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  1. Lectros sound better than the Senn Evolution series. However when running great sounding wireless through a mediocre PA, you can loose some of that benefit. The Sennheiser G3 500 with proper gain setup and good lav are great lower budget performers, and likely sound better than a lot of the other wireless being used along side - sound quality is often comparative. Though having said that I'd never put anyone off buying Lectro. Tough, great sound and you can get a smaller bodypack than the G3.
  2. Not totally sure about this, but I believe the LEDs are post limiting. When one or both lights are green the signal is below 0dB and no limiting is applied. Above 0dB the transmitter starts to limit and this is when one or both of the lights turn red. The Lectro instructions are basically getting you to set your level so that you use the whole un-limited part of the scale during general use, and are slightly limited during a louder sound.
  3. Singing is often run through a compressor, and I'd imagine a small amount of limiting wouldn't be noticable. However for best results, before you record follow the Lectro instructions (get the singer to sing their loudest part and set the transmitter so that the -20 flashes red only at the loudest point) but then back the gain off a bit from there - performers are generally always louder during their actual performance than soundcheck. If in doubt, I'd go with less gain. Lectros have good S/N ratio and you can't 'un-limit' afterwards.
  4. Thanks Jon. Are the different hardness listed on the Rycote site? I can't seem to find them Thanks Ollie, definitely something to look at
  5. Are the lyre shockmounts in the Rycote Softie grip able to comfortably hold a mic with a plugon transmitter on the end? You can with the old 'rubber doughnut' style, but I'm wondering if the lyres might bend too far or bounce about with the weight of the transmitter. I know this setup isn't ideal, but it can be useful for ENG (to put a mic at a podium, etc), and attaching the plugon to the end of the handle doesn't work if it is being attached to a stand. Chris
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone Based on your feedback and digital TV allocations, I'm thinking I'll swap the blocks for talent and hops so I have: 4x SMQV and 2x SR on Block 26 for talent 2x SMQV and SR on Block 24 for cam hop IFB on Block 21 If I need additional talent wireless I might get them on another block to spread them out - Block 23 maybe?
  7. I'm planning a Lectro wireless kit for use in Australia and I'm trying to work out what blocks to buy. My planned setup is talent SMQV (max 6) going to SR receivers in the bag, and then two SMQV for camera hop going to another SR on camera. The setup will be based in Canberra, but used Australia wide. So far I'm thinking about block 24 for talent and block 26 for hops, and maybe IFB on block 21. Anyone with Australia Lectro experience let me know what you think. Thanks! Chris
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