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  1. Lots of details, great reply as always... Thanks a lot, Paul. Gabi
  2. About limiters for the Fusion, do you keep your input limiters engaged at all times? What are your limiter settings for the Disk Mix - attack/release/ratio/threshold (what is your reference level)? Do you use the Fusion mic pres and Mix 12 or do you keep an analog mixer in front of it? I just got my Fusion and I am still playing with the limiter settings... Just curious about what have worked for others on the field. Thanks, Gabi Cunha
  3. Just a heads up: My former teacher (the studio owner) told the mixer to call me this morning and apologise for the inconvenience. He told the guy that if he didn't like the timber of some of my recordings it was a matter of taste, not a problem to be fixed. And they both agree that this whole argument is not supposed to be discussed in any way in front of the client. Gabi
  4. That would be his boss, who owns the studio and is also my former college teacher... Gabi
  5. Ok. I just got a call from the mixer saying that he was sorry to have said that my lav mixes had phase issues and my ISOs were recorded too low to the point of being useless. He said he was just repeating what the dialog editor told him to explain some poor editing. He confronted her after my visit and asked for samples of the "problematic" mixes and ISOs and found none of the mentioned problems. Apparently he called me to complain about the tracks before checking the original files based on the assumption that the dialog editing was bad because the editor had no material to work from. He still doesn't like the way my boom sounds and believes the wireless boom is reducing the dynamics of the dialog and producing a timber that somehow "could be better", but he was not able to elaborate on that. But anyway he said "I owe you an apology" and I just liked the way that sounded... Thanks guys, Gabi
  6. " being argumentative is also not a great idea, as it will stop being discussed with you, and instead be discussed with higher-ups... beware: slippery slope!." Too bad I didn't read this reply before I went to the studio... The guy still thinks my recordings are highly compressed and I got really nervous watching him turning those knobs up and down like a maniac, using 7 bands of equalization to "save" my boom tracks... I made no comments about that, but I still like it better when he bypasses all the equalization and we can hear the nice warm sound of the Schoeps MK41. Than he asked if I was using the MKH 416 and I simply replied that I never use the 416 for interiors with hard walls. I said I used either the Schoeps hyper or the MKH50. He didn't know either of them, which is ok. He was not familiar with the term Comb filter either. I left after that. Gabi
  7. Eric, Those samples are the problem sections... 7:1 is the ratio of the peak limiter of my console (AD 147) that is occasionally trigged by unexpected high transients. The ratio of my portable mixer limiter (SD 442) is 20:1 and I still think it sounds fine whenever it kicks in. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll pay him a visit. Gabi
  8. And finally, pre-fader lav channels were unusable because they were recorded too low... I'm attaching only one of the lav channels because of attachments size restriction. I was intrigued because I use no compression, only my beloved AD 147 limiter that acts from time to time at a 7:1 ratio. But apart from that comb filter effect on my boom (boom.mp3), I could not spot those issues on these samples. ISO channels are pre-fader so they are supposed to be lower I believe. And I could not spot any high compression on sample C005_P01_T04.mp3. But I recently began using only wireless booms so now I am not so sure of my settings and gain structure and it might be damaging the dynamic range on my dialog recordings. I use the Sound devices MM1 preamp. The signal goes to the UM400 lectro transmitter, line level, gain is set to 9 o'clock. The -20dB led is solid on. When the limiter on the MM1 kicks in occasionally I still have some headroom not to trigger the tx limiter: http://www.trewaudio.com/audioflow/2009/03/17/lectro-line-level-input-cable-recommendation/ I still think the mixer was kind of harsh on me but I got somewhat insecure... Am I doing something terribly wrong and compromising the dynamics of the dialog? Any thoughts? Thanks, Gabi Cunha lav2.mp3
  9. Ok, I was just called in to visit a dialog mix session. The mixer wanted to make some notes about my production sound so I could improve my work next time. These were his notes: The boom on this first sample (C005_P01_T04.mp3) was considered highly compressed to the point of damaging the timber. Fase issues on the second sample (boom.mp3). It's a single mike track with some weird comb filter effect caused by the the fact that the actors were facing a hard kitchen wall. There is more... boom.mp3 C005_P01_T04.mp3
  10. I asked Zaxcom for a CF recommendation for the Fusion and this was their reply: "Use slow sandisk or transend cards. 32 gig maximum. Glenn" I wonder if their recorders support this UDMA technology and if it makes any difference to adopt these UDMA faster cards. Gabi Cunha
  11. I purchased my first 416 in 1997. And my last Schoeps is a month old. So roughly 13 years to come to that kit. Gabi
  12. Which microphones do you carry on your kit? My microphone case: 2 MKH 416 1 Sanken CS3e 1 MKH 50 2 Schoeps MK41 1 MKH 8050 1 Sanken Cub1 1 Oktava MK012 1 Beyerdynamics M58 1 Shure SM58 Gabi Cunha
  13. gabi

    744T and SSD

    I found some PATA/IDE SSDs on the internet: http://www.amazon.com/Transcend-32GB-SSD-2-5-Inch/sim/B000T9QRKE/2/ref=pd_cp_e_sexpl It is not so hard to replace them. Gabi
  14. gabi

    744T and SSD

    I have just replaced the HDD of my 744T with a SSD. Didn't take it to the field yet. Is there anybody working with the 744T using SSD instead of the original HDD around here? Any issues? Thanks, Gabi
  15. Ok. Lots of replies and nothing about the PB bag. I just love this group. Seriously. Thanks anyway. Gabi
  16. Does anyone know which model is this PortaBrace bag that Mr. Ulano is using? I am looking for a BP bag for the Zaxcom Fusion, but BP doesn't seem to make one specially for Zaxcom. They make a bag for the Fostex PD6 that might fit. I like their modular design, with the receiver pouch, not the big sound organizers. Thanks, Gabi
  17. Has anyone ever used this condenser pickup with Lectro transmitters? http://www.akg.com/site/products/powerslave,id,272,pid,272,nodeid,2,_language,EN.html If it is possible, what is the wiring scheme for it? thanks in advance, Gabi Cunha
  18. To me prepping for a job is all about reading the script, scouting, preparing the locations in terms of acoustics, talking to post about workflow to make sure everyone is on the same page, and of course checking the gear to see if anything needs to be fixed, modified or replaced. Whenever I finish a film I make a list of the stuff I wish I had and would have made my life easier if I had on my kit like, for instance, a plug on tx, or a DI-box to record a guitar, or a faster charger or a bigger battery or whatever and try to buy that stuff before my next job. The kit is always getting bigger. I find Whitney's approach to keep it light and simple absolutely adorable and extraordinary and I wish I could take that path. But unfortunately I just cannot. Gabi Cunha
  19. Nice web site, Margus. Nice blog too. Gabi
  20. Hey, Vin, Can you post some photos of the inside of your batteries? thanks, Gabi
  21. I have heard the hiss on my CMR/MK41 too. On my 100mW Lectro tx. What is your wiring scheme? I'll check mine. Gabi.
  22. I didn't take the gig. I told her I could have provided good quality sound if I had recorded the tracks in the first place but had no means or knowledge to "clean" anything. It's the truth. Gabi
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