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  1. I’ve had one for about 18 months now and I’ve never had a problem with it shutting off. There was an initial firmware problem where it wouldn’t turn on if it was cold but a firmware update fixed that. It gets pretty loud and lasts along time on battery. I’ve never tested how long but it’s definitely many hours. Also if if battery life is a problem you can buy additional batteries for it since they swap out super easy.
  2. Shure submitted docs for a wireless portable receiver to the FCC about a month ago. I believe it will be called ADX5 and it has a 2.4Ghz radio in it, assuming for Showlink. One picture for label placement shows something that look a lot like a slot style receiver. 3 flavors for bands, 470-636, 608-700+, 941. The confidential docs expire in September so I'm guessing a summer release. Im really excited to see what Shure has done with it.
  3. I wouldn’t boom and use the Mini bag OTS, although I have done it. Much better deployed when you have a boom op and just need it OTS for portability. I’ve included 2 pics from a day I did on the Salt Flats. My bag is not wedge style but a flat Protogear bag.
  4. Under the ASA most playback Operators fall under the VTR category even though they aren’t the same thing. I usually try to get the same rate as the mixer although sometimes it’s just a little less. A utility should re rate to playback if that’s what they are doing however, you should hire a person specifically for that job. If your utility does it then you should get a different utility for that day, IMHO.
  5. I bought a ktek backpack a few years ago for a docu shoot that was in the Philippines. We had to carry our gear a lot when the vehicles could only get us so close. It worked really well and was a huge time and arm saver. I could just grab the pack from the van and I was off not having to take multiple trips. I used it with an orca bag housing a 633 and a few SRCs. You can cram a lot of stuff into it although that can make it heavy as reported above. Overall a solid bag and lots of room for accessories. Also the “raincover” is great to keep your gear hidden.
  6. Neutral sells a heavy duty version that is outdoor and water rated. They have males, females and chassis connectors. The male model number is NC3MX-HD
  7. Isn’t it cheaper to just buy 8 or 10 smart batteries than buying a whole new recorder and possibly new wireless if you use s nova with their receivers. If you have a proven system I’d go with that and just pickup some more batteries and maybe an additional charger. You could even add in solar charging to the system for still less than investing in a new recording system.
  8. Yes. I usually buy the longest they will ship (102” I think) and then cut to the length I need for my project.
  9. Look a little further down and you’ll see the new product demonstration as well.
  10. I’ve used both external fasteners such as the L and T plates and also the standard end fasteners. Both have held up well. I’ve never had an end fastener fail. I’ve also never lost a bolt from any of my fasteners. I usually just order lengths and cut my own and invested in the jig to drill the holes for the end fasteners. If you have any basic machine skills you can bore and thread the extrusions for the end fasteners. It’s pretty quick and easy and the end fasteners are way cheaper than the external fasteners. Make sure you get all of the pieces into the slots before assembling because it’s a pain when you realized that you missed one. They do have roll in nuts which are great for later adds you weren’t planning or if you want to move stuff around like hooks, or whatever you can imagine mounting to your cart.
  11. Axient only has a 2ms delay when in standard mode. Goes to 2.9ms when in high density mode. Don’t see what the problem is here considering lectro digital hybrid is 3ms. I’ve demoed the high end Sony system and it sounds excellent and it’s has a superslot compatible receiver now. I’m demoing the Shure Axient tomorrow.
  12. Ambient just released their quickpole 5 series. That might be a good option to look into. New carbon fiber design, plus a solderless design for the cable.
  13. There is also a single channel for $995 if you wanted to use a quad multi viewer at village. If you owned one already or if village was feeding it could save you $1000. I like the idea though. Could you also feed it to a switch and run it over a fiber run together with Dante?
  14. Never room in the camera truck anymore, especially on multi camera series. I work out of my 7x14 trailer. I thinks it 7’ high so plenty of space to stand up. I’ve been thinking of buying a new trailer that is longer as I am constantly running out of space. 18-20’ I think would be great. I’ll have to take some pictures of it. I’ve done a lot of custom work on it. Full battery and power system, ramp upgrades, A/C and heat pump unit, work tops, drawers, shelves and cabinets, e track for strapping, hooks. I can hang a hammock when unloaded for lunchtime naps.
  15. I personally think that the 2 capsules sound very similar when properly positioned. I used the MK4 in that instance because he liked to move forward and backward and side to side a little so it gave me a wider pattern for that without losing his voice on the sides of the pattern of the MK41. I thought it worked really well.
  16. I recorded an interview a number of years ago with an MK4 on a CMC6. If you don’t mind a religious video you can look it up on YouTube, Patterns of Light. It’s a 3 part series and all 3 have the interview from that mic. I would be surprised if I have the original audio files anymore, but that should give an idea of the sound.
  17. You should have clarified that you were using sennheiser IEMs. That’s a huge difference when talking about antenna splits and antennas.
  18. Unless you have the remote audio 216 kit you can’t use the lectro SNA antenna with comteks. Wrong frequency range. Just use 2 comtek antennas. That’s what I do and I assume what others do as well.
  19. Custom fit IEMs offer excellent noise isolation if you’re looking for something unobtrusive and great sound. Price isn’t as great though. Ive been using the Ultimate Ears Reference model that is supposed to offer a flat response. They’ve served me well.
  20. I’ve used Westones before but now I have custom fit Ultimate Ears. Love the custom fit stuff. Way more comfortable over the long day.
  21. ryanpeds

    Film Devices

    I think this is a great design and the price isn’t bad either. I have a custom Protogear bag for my Cantar Mini and that was about $950. If the item works for your need and is well built than I have no problem with paying for it. ken, have you thought about adding versions that would work with the X3 and X3 Mini?
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