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  1. Also request that starch or any other "stiffener" is not used when ironing a button down or similar
  2. Sorry if I missed it but did you power cycle the machine at all
  3. Didn't see it mentioned, but I'd run the cable up over the shoulder and mount on the collar as it's less likely to fall. Yes throaty, less natural, etc but also less shirt material bounce sound or in even of HR monitor, less rubbing.
  4. I'd be preaching to the choir here regarding safety and speaking out. However, if you are a person that is too scared about how production might view your comments but know the situation isn't right, I'd urge you to take any safety concern, no matter how small, to the shop steward.
  5. I like reading those bottles... "What makes this beer different from any other beer" etc
  6. I did the Tough Mudder in NJ this past October. I have not participated in sports/ competitions in over 20 years and truly enjoyed myself and the changes in lifestyle with diet and workouts. This year I plan on a few triathlons(sprint and Olympic distance). I'm checking to see if any others on this site are involved in the sport.
  7. If a 44.1 is brought into a 48 session without conversion the audio will be out of sync with picture. The sound will be "sped up".
  8. Hi Frank, Here's some info from a senior service tech at Soundcraft Hi Graham , The LM1 is designed to run on a wide voltage range since it has a DC to DC converter circuit build inside to power its internal voltage requirements . "External voltage source can be 8-30V DC , so no conversion necessary . Make sure you supply power to the correct pins on the 4 pin XLR connector. See schematics and user guide. OR regular D cell batteries inside the mixer . ( 12 or 16 depending what size LM1 you have . ) OR rechargeable D cell batteries which can be charged with the PPS 100 or PPS 110 PSU . This PSU is specific for the LM1 and will supply 28V DC to run the mixer and charge the rechargeable batteries if used ." I believe pins 3 and 4 carry the 28v for power as well as charging the rechargeable batteries from the power supply. I don't plan putting batteries inside and will just run it from the cart power.
  9. Hey John, I certainly will appreciate it and thank you!
  10. I won the eBay auction for the LM1. I was pretty surprised at how low I got it for. I've been in communication with Soundcraft in the USA regarding the stepped gain on the preamps. Apparently those parts are not made anymore and the tech rep I've been emailing has just finished replacing those with variable potentiometers and I'm guessing a few other parts on a LM1 recently. In fact he's sending me the parts and instructions to replace at no charge. Thank you Soundcraft! I will also add direct outs to a db25.
  11. The mixer I'm working with put his rechargeable batteries and flash cards as part of the boom kit. The boom op gets $200/week kit rental. CBS drama show
  12. I use Uln8 with mc artist series. I'm curious how you use an ipad as a screen. Would you still have touch functionality?
  13. Any off speed on the camera ie change of frame rate to 15, 48, 60 frames etc, changes the timecode to zero. The only advantages i see to living the lockit on camera are to prevent forgetful ACs or utilities(depending on your modus operendi) from forgetting to rejam after a frame rate change or if the camera has no power for over 10 minutes.
  14. A side note about belts: I use a scuba diving belt( heavy nylon less than $10) . I find it fast to put on and it's easy to go from inside to outside over a bulky coat. If you use a clip style belt you might have to readjust.
  15. Isn't a Tier 1 $20ish/ hour? There are professionals who take this rate frequently. They do get a kit rental often lower than episodic or majors. No one is bagging on those or the people who work them. What am I missing here about undercutting etc?
  16. Hey James, You're awesome. I look forward to working with you again soon.
  17. The person contacting you did not say you were outside the budget. He asked if you would consider a lower rate. Think about it for a second. On the flip side, when you get a call for work, ask what the budget is and then ask for more. You might be surprised.
  18. Take into account that you are monitoring over headphones. A lot of the "noise" you are picking up or whatever your dissatisfaction with the 416, or whatever microphone's, "directionality" and ambient becomes much less apparent on a set of speakers. If you are dissatisfied after listening to your projects over speakers then it is time to make a change in either equipment or your skill set in using them
  19. VER(Video Equipment Rental) and other camera rental houses treat sound equipment as "value added" to get contracts for their camera gear and charge 2 days or less per week for the sound gear. I worked a show where VER charged 3/4 of a day for sound gear per week.
  20. I've haven't used it but thought this would be good. http://m.homedepot.com/p/Nashua-Tape-Stretch-and-Seal-1-in-x-10-ft-Silicone-Sealing-Tape/100206050/
  21. Shorter antenna http://www.diamondantenna.net/srh805.html
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