the net. The problem is the 12mm quick release axle. Due to the big dimension of the wheels these need to be significant longer than the standard wheelchair axle. I haven't been able to find a supplier yet. Though I guess for the few times I need beach wheels I could do without the quick release and just build a simple axel from a steel rod and some bushings and R clips.
  9. Hi Matthias, where did you get the beach wheels. I already had the pleasure of dragging the cart through the sand while the crew kept yelling at me because they wanted to shoot the nice sunset. Not funny...[emoji23] Did you have to change the axle assembly or did they fit plug n play? You are not using original skb cases, are you? How do they lock together when stacking? Is the construction with the tension belt stable? For me it wasn't possible to get a sturdy connection with just the belt. I'm pretty happy with the profile rails though. They are perfect to attach accessories. I.e. I have thread eyes attached to securely fix the cart in the car in seconds.
  10. At first I just used only one turnbuckle on each side. This wasn't stable at all and the top case always moved around especially when going up or down stairs. When stacking the skb cases they don't lock very well. Also the PE plastic is very slick. When tightening the locks the cases would deform. Especially the area where the aluminium frame has its seam was problematic. I added a second buckle on each side and put strips of thick cellular rubber between the aluminium frames. Also I reinforced the joints of the frame with aluminium strips. This has greatly stabilised the construction. See the attached pics for details. I love my gear so keeping it clean with a brush a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth isn't that hard... 👍😉
  11. Hi everyone! As a a cologne based mixer with a heavily Matthias Richter inspired cart I guess this is my call to finally kick in. I'm a regular reader but never actually posted something. At first I have to give a big thank you to Matthias for the inspiration and also for answering my questions when I was in the process of building! I'm very happy with this cart. At first there were some stability issues with the skb cases but I did some small reinforcements and now for my needs it's near perfect. The only downside I've found so far is the width which is just enough to get me in trouble in small appartments or the odd tiny elevator.
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