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  1. Sorry wrong place please delete or move
  2. I’m looking for VRT’s for the venue 1. looking for blk 19 and 20 DM if you can help me out.
  3. I’m going to go ahead and try this conversion.
  4. Old thread I know but, I just took the 4 Zone apart and measured the voltage from the power supply. It’s 12vdc so what’s up with that? It’s reading 12.1 or so . Put a diode in line from your cart power to shave off a bit but it seems like it should work. I mean, it is a dc circuit coming off a standard 12v supply. larry
  5. Wow crazypants! Hey Steve, How are you getting signal into your 970? Since I'm not familiar with the 970 recorder, is this problem only when you use the increment take feature?
  6. Thank you sir, I hope I didn't insult anyones intelligence or bring into question the work of Zaxcom or any of our manufacturers. I guess I just needed some clarification. Yeah, I would be sketched out worrying about sync issues starting a new show rather than concentrating on recording. Thanks, LL
  7. BTW Jeff, I did contact the guy that wrote the paper and he said he would be willing to talk to me for $100 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. Needless to say that was the end of that. LL
  8. Like I said, i was curious😎 "Tilting at Windmills" LL
  9. Copy that, moving on. thanks, LL
  10. Constantin, I know I can get wrapped up around the axle sometimes with the smallest of things We are just recording dialog for sure but I love rich sound as much as any of us do. I am curious to hear from Glenn as we have texted regarding this subject. I guess it's really for my own edification. Just putting it out there. LL
  11. Jeff, Built in SRC, that is where I may be misunderstanding. I would assume (and I know that is dangerous) that the unit relies and syncs to a single crystal oscillator across all of the converters. Given this assumption, I was just curious about the availability of the choice to sync externally or rely on the built in clock. I know that this is an esoteric and highly subjective topic that will alway be argued just like the difference between analog and digital summing but I would be remiss not to bring it up in light of the test and observations in the music world. Regarding the reliability of an external clock well it's like any other critical piece of gear on our carts. Keep an eye on it. Maybe this clocking thing really isn't that important in our case I was just curious after I read that Pink Paper I referred to in my post. LL ps. "Someone" has a fun story about pulling his Deva 2 off of the cart to jump on an insert car forgetting that he was getting sync from the Cameo. Wow the lessons we learn usually under fire. 11 minutes ago, Constantin said: Constantin, Yes sir this has been a commonly held opinion regarding clocks. Did you happen to read the article referenced in my original post? LL
  12. Given the extra track count who cares, offer it up.
  13. I thought it was a general discussion about the new Deva. I have talked with Glenn and I assume Brigen via email regarding the availability of word clock inputs on the next iteration of the Deva. I msg'd one of our respected colleagues privately as I was reluctant to get my ass handed to me on a public forum and he recommended that I put it up for debate. LL
  14. Per request I have started a new thread for this topic. I originally posted it under the new Deva announcement as it pertains to Zaxcom users primarily. Let me risk sliding into a ditch on this one. I have been putting together an updated home rig Lynx Aurora VT16, SPL MixDream , Neve MBP among other pieces. In my rooting around and research Ext Clocking has reared its ugly head again. Here's the paper that stirred my interest. http://pinknoisemag.com/pink-papers/pink-paper-002 Granted we have very stable recording devices thanks to people like Glenn and other engineers that are highly educated and very aware of our needs. When we went from tape to DAT and generally speaking it was assumed "well it's digital" 1's and 0's right? Come to find out there were many ways to come up with 1's and 0's and you could hear the difference. I'm sure some of you have used word clock on your Deva's and other devices and that has been an option. I am curious to know what the popular opinions are regarding us having access to this option going forward. I certainly don't want to doubt Mr. Sanders and assume he didn't think of everything and perhaps I just need a more in depth understanding of why we wouldn't need this or how it may be a moot point. In my over simplistic mind I imagine that it would be a simple software adjustment to make an AES input available to an external clock. Perhaps I'm naive and if so please enlighten me with out using a flamethrower. thanks, LL
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