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  1. Hi Randy, In the theatre world, we simply mic them up on the forehead so the mic stays with them regardless of turning heads. Simply mounted underneath a headband pointed downward would do, as you've pictured Andy there. In the animation world, we also mic the actors the same way for VO. Up on the forehead. In the film world, sometimes we have to get creative and mount them up in wigs or near the ears. When opportunity arise, hiding in hair is gives us an almost perfect sound similar to a boom microphone. Alan
  2. You should get in contact with PSA and they'll be able to direct a dealer closest to you. For comparison sake, they are about a little more than 2x the size of a B6 head, and sounds good. Durability is a huge factor.
  3. Very good mics! Easy to hide and rig, both hair and body mics. Use them for Film/TV applications as well as Theatre and Corporate/Staging events. Alan
  4. Here's my simple 2 cents. If the region was to adopt a standard and the rates were the same across from one professional to another, why would the producer or client go with someone who has 3 years of experience compared to those of 15+ years of experience if their rates were the same? I'm with José on this, though, it's quite a debate among my colleagues who are trying to move up, or those who've established a client base that have had newcomers take their clients away due to a cheaper pkg. Another situ is when one mixer has moved up so quickly that when they hit that BIG gig, or multiples of them, they're unable to troubleshoot problems on set it becomes a double-edged sword. A.
  5. I have 4 of the 16-bay chargers for almost 3 years and have been working fine for all kinds of wireless with Eneloops and AmazonBasics AA. Maybe its a QC problem.
  6. Hey James, Lets talk about future apps, don't want to lose another fellow gem. A.
  7. The last time I encountered this was about 3 years ago, and just left them with a NO. Even comparing to SoCal living expenses, there's no way those packages are getting bid for $250/day. Racing to the bottom.
  8. Phil, yup, I told him to simply bring his dude from LA then. He paused, and went with the number I gave him.
  9. Got a call from producer down in LA several days ago. We need 4 wireless, 4 comteks, 2 hops, 2 booms, 2 lockits, smart slate, all for $250 gear rental. "My LA sound mixer provides all this for $250, what's the problem?" We're not talking shop or rental house cutting here.
  10. It's also the last day for the $100 off of FLEX & SMART passes.
  11. Love your setup Todd! Is your utility cart 8020? The QL1? sending individual bus to each input to the Zaxcom recorders?
  12. Just confirming what you said. I'm unsure what the QRX does within their antenna circuitry, but both Rx should be getting a mixture of both antenna signal.
  13. Both do not use both. One leads to dipole, and the other leads to your UHF fin, so pick and choose.
  14. Did you originally charge your Imedions/Powerex from the Titanium, and came out depleted despite showing fully charged? This is usually a sign that it's old, happens to my older eneloops. Deep cycle them if you can, otherwise, recycle.
  15. I have mine in a 1560 with lots of room to spare. Tried 1510, but once you start adding both bottom and top layers of foam, it would definitely fit snuggly in there. The 1610 would be ideal for the WS4 kit w/ extender, ie. MKH70 blimp.
  16. Can't say exactly that they're better matched, but I'm suspecting that your capsule must have been damaged somewhere between their after-QC process and shipment to you. Call them directly, not your dealer.
  17. Could it be that the microdot/XLR adapters are faulty particularly the one with high SN? Have you swapped them around and still getting the same SN on the same mic? We have about a dozen of the 4061 stereo sets and some 4060 stereo sets, and have yet to exp this kind of high SN you're describing.
  18. Thanks for the clear up with Boot Camp, José.
  19. Hey Robert, Indeed, you would need each of Parallels and Windows. Parallels is similar to Boot Camp and VMWare, and Windows is the OS. You can certainly get Parallels, install it, then install Windows on top without the key. What would happen is you'd receive the "activate" notification popups all the time. That notification popup could indeed force his in-game window to minimize as it takes priority. Just Sometimes sound would not appear within Windows under Parallels due to the way the soft/hardware has priority over the sound interface in Mac land. Program dependent. a
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