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  1. 80/20 sells a plate that allows you to mount standard casters to the profiles. I’d have to look up the part number.
  2. Why don’t you just buy an IEM Receiver. They don’t cost that much
  3. I would have also liked to have seen AES on the new D2 Receiver. That currently makes it a deal breaker for me. I need a receiver that outputs AES for the Cantar Mini. I’d be fine if the XLRs could do both analog and AES with either a physical switch or menu option. As as for the new transmitter, I agree that it’s too big. The LT style isn’t great for narrative. It’s hard enough to get SMVs and SSMs on talent. For the future I’d like to see SMV and SMQV style and don’t use the new wideband menu system. I don’t care for it. I like the older versions better. Removable antenna, lemo Connectors all around, multiple options for RF power, RF controllable parameters would always be great, don’t care much about IR but that seems to be easy to add. I’d really like to see an SMQV style pack that will do 48V. If you do a plug-in style Transmitter please change the XLR connector to the screw on type similar to Wisycom and Sony. I think it’s a much better way of securing and it’s much easier to use.
  4. ryanpeds

    PSC 12 Pack

    Saw this on Facebook this morning. https://m.facebook.com/ronald.meyer.52/posts/pcb.2462053450498472/?photo_id=2482293111781927&mds=%2Fphotos%2Fviewer%2F%3Fphotoset_token%3Dpcb.2462053450498472%26photo%3D2482293111781927%26profileid%3D20805498%26source%3D48%26refid%3D18%26ref%3Dm_notif%26notif_t%3Dfeedback_reaction_generic%26__tn__%3DEH-R%26cached_data%3Dtrue%26ftid%3D&mdp=1&mdf=1 Has power distro built in, accepts smart batteries. Available with Aaton Digital interface board and additional USB hub. Great design.
  5. I’m very curious of the phrase, “the square tumbleweeds are fully compatible with the rounder ones.” Does this mean the new digital systems will also have analog FM compatibility because that would be amazing. I’m also hoping that they have even better range now even though Lectro range is killer.
  6. There is no difference besides the fact that one is dual battery and one is single battery.
  7. I stopped by their booth and checked them out. They have multiple versions depending on use. Different capsule sizes, different wire thicknesses, different connector options. It’s a similar design to the Sony ECM88/90 with the dual horizontal mic elements. I think the Sony has better isolation from noise from the wire (zero) but the shure one was impressive. It sounded good as well. They had a little setup with their axient wireless and psm900 Receivers. The mics seemed to be very accurate to the original sound source. NAB isn’t the best listening environment but was enough to get the general idea. Would definitely be worth checking out.
  8. I saw them at NAB this year. I believe it’s a similar tech to the newer Sony ECM90 lav. The design is supposed to reduce cable noise. It definitely does that but the ECM90 does it better. You can tap the cable just below the capsule on an ECM90 and not hear it. Very impressive tech. I heard the mic through an Axient wireless system and then sent back out through a Shure IEM System. They sound pretty good. I’d have to have them up next another mic for comparison. Great for head turns as long as it’s center mounted. Id like to hear it up against our usual lavs we use. There are several different models based on cable thickness and capsule sizing. Was yours a pre production model? These were just released at NAB this year.
  9. Anyone know if Cinela or Aaton are at NAB this year?
  10. Here is a size comparison to the Nanolockit.
  11. Regards to wordclock... you can sync the wordclock of 2 Cantar X2s resulting in 16 tracks. 8 per machine. It’s just to digitally lock 2 machines together.
  12. This video hurts my soul.
  13. PSC Powerstar Life. Ron builds fantastic equipment and has great customer support
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