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  1. Canon has released a firmware update to fix the line level problem users have been experiencing with the 1D C. It fixes a phenomenon in which the line-level audio input function of some EOS-1D C cameras does not operate as expected with Firmware Version 1.3.4. http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/professional/products/professional_cameras/cinema_eos_cameras/eos_1d_c?pageKeyCode=prdAdvDetail&docId=0901e02480c13ac4
  2. Weight: 4 lbs. 12 oz. (unpackaged, without batteries)
  3. Hi, To those of you who have used Audio Developments mixers, how would you describe the sound characteristics of the preamps that Audio Developments use? I'm wondering if they would be considered warm, bright, or transparent sounding? The reason I ask is because I will be recording some live music with an Audio Developments mixer and I won't have a chance to use it before the job. The sound of the preamps will influence which mics I will use for the live music recording. Thanks in advance, John
  4. I don't have much experience with using wireless camera hops. Though, lately I have been thinking about using one, as it would be a nice luxury to be free from the camera operator. Those of you who are using them, is there a good way to monitor return audio from the camera? Thanks in advance for any help with my question. -John
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