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  1. muntus

    Lavs to Zoom H4N/H6

    Contrary to what seems evident, the correct way to use the H4n is to use the 1/4 jack. The XLR preamps on the H4n are very noisy, but the 1/4 inputs are not(apparently). Here's a blog where the author has a few different posts about using the H4n with a padded cable and a MixPre: http://www.danmccomb.com/zoom-h4n-with-sound-devices-mixpre-how-to-properly-connect-the-two-for-pristine-audio/ Even if you're not using a MixPre in front of the H4n, the same principles apply.
  2. muntus

    ADVICE please! Buy a 744t or Zoom f8?

    Any plans for Android or Windows tablets?
  3. muntus

    Aspen Mics - lav mics - opinions?

    I actually recently bought a pair of the Aspen Mics. I have a couple of Oscar SoundTech TL-40 mics, as well. If I get around to recording a comparison, I'll post it here.
  4. muntus

    Aspen Mics - lav mics - opinions?

    That doesn't sound like a very scientific approach to evaluating a piece of gear.
  5. Audio Technica also has battery powered receivers in their System 10 line. http://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2015/01/audio-technica-system-10-update-more.html
  6. muntus

    DIY Power Lavs with NP1 Battery

    I assume there wasn't any noise added from the buck regulator introduced into the recordings. Do you have a link to the regulator you used? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the information guys. Maybe I now have more questions. When building a padded cable, and using the calculator referenced above, do I enter the input impedance as what the source is(in this case, the MixPre) and the output impedance as the what the desitnation would be(in this case, the unbalanced 1/4" on the H4n)? As far as I know, the tape out on the MixPre is about 25db too hot when going into the unbalanced 1/4" inputs. There is a cable that a lot of people have bought to achieve the desired results: http://www.sescom.com/product.asp?item=LN2MIC-ZOOMH4N-6 I think I would prefer to make my own cables(to learn how to do it), but I could always go this way with the Sescom cable if I am unable to do it myself. From my research, it is always preferable to use the unbalanced inputs on the H4n over the XLR inputs. However, the tape out on the MixPre is still too hot and you have to knock down the signal. The goal seems to be have the gain settings on the Zoom in the 27-30 range. This seems to be the Goldilocks zone for clean sound using this combination. Here's one guy's approach http://www.danmccomb.com/posts/987/connecting-zoom-h4n-to-sound-devices-mixpre-part-ii/ with many people using his exact approach or similar. I just prefer to roll my own cables. Again, thanks.
  8. Hello sound guys! This forum has been a tremendous resource for me as I have attempted to learn more about achieving good sound. I have produced a few low budget projects(shorts) and have never been satisfied with how the sound turned out, which has led me to buy some equipment. I started with a Zoom H4n a number of years ago. Recently, I found a Sound Devices MixPre on ebay for a reasonable price. I know the H4n is not the most ideal portable recorder, but it's what I have and I would like to use it with the MixPre. My understanding is that when used with the proper padded cable and using the 1/4 inputs to bypass the noisy preamps, good results can be had. I have a soldering iron, but need help on choosing resistors. The MixPre has XLR outputs as well as a 3.5mm tape out. XLR output impedance = 120Ω Tape out impedance = 2.1kΩ If I wanted to make a -25db L-pad, what resistors would I need for R1 and R2? I'm assuming I want to use the XLRs, but it would be nice to have the information in case I wanted to go with the tape out. I'm half nerd on my dad's side, but I have little to no experience with impedance and resistors, so any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!