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    I'm a sound mixer located in the beautiful state of Utah. Narrative film and TV are my bread and butter but work on commercials and ENG/doc while in between shows.

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  1. ryanpeds

    Boom Op Kits

    Check out Allan Williams video on YouTube about what he has in his boom kit. It’s a great video. Your kit changes based on what you are working on but there should always be some basics. Here’s some of the stuff I have in my kit: Headphones of choice (I use custom IEMS and also carry a spare set) Boompoles Goggles Facemask Hats for sun and cold weather rain gear, boots cold weather gear if applicable spare set of clothes microphone mounts that I prefer for all types of microphones headlamp i wear contacts so I have a spare set and glasses Custom boombox the kit that I wear on my person I have: small scissors flashlight gerber multi tool pen/sharpie clips misc lav expendables lav bullet small screwdriver set spare batteries i know I’m missing stuff but this should be a pretty good starting point
  2. ryanpeds

    Chinese "Lemo" Connectors

    I just hate how expensive they are
  3. ryanpeds

    Ktek Squid vs. Rycote XLR holder MK II?

    I highly recommend the Ambient QAT as well. I use them everyday without problems. I usually use a bongo tie as well to make sure the TX is not going to move at all
  4. ryanpeds


    Just curious, but can we expect the new swivel and xlr holder that is on the new cosi to be engineered into the existing piano and pianissimo lines? Maybe even the OSIX line?
  5. ryanpeds

    Who do you use for personal Equipment insurance?

    I use Athos insurance. No complaints
  6. ryanpeds

    The horse has left that barn

    I can see the conversation “my rate is $XxX plus the $xx mandatory FCC fee”. Maybe saying mandatory will make it sound like it’s required by the government
  7. ryanpeds

    Sports Headworn Microphone

    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CM311A--crown-cm-311a-headworn-microphone Maybe they are thinking of the crown headset mics? Shure also makes a similar mic.
  8. ryanpeds

    LT/LR vs SRc

    You can buy a plate for the SRc that has a battery mount on it. You just need to decide if you want the battery on the bottom or top of the receiver.
  9. ryanpeds

    6 series trim knob -CL12

    What size are the end caps you are using?
  10. ryanpeds

    Rycote Baseball

    I’m not sure anymore because I have one of each size and they are both red.
  11. ryanpeds

    L.A. Soundies: Mileage "zone" question

    Hi Jeff, I’m local to SLC and have worked shows where I get mileage as well as shows where I don’t and wouldn’t expect it. Union shows have a bunch of different rules for mileage based on location and other factors. Non union shows usually follow the union show rules in SLC. Would be great to meet you sometime. I live in Sandy and I’m always up for a lunch meetup. PM me if interested. We can chat more about working as a mixer in SLC and mileage if you’re up for that. I start a show May 14th but I’m mostly free before that.
  12. ryanpeds

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Cheap and authentic doesn’t exist. Only Lemo makes authentic connectors and they aren’t cheap. There are knock offs that are cheaper.
  13. ryanpeds

    When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    I can see them as both needing to be provided and as personal items. I also think that without any kit rental that the provided equipment should have everything included that would be needed, harness and HP. If you want to use your own for personal or hygiene reasons then that is your option but it should be included with the rental. When I bring my kit I don't expect headphones and harness to be provided by someone else. I bring them because they are part of a kit rental.
  14. ryanpeds

    Nomad Cart NEBTEK

    Awesome I will have one in my Sun Valley location soon. Are you building these in SLC or SoCal? I'm up in SLC and can easily stop by NEBTEK.
  15. ryanpeds

    When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    I’m the same as AFMY. If you don’t want to rent my kit then I’m not the man for the job. That’s usually the first sign of this job is going to be a headache because they are cheap. Usually means they are going to cut corners elsewhere and I don’t want to deal with that.