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  1. I saw them at NAB this year. I believe it’s a similar tech to the newer Sony ECM90 lav. The design is supposed to reduce cable noise. It definitely does that but the ECM90 does it better. You can tap the cable just below the capsule on an ECM90 and not hear it. Very impressive tech. I heard the mic through an Axient wireless system and then sent back out through a Shure IEM System. They sound pretty good. I’d have to have them up next another mic for comparison. Great for head turns as long as it’s center mounted. Id like to hear it up against our usual lavs we use. There are several different models based on cable thickness and capsule sizing. Was yours a pre production model? These were just released at NAB this year.
  2. Anyone know if Cinela or Aaton are at NAB this year?
  3. Here is a size comparison to the Nanolockit.
  4. Regards to wordclock... you can sync the wordclock of 2 Cantar X2s resulting in 16 tracks. 8 per machine. It’s just to digitally lock 2 machines together.
  5. This video hurts my soul.
  6. PSC Powerstar Life. Ron builds fantastic equipment and has great customer support
  7. ryanpeds

    In ear Cueing

    Could be bone conductive ear pieces. I believe they have both in ear and around the ear.
  8. One problem with the newer LR-4200 is the battery life. The specs say only 8 hours of use from a charge. They don’t have a replaceable battery so you would have to have a full second set to get through a day. They are designed for use in concert venues and broadcast applications where they are typically only used for 4-6 hours max.
  9. That is really cool and fascinating! Thanks for posting
  10. Shade is also something that gets me through hot sunny days.
  11. You can still only have 10 inputs total when using the mini. If you need more than that you can move up to a full X3. The hydra allows you to interface the super slot info of the receivers for control by the mini or x3.
  12. I was told that it isn’t just the battery door that needs to be replaced but the entire case. This was from the service department at Trew. Sending me a new battery door doesn’t solve my problem. Yes I added a post to Betso Customer support because this is a support issue. These are the experiences I have had with support for my product. If people in the states want to buy a Betso product they should be aware that they may have to ship to the Czech Republic. Mine is only one experience as we can see from the many positive experiences posted here. I have chosen to not pursue to have the problem fixed because I decided it’s not worth the money or my time to go further with it.
  13. I never complained about you responding. I actually said that you were quick to respond. I never sent it to you because fed ex wanted over $100 and UPS even more just for shipping so I explored other options. I sent it to Trew because that is where I bought it and they thought that they could fix the door. They determined that the door couldn’t be fixed and that the entire unit housing needed to be replaced by you. And the battery door wasn’t bent. I had only used it a few times so it’s not like I had mistreated it. They said the little ball under the door had shifted. Nothing to do with lubrication. I think it’s fair to let others know of the service difficulties with Betso products being that there is not a service provider here in the states. I never had any issues with the stability of the Timecode just the housing which I determined wasn’t worth fixing due to the high costs of shipping. The unit is still not fixed and can’t be fixed unless I send it to the Czech Republic. I have other options and would rather not spend that kind of money on shipping. I also have another friend here with a faulty door. He received a replacement door but has not replaced it due to the fact that it is a very precise process and not easy to accomplish since you have to drill into it to replace the door. I had no desire to try it myself and that is why I sent it to Trew. Not as easy as ABC. I don’t appreciate being attacked when I tried to be honest and upfront about my experience.
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