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  1. ryanpeds

    AATON Cantar Mini VS. Sonosax SX-R4+

    You can still only have 10 inputs total when using the mini. If you need more than that you can move up to a full X3. The hydra allows you to interface the super slot info of the receivers for control by the mini or x3.
  2. ryanpeds

    Betso customer support.

    I was told that it isn’t just the battery door that needs to be replaced but the entire case. This was from the service department at Trew. Sending me a new battery door doesn’t solve my problem. Yes I added a post to Betso Customer support because this is a support issue. These are the experiences I have had with support for my product. If people in the states want to buy a Betso product they should be aware that they may have to ship to the Czech Republic. Mine is only one experience as we can see from the many positive experiences posted here. I have chosen to not pursue to have the problem fixed because I decided it’s not worth the money or my time to go further with it.
  3. ryanpeds

    Betso customer support.

    I never complained about you responding. I actually said that you were quick to respond. I never sent it to you because fed ex wanted over $100 and UPS even more just for shipping so I explored other options. I sent it to Trew because that is where I bought it and they thought that they could fix the door. They determined that the door couldn’t be fixed and that the entire unit housing needed to be replaced by you. And the battery door wasn’t bent. I had only used it a few times so it’s not like I had mistreated it. They said the little ball under the door had shifted. Nothing to do with lubrication. I think it’s fair to let others know of the service difficulties with Betso products being that there is not a service provider here in the states. I never had any issues with the stability of the Timecode just the housing which I determined wasn’t worth fixing due to the high costs of shipping. The unit is still not fixed and can’t be fixed unless I send it to the Czech Republic. I have other options and would rather not spend that kind of money on shipping. I also have another friend here with a faulty door. He received a replacement door but has not replaced it due to the fact that it is a very precise process and not easy to accomplish since you have to drill into it to replace the door. I had no desire to try it myself and that is why I sent it to Trew. Not as easy as ABC. I don’t appreciate being attacked when I tried to be honest and upfront about my experience.
  4. ryanpeds

    Betso customer support.

    My biggest issue is that I have a sbox1n with a faulty door and it was going to cost over $100 to ship it to Betso. I tried Trew Audio where it sat for a couple of months before telling me they couldn’t fix it and it would have to go back to Betso. Not worth it considering I have Ambient boxes as well that I have never had any issue with as well as service availability in the states. Even though the Betso Timecode was solid and Jan was good I communicate with I will never buy another Betso product because of the lack of service here in the states.
  5. ryanpeds

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    Thanks for the correction. I didn’t have the regulations I’m front of me and couldn’t remember the size on max allowed. I personally don’t have anything over 100wh so it’s never been a problem for me however I have been stopped and TSA said they had to check with the airline even though I showed them the regulations. The TSA agent had no idea what they were doing. They asked me if it was for a hover board and I said no and then they said it was fine to take them on.
  6. ryanpeds

    Cantar Mini bag

    Following and I what I have seen for the most part is custom brackets to mount receivers, etc and not having a bag per se.
  7. ryanpeds

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    No lithium’s in checked luggage. You can end up with mega fines from the TSA. Even possible jail time. Only carry ons for lithium’s and you can only have 2 batteries between 100-150Wh. If they are under 100wh them you can have as many as you can carry. Over 150wh are not allowed.
  8. ryanpeds

    Rode Blimp basket / Rycote compatibility?

    I second Jez. Buy a fatter rycote.
  9. ryanpeds

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    I’ve switched over to the SKB i series cases as they are much lighter and I like the latches more.
  10. ryanpeds

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    I carry on my bag with my lithium ion batteries and check everything else. There is always a chance of getting stopped at security but it usually only takes an extra 5 minutes for them to swab it and move on. Batteries are are the biggest hassle as each TSA agent thinks they know the rules when they actually don’t.
  11. ryanpeds

    633 "keyboard disease" again

    The doors are $30.64 plus shipping
  12. ryanpeds

    633 "keyboard disease" again

    I broke my 688 door for my cart recorder and after taking it off I feel free, especially since I never closed it anyway due to all the problems with disconnecting/reconnecting. I have reached out to SD about a replacement and will hear back hopefully soon. I’ll let you know how much they are in the event you choose to mod one.
  13. ryanpeds

    Lectrosonics SM tx sma mod

    I would think you would have to completely disassemble the SM so that you could machine a larger hole into the spot where the antenna comes through.
  14. ryanpeds

    4 channels audio over radio camera on OB

    You could consider bypassing the camera and feeding the audio using an SDI audio embedder after it comes out of the camera
  15. ryanpeds

    Boom Op Kits

    Check out Allan Williams video on YouTube about what he has in his boom kit. It’s a great video. Your kit changes based on what you are working on but there should always be some basics. Here’s some of the stuff I have in my kit: Headphones of choice (I use custom IEMS and also carry a spare set) Boompoles Goggles Facemask Hats for sun and cold weather rain gear, boots cold weather gear if applicable spare set of clothes microphone mounts that I prefer for all types of microphones headlamp i wear contacts so I have a spare set and glasses Custom boombox the kit that I wear on my person I have: small scissors flashlight gerber multi tool pen/sharpie clips misc lav expendables lav bullet small screwdriver set spare batteries i know I’m missing stuff but this should be a pretty good starting point