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    3 yrs Prod Sound experience. Background in music performance, recording, church and live stage mixing. Mostly working network interviews, documentaries, and ENG work. (E!, Disney, Spike, NBC)

    Sound Devices 664
    Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun
    Lectro 401 rx + SM tx
    Lectro 411 rx + um400 tx
    Sennheiser G3 wireless Lavs
    K-Tek 9ft boom pole / Multi Cable - etc.
    Tascam DR-100 stereo recorder
    Blimp and windjammer
    Digital Slate
    Comtek w 3 receivers
    RED Cables
    Sony Headphones
    Sound Blankets


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  1. Yes, the Want to Buy section only loads when signed in. Not sure if that is intended or not. Just so you're aware. Thanks for everything Jeff!
  2. I cut a matte piece of iPhone screen cover to fit and it helps a bit with the glare. That may have already been post here but I didn't see it.
  3. Exactly. A year ago I had zero credits, 2 Sennheiser lavs, a Zoom, and a boom working for $200. Now I have better gear and am booked up with $400-$600 days and an intern boom day under a 20 year union vet whom I can learn from and work my way into more $700 days. I posted this job for the other mixers in my situation. Here in LA there are SOOOOO many jobs at every tier and SOOO many sound mixers ready to work. The only solution I'm hearing is not taking the job to teach the producer that the sound position is worth more but I haven't seen that happen. I have had many producers pay me more after working with me. Maybe we just should start a union...
  4. I was on set and didn't have time to put all of the details up. I've worked with this director/shooter in LA many times. One celebrity on the couch shooting for 30 minutes to be made into a 3 minute web promo. 5D shooting w 2 kinos. 3 person crew so there will never be $750 for the day. At this time in my career I'd rather go make $400 with very minimal wear and tear on my equipment. It's not worth it for many of you but sitting at home will not teach this producer to pay me more. It will just take him 10 minutes of texting to find someone else. After I make a good impression and become their first call, it is much easier to ask for more money on the next ones. If I grow out of that work/rate, I pass it on to one of my guys that it fits.
  5. Question for you guys. Is it ok to be in a place in your career where you have minimal experience and a basic but profession ENG kit that fits perfectly with the $400 for 5 hours of sit down interview work?
  6. The only New York guys I know are booked. If you're available call Luke right now +1 (503) Xxx xxxx Tell him Noah sent you.
  7. Morning guys. Wanted to make my introduction to the JW blog and hopefully get to meet and work with a few of you soon. I only have 2 1/2 years under my belt and it is 99% self taught or reading on here so I would absolutely love to work a bit on set with some seasoned mixers. Below are a list of a few shows that I've been lucky enough to work on this year as well as my modest ENG set up. If there are any Utility, A2, Second Unit positions available, please keep me in mind. I'd gladly pay to spend a concentrated 1/2 day learning things that would improve my craft so rate is not an issue. I'm also not afraid of wrapping cables all day or grabbing you a coke as long as I can watch and listen. Thanks for looking! Noah Alexander N Hollywood 8one8 726 1977 atlantanoah - gmail.com Gear Sound Devices 744t 4 track recorder Wendt X5 Mixer Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun Lectro 401 rec + SM trans Lectro 411 rec + um400 trans Sennheiser G3 wireless set Cos-11 / Tram / B3 / MKE 2 mics K-Tek 9ft boom pole / Multi Cable - etc. Tascam DR-100 stereo recorder Blimp and windjammer Digital Slate w cables Comtek trans w 3 receivers RED Cables Sony Headphones Sound Blankets Jason Derullo / Jordin Sparks Special E! 09/12 - 10/12 Amazing Boardwalks - Pacific Beach TRAVEL 10/12 - 10/12 Sound Mixer Pach-Attacks! SPIKE 09/12 09/12 Aerosmith Press Junket E! 09/12 - 09/12 Broing Pains Comedy Central 09/12 - 09/12 Riot Games Interview SPIKE/ GTTV 09/12 - 09/12 Combat Facts SPIKE / GTTV 08/12 - 08/12 NHL 13 Promo / EA Sports SPIKE/ GTTV 08/12 - 08/12 Amazing Boardwalks - Venice Beach TRAVEL 08/12 - 08/12 DI Why Not (Home Depot / Yahoo) Internet 08/12 - 08/12 Leann Rimes Behind The Scenes E! 07/12 - 07/12 David Crane Kickstarter / PIT FALL SPIKE/ GTTV 07/12 - 07/12 Comic Con Coverage SPIKE/ GTTV 07/12 - 07/12 Make Your Mark DISNEY 06/12 - 06/12 Investigates Bullying w/ Lance Bass E! 05/12 - 05/12 + Jillian Michaels Will and Kate Happily Ever After E! 04/12 - 04/12 Gavin Degraw / BILLBOARD MAG Internet 04/12 - 04/12 Brandy Interview BILLBOARD MAG Internet 04/12 - 04/12 Hanging with the Eastwood's Promo E! 03/12 - 04/12 Joan Rivers Mother's Day S E! 03/12 - 03/12 Extreme Chef FOOD 03/12 - 03/12 CES convention G4 01/12 - 01/12 CES convention SYFY SYFY 01/12 - 01/12 CES convention Fox News FOX 01/12 - 01/12 Ben Baller Internet 01/12 - 03/12 Rule The Mix DISNEY 10/11 - 2/12 multiple shorts, a couple features, documentaries etc. etc. 2011
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